Looking at Some New Faces - And Some Not So New
December 2, 2005 by Tiarnán McMeekin

While over 20 wrestlers have lost their jobs in the past year, others have been scrambling to take their places on the WWE's main roster. I'm going to take a look at some of the new (and not so new) faces on WWE Television.

Bobby Lashley: This young newcomer has held a large number of national championships and has finally hit the WWE. Since his arrival has taking part in some short matches where he destroyed the opposition. I still have to see his mic skills, and can only hope they are nearly as first-rate as his skill in the ring. I was very surprised when he became part of the Smackdown! Survivor Series Team. He looks to be the next Brock Lesnar of the WWE, but hopefully he is booked into some matches that will take longer than a minute or two after Survivor Series.

Mr. Ken Kennedy: Perhaps the most impressive acquisition in a while, he comes with a great original gimmick, a very impressive finishing move, and some first class mic skills. A future main event star and hopefully World Heavyweight Champion, you've got to love. Mr. Kennedy.

The Boogey Man: Although we have yet to see him wrestle in the WWE ring, I like the sound of the Boogey Man. He looks to have some good charisma, and an bright gimmick, but may be to old at 40 to make a BIG impact on the Sport.

René Duprée, Sylvan and Rob Conway - Well, at least one the former La Resistánce members is making a decent name for themselves. That man is 'The Con Man' and he has been doing well for himself in the Raw ring so far. As for 'The French Phenom' René Duprée and 'The Smackdown! Fashion Consultant' (or whatever he's calling himself) Sylvan, they've been filling in nicely on Heat and Velocity.

The Divas: Out of all the Divas in the WWE, there is one that is impressing me most of all; she being Melina Perez. Complete with a decent gimmick, some wrestling skill, great charisma and good look, Melina is managing the impressive duo Mercury and Nitro, together forming MNM. As for Jillian Hall, well we all know she can wrestle. Mickie James is the first women's wrestler to go to RAW, and Diva Search winner Ashley Massaro is being outshined by Mickie James as Trish Stratus's partner (or in Mickie's case No.1 fan). Trish is the same as ever and Victoria is tagging up with Candice Michelle in Torrie Wilson's absence. Christy Hemme and Stacy Keibler are just eye candy on Smackdown!, although Christy has showed that she has improved as a wrestler in a couple of matches with Melina. Sharmell is working well as a heel, and Lita is doing fine as Edge's evil girlfriend.

The Juniors: While it can be a good comedic filler, this may be one of the most embarrassing gimmick to hit the WWE in some time.

The Tag Team Divisions: Well everyone has to agree that SD!'s tag team division is by far outshining RAW's. Smackdown! boasts teams such as MNM, LOD, The Mexicools, The Dicks, Regal and Birchill, the FBI, and Brian Kendrick and Paul London, while all RAW has to offer is the Heart Throbs, Cade and Murdoch, V-Squared and Tomko and Snitsky (who I don't even count as a team).

Well, there you have it. Please post your comments. Until next time, Bye.

by Tiarnán McMeekin ..

Jesse Lee wrote:
This may be because I haven't watched a full two hours of Smackdown in a few weeks, but I seem to be the only one not on the Mr. Kennedy fan train anymore. I got bored with him, because there are only so many times when I want to hear someone say his own name... twice at a time. Yes, he is a great pick up for the WWE and if used right, he can go on to be one of those "future of the business" that the WWE enjoys talking so much about. However, unless he gets put into a better feud rather than against an announcer and Holly and gets off of Velocity, he'll end up another long-time lower mid-card wrestler.

Remember Road Dogg (BG James") Kennedy's gimmick seems to mirror Road Dogg, but to a higher extent. Road dogg would always announce himself (and tag partner) or even rap his own theme to the ring. Kennedy just takes the announcing gimmick to new level, all because he has the body, size, and finisher of a future champion-which Road Dogg never really had. Again, these are my opinions.








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