The Mexicools: Underused"
April 19, 2006 by Tariq Orbay

In June 2005 WWE brought in three lucha libre wrestlers known the world over as Super Crazy, Psicosis and Juventud (Guerrera). They debuted as the Mexicools, the anti-American, stereotypical Mexican immigrants who rode out on lawnmowers!

When I first saw this I have to say I wasn't too pleased with the way three incredible lucha libre stars had been brought in (and probably not so flattering to the Mexican fans in the arena). But like the fans at the next few PPVs the Mexicools wrestled at, the gimmick grew on me. In fact the crowd liked them so much I didn't know if they were face or heel (as you can imagine they were originally supposed to be heel). Their first PPV match was as a team against the Blue World Order (Steven Richards, Simon Dean and the Big Blue Meanie) it was, in my opinion, a good match. In fact compared to the rest of the card that night it was a great match. But more than the regular comic stylings of the B.W.O the match was a chance to showcase the talents of the three luchadors (which it did considering their opponents consisted of a 300 pounder, an uncharismatic Shawn Michaels rip off and Simon Dean).

The three have had success all across the globe holding 34 titles between them (quite impressive if you ask me). Psicosis is someone I will always remember as the insane, mask-wearing luchador wrestling in Japan. Super Crazy had early success in ECW (a place where all three spent extended periods of time) and even a small stint in the WWF as Super Loco and many a year on the Mexican independent circuit and AAA. Juventud like his Mexicool buddies spent time in ECW as well as the WWF but I think he was best known for his decent to really good matches in WCW against the likes of Billy Kidman and Rey Mysterio Jr. One of the main reasons the trio got to WWE was because of their outstanding performances at ECW: One Night Stand.

The point I'm trying to reach here is these three men all have illustrious singles careers, so was putting them together a good idea" Imagine the matches they could have had with the likes of Paul London and others (I do understand that at the time of their debut the cruiserweight division pool was a shallow one). They could have even had great matches between them if given the chance. In response to the question I posed earlier: no, putting them together wasn't the best of all ideas. It ended up forcing Juventud out of the group (and out of the WWE) as he competed in half as many matches on Smackdown! as the other two. Instead WWE used Juvi on the house shows rather than the weekly TV shows. Since Juvi's departure the remaining two Mexicools have continued as a tag team and as most teams in WWE will tell you (apart from MNM) life is hard for a team these days with the tag team divisions on both RAW and SmackDown not being used properly. Although week in and week out the team of Psicosis and Super Crazy are a joy to watch; their lucha libre styles are a breath of fresh air in the normally stale heavy weight tag team division. Who knows maybe sometime in the future the Mexicools could be holding the tag team titles"!

by Tariq Orbay ..

Justin Louviere wrote:
The Mexicools" Eh, they're way past their prime. They were once very, very good, but I personally feel that they can't do what they once did. Also, they can't wrestle up to their full potential because of all of the move restrictions...the full lucha style is pretty much out in WWE. I think their day has come and gone, and although they are good in the ring, I don't think they'll ever be as good as they once were. But yes, I do feel they are somewhat underused in the WWE. But then again, Smackdown's decent tag division is ignored while Raw has one tag team, the Spirit Squad...and they've put more into that than they have with the Smackdown tag division, but I'll save that for my own column or something.
-Randall Flagg wrote:
There's nothing wrong with using them as a tag team. They work well together, they put on a good match, and God knows the WWE needs some good tag teams.

I don't think Juventud's problem was being the odd man out. He's caused trouble everywhere he's been, I'm sure he was warned to keep his nose clean when he was signed. But that's just what I read online, take that for what it's worth.
Tim Samandari wrote:
I loved the Mexicools image - love the Juan Deer (I'm half Mexican I thought it was funny, not racist). Psicosis had a great match with Orton not too long ago, but other than that they were under-used. I think the Juice got cut do to drugs, but I thought that sucked. Juventud is almost up there with Rey Jr. - too bad he got fired.
Jose Aguirre wrote:
I have to agree with you completely. I personally do not like the ghetto Mexicans on wrestling(such as Rey Mysterio), but these guys do it so perfectly that it is funny, and they are very creative, with their "Juan Deere's," and I am not just saying that because I am Mexican, but because these guys do know how to put on a show. I would like to see the Mexicools have a feud with Paul London and Brian Kendrick but I have absolutely no control over story-lines so it might not happen. I do not like Juventud, even though he does have awesome promo skills and in-ring ability he just causes trouble where he goes, I don't really care what wrestlers do backstage or at home but I am a strong believer in professionalism and that is why Juvi got fired.
graham donne wrote:
under-used wtf these are some of the best wrestlers or ever gonnig to meet so stop saying there no good becuse they are\
Ruben Zamora (San Diego) wrote:
I agree that the Mexicools are underused. However, I do not believe they are past their prime. In my opinion, Psicossis is one of the most talented Luchador's in the world. Super Crazy is not too far behind. Unfortunately, they are not allowed to work to their fullest potential in the WWE. I think this another example of the WWE not knowing what to do with what they have. Imagine matches like, Psicossis, vs Crazy or Misterio vs London, or a Four-way with the Psicossis, Crazy, Misterio, and Funaki. That would be a killer, if they let them work to their potential. I think the "powers that be" in the WWE don't want The Mexicools to outshine their favorite buffed up, slow, heavyweight. So, yes... the Mexicools are way underused.




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