Bill Goldberg Not NEXT for TNA
November 24, 2006 by Tariq Oraby

My name is Tariq Oraby and I have been watching TNA since it's inception on the wrestling channel in the UK. But I live in Egypt so watching TNA is a lot harder considering the two channels that show Impact show older episodes; but I keep up using the internet. Ever since talent like Rhino, Christian and Jeff Hardy jumped to TNA people have talked about the possibility of others jumping either from WWE or out of retirement. Goldberg immediately comes to mind and although at first (like Kurt Angle's jump) it will spark a frenzy in the long run I fear it will ruin TNA.

The Goldberg persona has been done to death by both WCW and WWE; his endless winning streak was repetitive and lacking storyline originality throughout. His less-then inspiring repetitive battles against the NWO were what in my opinion helped destroy any lead WCW had in the ratings against WWE. Then, once again the character was revived once more in his exact package in WWE in 2003. Goldberg did exactly what he did in WCW but instead of it being with the NWO it was a rivalry with Evolution. What makes Goldberg so repetitive is his move set. Power moves often get big pops from crowds and are needed at times when cards are heavy set in lightweight/highflying styles and ground/pound wrestling styles. But to years of that dolled-up Vertical Suplex and the Spear is more then enough; does anyone remember other classic Goldberg moves" I don't, his arsenal consisted mostly of rights and lefts and of course shoulder tackles. His appeal, especially to younger viewers, was the intense, big fight take no crap from anyone attitude. But then comes the lack of mic work. I, for one, am not big on wrestlers needing mic work to be good champions, but they have to be able to cut at least one decent promo in their lifetime and can anyone name me a promo that Goldberg will be remembered for"

One can't blame the bookers for his failure (although towards the end of his WCW run, the Goldberg gets arrested angle did not amuse many fans). The Goldberg character is one that is very hard to cast in any other way other then the way it has been used throughout Bill Goldberg's career. It is not easy to turn him heel and without mic-work the face roles that Goldberg can (or could) play are basic. The reason, in my view, that the Goldberg character never succeeded (and will ruin TNA if TNA can get him) is because the way Goldberg was used throughout his career is the only way Goldberg can be used. It's too hard to repackage or turn him heel or even cast him in a different role. With limited moves and mic-work the Goldberg character was always doomed to the same fate and would further put TNA in the whole. The difference between WWE's failure to sell Goldberg was they have money and pools full of extra, younger talent to fall back on where as WCW didn't and TNA doesn't. If TNA brought in Goldberg he would have an expensive contract (as he always demands big money) and would have to be put over (something else he demands). If it succeeds it would defiantly make TNA as a company and probably put them ahead of WWE but if it is to fail TNA would surely not have the money or talent to save it's self from the time and money lost on Goldberg. Which is why I really do hope TNA don't bring Goldberg in for one last run (imagine how bad his ring work would be now that he's older). And besides I think TNA would make as many if not more headlines if they turn down an opportunity to work with Goldberg than if they accept an offer to work with him.

by Tariq Oraby ..

Brent Matthew Denny wrote:
Tariq Oraby before I get started on this response I just want to say I don't mean anything personal nor do I mean any offence but I just have to say that I am so sick and tired of hearing about this second rate wrestling promotion that everybody seems to think is so good TNA.

Now it maybe true that alot of current WWE superstars are thinking about jumping to TNA or alot of wrestlers are thinking about coming out of retirement in order to be apart of TNA. Well as far as whoever is thinking of coming out of retirement to be apart of TNA all I've got to say to them is your time has passed and joining this promotion TNA isn't going to bring them back. An although I don't know who's thinking about jumping to TNA from the WWE all I have to say to them is don't do it because it is a huge mistake the WWE is the No.1 wrestling promotion in America if not the World and TNA doesn't even come close to how good the WWE is in my opinion nor will it ever doesn't matter who they manage to get out of the old people's home or who they manage to get out of the WWE TNA will always be a second rate wrestling promotion.

Now moving on to Bill Goldberg once again Tariq Oraby I don't mean any offence or disrespect but I have to disagree with you as far as him joining TNA causing a frenzy it may cause a frenzy as far as TNA wrestling fans are concerned but that's about it. I mean the guy has wrestled in the WWE he's been champion he's been in a Wrestlemania basically he's done exacterly what Kurt Angle has done and that's been to the mountain top where else can he go from there but down.

I'm not saying I would mind seeing Goldberg back in the WWE because I'd love to see him back in the WWE I was a huge fan of Bill's when he was in the WWE I loved his ring entrance his feuds his finishing manovers and despite what people think I think he was a great wrestler with a great gimmick and there are a couple of people in the WWE that to the best of my knowledge Goldberg hasn't feuded with that I would love to see him feud with.

Them being - Undertaker - Big Show - Kane - And others.

However despite that I do not believe that TNA having Bill Goldberg in their wrestling promotion would be that big of a deal except for the fans of TNA.

My name is Brent Matthew Denny and that is my opinion.
Cody Chaney wrote:
Well from what I can see you can compare Goldberg to the likes of NASCAR's Stewart or Gordon. You really like him or you really hate him. Obviously the majority of articles I have read are clearly bashing Goldberg and for the simple reason that he is not wrestling material. Goldberg has been put over on many occasions with WCW and WWE.

He was constantly being given huge win streaks and pretty much handing him the belt on a silver platter. Of course Bill Goldberg was a big tough dude back in the day and at a time his bad ass no non-sense style was agreeably popular with some folks. But like the Warrior and certainly like Lesnar this beefcake no nonsense attitude can only last for so long without eventually souring and becoming completely distasteful. Although I did see much potential in him all of it died out with his repetitive gimmick being run deep enough to drill oil with. TNA really shouldn't place a failing experiment in their roster when everybody around them knows it is a disaster waiting to happen so yes Mr. Oraby I do agree Goldberg should stick with his movies and TV shows. (by the way did anyone see his Christmas/Horror flick Santa's Slay" CHEESY!).

As for Mr. Denny's remark about TNA being no competition to WWE. He should reconsider how WWE came to power. They arose from a siren blaring show of Vince McMahon gagging those repulsive words 'Welcome everyone to Monday Night RAW' and midcarders main eventing just to get jobbed by the bigger guys. Now look at them. Their corporately dominate, have monopolized the wrestling industry for quite sometime, and are currently in power as THE most popular wrestling show on TV. But remember for numerous weeks WCW was THE organization and made sport of putting WWF (E) to shame and was closing in on the triple digits in weeks of outdoing their competition. Sound familiar" Well some say history has a tendency to repeat itself and people should keep their words soft and sweet in case later it would be shoved back down their throats. Nobody should ever underestimate the underdog in the sports because strange things tend to happen. And WWE should be very careful on how they take the TNA as 'no competition'.







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