Hulk Hogan: Greatest Wrestler Ever"
June 13, 2004 by Terry M.

I'm writing this column to talk about in my opinion, the greatest wrestler of all time Hulk Hogan. He has accomplished almost everything a Pro Wrestler should, and this is why I'm writing this Column.

Terry (that's my name also!) Bollea was born in Augusta, Georgia in 1953. It all started when he was spotted by Jerry Brisco, he was trained by Hiro Mastuda a Japanese Legend. He started out with the name as Super Destroyer in the Independent Scene. He then caught the eye of Vince McMahon Sr. the WWWF owner. He got the name Hogan from his heritage and Hogan from the Marvel Comic the Incredible Hulk. He started off as a heel in the WWWF and his manager was the great "Classy" Freddy Blassie. It was in 1980 when Hulk Hogan and Andre The Giant first fought, and Andre the Giant won that match. He once again lost to Andre a month later in Madison Square Garden.

But Hulk Hogan's big break came when Vince McMahon Jr. bought the company from his dad, and renamed it the WWF, where Hulk Hogan was his "Chosen One". Hulk Hogan defeated the Iron Sheik on January 23, 1984 for the WWF Title. Then Hulkamania was born; this was the night the Hulk Hogan became an Icon!

Hulk Hogan made history at the first ever WrestleMania where he and Mr. T. beat Paul Orndorff and Roddy Piper. Hogan also headlined many more WrestleMania's defeating King Kong Bundy in a Cage match to retain his title, he successfully defended his title against Andre The Giant at WrestleMania 3, he was beat at Survivor Series 1987 when his team lost to Andres, but put up a good fight. He lost the WWF title to Andre the Giant in 1988 at Saturday Night Main Event. Hulk Hogan and Andre The Giant Squared off at WrestleMania IV for the WWF Title, but they both got disqualified.

Soon after that, Hulk Hogan helped Randy Savage win the World Title, and they formed the team called the Mega Powers. The Mega Powers survived they Elimination Match at Survivor Series 1988 and win other various matches. The Mega Powers start to mount when Hulk Hogan eliminates Randy Savage from the 1989 Royal Rumble. Later that month Miss Elizabeth (Randy's EX wife) got knocked out during a match and Hulk Hogan carried her to the back to Medical attention. Hogan wins his match alone, where at the end Randy Savage attacks him! At WrestleMania V Hulk Hogan beat the Macho Man for the World Title, and that is the end of the Mega Powers Era.

At Royal Rumble 1990 Hulk Hogan eliminated Mr. Perfect to win the Royal Rumble. At WrestleMania VI Ultimate Warrior defeated Hulk Hogan to retain the I.C. title and to win the World Title in one of the greatest matches ever! Hulk Hogan won his Second Royal Rumble in 1991 when he eliminated Earthquake. At WrestleMania VII Hulk Hogan defeated Sgt. Slaughter to win his third World Title. At Survivor Series 1991 Hulk Hogan lost the WWF title to Undertaker, but wins it back the next Tuesday. Hulk Hogan then disappeared for a year after he got accused of using steroids. At WrestleMania IX Hulk Hogan and Brutus Beefcake were defeated Inc. Later that WrestleMania Hulk Hogan defeated Yokozuna to win his 5th WWE Title. Yokouzuna won the title back at King Of The Ring 1993 and Hulk Hogan once again disappeared.

Hulk Hogan joined WCW and won the WCW Title 6 times! In 1996 Hollywood Hulk Hogan shocked the world when he turned on Randy Savage and joined Kevin Nash and Scott Hall to create one of the most legendary factions ever the NWO.

Now lets skip to February 2002 at No Way Out, while Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall (The nWo ) came back to wreak Havoc on the WWE. Later that night he helped Chris Jericho defeat Stone Cold Steve Austin to retain the Undisputed Title. The Raw after that night The Rock challenged Hollywood Hulk Hogan to a Icon vs. Icon match at WrestleMania X-8 (which I went to live!). Hulk Hogan lost the match, and got attacked by the nWo after the match! But him and the Rock fought them off as they finished a very memorable match.

On a episode of Smackdown! Vince McMahon gives him a shot at the Undisputed title at Backlash, and that night Hulk Hogan comes to the arena wearing Red and Yellow! At Backlash 2002; Hulk Hogan defeats Triple H to win his Sixth WWE Title and wins the Undisputed title! At Judgment day Hulk Hogan lost to the Undertaker and lost his title because of interference from Vince McMahon! The next Thursday Hulk Hogan gives out a retirement speech, but Vince McMahon says he cannot Retire. On the July 4th episode of Smackdown! Hulk Hogan ad Edge defeated Billy and Chuck to win the WWE Tag Team Championship! But they lose it at Vengeance to the Un-Americans when Test interferes. Hulk Hogan gets KO'D by Brock Lesnar and is inactive for 5 months.

In January Hulk Hogan returned for another run in the WWE. The Rock then comes down to the ring and Spits in Hulk Hogans face and defeats him at No Way Out: The (Booked) Montreal Screwjob. He defeated Vince McMahon at WrestleMania 19 in a street fight. But on the smack down after that, Vince McMahon sends Hogan home and says he will even pay him there to kill Hulkamania.

Hulk Hogan returns with a short run as the masked superstar Mr. America, he has some funny segments with Vince Including the Lie Detector test. He has some matches but then Vince McMahon proves that Mr. America and Hulk Hogan are the same person and fires him. And Hulk Hogan never returns.

That is my column on my favorite wrestler, Hulk Hogan. Now some of you may have heard that Hulk Hogan signed a deal with TNA, that is true but he scrapped the offer and was waiting for Vince to for WrestleMania 20, unfortunately that didn't happen. But there's a good chance that Hulkamania will run wild once again in the WWE, at WrestleMania 21.

That is why in my opinion that Hulk Hogan is the greatest wrestler of all time, he has held the WWE Title and WCW Title 6 times each. Has held the Tag team title and has one the Royal Rumble twice in a row, he has also one the IWGP world title and various NWA Titles, he also use to have his own TV Show and to me will always be 6 words: The Greatest Wrestler Of All Time!

by Terry M...

Mike Jones wrote:
Everyone who has a brain knows that Hulk Hogan is the greatest wrestler of all time. But, just naming his PPV match wins doesn't prove that he is th greatest. Hogan is the greatest wrestler of all time because of him Vince started Wrestlemania, which in turn started the PPV's that we all watch now. Hogan's popularity resulted in merchandise for wrestlers. Hogan's popularity started theme music for the wrestlers as they walked down to the ring. Hogan's popularity in movies drew new fans to watch wrestling, and also paved the way for The Rock and other wrestlers to star in movies. Instead of wrestling in small arenas, Hogan's popularity moved wrestling from small arenas to Madison Square Garden, Toronto Sky dome, and the Pontiac Silver dome. Hogan's popularity helped WCW become a contender with WWF during the mid to late 90's. People would go nuts when "Real American" hit and when he kicked out of a heel's finisher and "Hulked up." Fans cheered for Hogan and chanted his name at Wrestlemania 18 when he was a heel against the Rock, who was the most popular wrestler at the time. Hogan is the greatest wrestler of all time because hundreds of years from now people will be still talking about him and the phenomena of Hulkamania
Brad Dykens wrote:
I like to think I have at least 3/4 of a brain and I happen to believe Ric Flair is the greatest wrestler ever.. As far as "sports entertainers" go, I would have to say that Hogan and Steve Austin are 1 and 2... Regardless to which genre you are discussing the Hogan/Flair debate will go on for decades to come...
Mike Petralia wrote:
I believe the best way to argue this is making a connection to baseball. Now Babe Ruth made baseball popular back in the 20's. Becuase Babe Ruth was on the Yankees he made them the most competetive team in the history of sports(Im from Boston and it sickens me to admit this). MY piont is though Babe Ruth is not the greatest baseball player of all time there are many better(Bonds,Mays, Williams,Clemens,ect)All these player brought something different to the game, but with out ruth it wouldnt happen. Hogan is the Babe Ruth of wrestling and the WWF is the Yankees of Wrestling, Flair, HArt, Michaels, may all be better than Hogan but without him there nothing..
Isaac Noonan wrote:
Definately a toss up between Hogan and Flair. While Flair was the better wrestler, I do agree that Hogan was the better "entertainer" and therefore a lot more popular. I personally was a big Hulkamaniac and still am to this day. But when you think about legends in wrestling, Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair will be the first two names that come to anybody's mind.
Watsupwitdat678 wrote:
Why must everyone be brainwashed by this man. Sure, Hulk Hogan revolutionized wrestling as we know it today, but you forget what a wrestler is. Why am I not hearing anything about the great Bruno Sammartino, who held the title twice in the longest title reigns combined in history!!!

Here are the reigns:
(1) Defeated Buddy Rogers on May 17, 1963 - Lost to Ivan Koloff on January 18, 1971
(2) Defeated Stan Stasiak on December 10, 1973 - Lost to Superstar Graham on April 30, 1977

That is almost twelve years of reigning as the champion!!!! Standing at 5'10" and weighing in at 265 lbs., his big body helped him beat everyone that he came in contact with. Although, in these days, he would be undersized, he still has the strength to be the best. Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Lou Thesz, Doink the Clown, anyone you can think of doesn't compare to Bruno Sammartino. Sammartino's reigns between 1963-1971 and 1973-1977 is an achievement that will never be surpassed in WWE. The early World Wide Wrestling Federation was built upon his broad shoulders. He is the greatest wrestler of ALL TIME.
Brad Dykens wrote:
I somewhat agree, Bruno Sammartino is also up there with the "Greatest", but if you're including that era, then Lou Thesz his hands down the greatest of all time, especially if your judging it by the length of their title reigns..
Isaac Noonan wrote:
Ok, good point. Those two are, in reality, the ones who paved the way for both Hogan and Flair to become the legends they are.
Shane Bailey wrote:
I would have to disagree with the statement Terry made. If you're looking to say who the greatest "wrestler" was of all time, then that distinction would have to go to Lou Thesz, based on the length of time he was in the business, and also his title wins. He was the last REAL undisputed world heavyweight champion, and was still going strong for a match in the 90's!

Hogan is POSSIBLY the greatest entertainer of all time, but I'm sure that Stone Cold, The Rock et al would have a few words to say about that, and when it comes down to it, if it wasn't for Jerry Lawler (took Hogan into the Memphis scene, Vince McMahon - of course - and various others giving Hogan the breaks, he probably would have been relegated to the same league as the rest of the muscle men of his era.
BJ wrote:
I agree with Terry, Hulk Hogan is the greatest wrestler of all time. His record can not be matched. But his legacy will also be remembered outside the ring. His commitment to child charities and the Armed Forces can not be matched, either. That is why Hulk Hogan is the greatest wrestler and that is why HULKAMANIA WILL LIVE FOREVER, BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kenny Warren wrote:
Where are the minds of you people" I want to credit 4 wrestlers as being great: Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair,Bret Hart, and Sting. Hogan has done more for charities and kids than most anyone. His matches may have all had the same flavor (the knucklelocks, the eventual Hulk-ups and comebacks), but I they never get old in my mind. Two things to solitify him as the greatest ever: check out his Wrestlemania VIII entrance( how the crowd erupted thinking it was his last match, and the eruption when he ripped his shirt and saluted the crowd). Great man and the greatest ever. Flair has given so much in ring wise to the business. Coming back from a broken back to have a great career. He is in my opinion one of the most charasmatic wrestlers ever. Bret Hart, enough said. He truly was the excellence of execution. Last but not least sting. People don't give him the credit he deserves for what he has accomplished. He was one of the loyalist wrestlers ever and he has been in some incredible mathes (vs Muta, Vader, Flair, Rude,Luger,and Hogan to name a few). Those are my fab four.

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