Jeff Hardy's Downward Spiral
June 9, 2005 by T.C. Anderson

Jeff Hardy is by far a great wrestler, in the ring. Once the bell rings he can take any opponent and work them like no other star in the business today. Fans all over the world love him. He almost has a cult like following of neon painted, black make up wearing, weirdos following him wherever he goes. Then there's the other side of Jeff Hardy. The side of him that's more interested in playing music that would hardly be suitable on a street corner. The side of him that's frequently no-showed event after event. The side in my view that has lost his passion for the business.

A few years ago in the WWE, Jeff was being built up as a new age Shawn Michaels. A kid who could perform at an all time high every single night he entered the ring. He started winning major singles titles and even got a few shots at the World Heavy Weight title. When "Good Old" J.R. was constantly comparing Jeff to Shawn Michaels I really don't think he realized how much alike these two really are. Not in a good way, but in the worst way imaginable.

The list of Michaels' accomplishments is almost too long to even write about. He is a great wrestler. He has also been a flamboyant jerk most of his carer. From his early days as a party animal with Marty Jannetty, to his faking injury after injury and dropping titles, to his days with the Kliq, and even now with his newly found born again Christan attitude. To sum it up, he was and still is a pain in the ass. The only reason Vince McMahon tolerated his antics was because of the fact it made his wallet bigger and who could blame him"

Now with that being established about Shawn Michaels, lets take a look at Hardy's past. He started off in the WWE as a glorified jobber with his brother Matt Hardy. The two of them never won many matches in the beginning. Their work ethic was enough to earn the respect of many of the guys in the locker room. Who knows, except for the WWE, what Jeff Hardy was up to at that time. No one cared to write about the Hardyz or even knew who they were. They were just low card stars that didn't matter to the public or the press. Once the Hardyz did make a name for themselves, they were soon broken up by the WWE. It's still unclear why they would break up one of their greatest tag teams, but it was more than likely due to give Jeff Hardy a push much like what was given to Shawn Michaels years ago when he and Jannetty split. With the push Jeff was given also came a much heavier work load. Headlining WWE event after event was apparently more than Jeff had hoped for. He soon started missing shows and causing a lot of trouble in the back with the other stars. In Jeff's final days with the WWE, they turned him heel. They didn't add much to his story line, except for the fact that he was a sore loser. Rumors started flying around about Jeff Hardy's drug use being his major cause of trouble with the WWE. It's unclear if these rumors are true or not. It wouldn't matter to me either way. Jeff was caught in the middle of a downward spiral, drugs use or no drug use. In April of 2003, Jeff was released from the WWE.

Almost a year later he appeared in NWA-TNA wrestling. In internet interviews with Jeff he stated that he liked the lighter work load which allowed him to have a life outside the business. Until recently it looked as if Jeff had found an employer who could put up with his half hearted work ethic. There have been rumors since joining TNA that Jeff has had some trouble with appearances. Since TNA doesn't have the fanfare that the WWE has, it was easy to cover up his no-shows at events. Then Jeff Hardy decided not to show up at TNA's Hard Justice pay-per-view. He had a much anticipated match scheduled against Raven, but was substituted by Sean "X-Pac" Waltman. As of right now TNA has suspended Jeff for his actions, and rightfully so. I know that a lot of people paid good money to see Jeff Hardy in action at that pay-per-view and were very upset to see a him being replaced by Waltman, even though to Waltman's credit put on a good show.

Much like Shawn Michaels, Jeff has let his own ego get the better of him. In professional wrestling there's not much of an in between in wrestling. You're either a wrestler 24-7 or your an old star who can't live without coming back into the publics eye every few weeks or months because you can't live without it. There's no doubt in my mind that Jeff will return to TNA very soon. The company needs him. He's one of their best talent and biggest stars. Also with the plans on bring in Matt Hardy, TNA would be dumb not to bring into play a Hardy reunion at some point. The fact is Jeff Hardy will more than likely continue to slowly downfall into his own pathetic ego trip. TNA can't let him go. Hardy will continue to do whatever he wants and get away with it. Just like Shawn Michael's has done over the last decade, Jeff will continue to be pushed for his skills and only the fans will suffer from his actions.

by T.C. Anderson ..

Davidbangelgirl wrote:
I am a big jeff hardy fan NO he was NOT fired he WANTED OUT of his contract.To take time off and heel and work with his band.I love jeff hardy he is the most high flying dare devil the wwe had and ever will have.The people who put these rumors of him being on drugs know nothing about him but what they want to think if they went to sites about him they would find out he IS NOT and NEVER WAS on drugs.Also the people who put these CRAPPY rumors on need to mind their own buisness and what they think to them selves.
Ben Hallam wrote:
I am only 13 years old, but i too "dote" on Jeff Hardy. Your page is absolutely amazing and i will send it to all my friends/ cousins. thanks for telling me what really happened and please e-mail me back to tell me if there are any tv channels for TNA. I have to say that you should have put in his standing up to the Undertaker in your column. But appart from that everything is A OK. OMFG The TLC matches were incredable. my cousin (17) makes films (amateur) about him flipping off 7 ft. ladders. it is pretty good but nothing compared to Jeff.
Jody Jamieson wrote:
With respect to David don't go all on the defensive because you love Jeff Hardy. I'm a Jeff fan, and Shawn Michaels is my favourite wrestler of all time, but Mr Anderson was just giving the facts and then his honest opinion. You may not like the truth, and I wish Jeff Hardy deserved all the respect in the world for being as great a human being as he is a crowd pleaser but the fact is he's not and never will be. Some people just have an attitude problem and Jeff Hardy does.





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