Randy Orton -- World Heavyweight Champion
August 20, 2004 by Tim M.

Randy Orton has just become the youngest world champ in WWE history.

A lot of people are wondering if he's been pushed too fast or if he even deserves the belt. Well, I was thinking about that, and decided to write up a short little piece on just a few of the people who in my opinion should never have held there respective belt.

(Note-I am not including David Arquette or Jeff Jarrett's title's solely because they are so bad)

Chyna-Intercontinental Champ-I watched her during her titles reign some years ago and didn't really notice anything exceptionally crappy about her performance. I thought the angle was pretty decent and liked the fact a woman could wrestle with the men, but...she can't! I watched her match vs. Jericho at Survivor Series (99 I believe) and it was just horrible. She was slow, Jericho was obviously going slower then I've ever seen him and being super delicate, making the match even more painful to view. THEN!! She goes for a super pedigree off the top rope and Jericho takes it about as well as I think he could and she lands on her feet, then falls on her man butt!!! She was a champion, not to further her career, definitely not to further anyone else (it made Jericho look like a joke), she was merely champion for a lame angle, and that's what makes her a bad champ. Well, that and the whole "her looking like half my uncles with breasts the size of watermelons".

Basham Brothers-Tag Team Championship-I didn't even know these guys were champs! I was sitting here thinking of people who in my mind should never hold a strap and bam, these leather clad dudes popped into my mind! I know they had great careers in OVW, or as I like to call it "the place nova will never leave (although he was in a WWE dark match!). The Bashams came onto Smackdown and within 5 months are tag champs defeating 2 superior wrestlers los Guererros (and yes, I remember the Chavo/Pepe crap in WCW and I still stand by my statement). One of there trademark moves was the "injured guy rolls out, other partner who looks nothing similar but is bald rolls in". I almost enjoyed this move because it reminded me so much of the good ol' days when people feared the claw and there were 7,000 Von Erichs. Never the less they put on some sub par matches during there time and lost the belts to Rico and Charlie Hass which leads me to...

Charlie Hass and Rico-Tag Team Championship-Rico reminds me of a more flamboyant Ultimate Warrior minus the Charisma and talent, yes...yes, I just said that.

Jacqueline-Cruiserweight Championship-now, I remember finding this out online one night. I was reading, blah blah blah, same ol' same ol'...then I read "Jacqueline rolled up Chavo and captured the cruiserweight title". Now, WWE doesn't have many cruisers, and they need to bring in fresh ideas, but Jacky" She managed Meat for god sake! The reason it made me more mad then others is that I don't have that much respect for guys like sting, Hogan, HHH or the Rock. Cruisers to me put there bodies on the line, constantly innovating and relying more on there ring work then talking to get over. To have Jacqueline undermine that with a cheap roll up was really upsetting to see. Who did it help" Sure it got Chavo some cheap "I hate woman heat". But really, the only reason this will be remember is because it was so lame, and it was the only match where Jacky kept her teton's covered.

Randy Orton-World Heavyweight/Intercontinental-okay, this might seem like just some Orton hating, that's pretty accurate. Seriously though, he defeated RVD and Chris Benoit for both belts. The first thing that upsets me isn't even the belt part, it's the start part, RANDY ORTON WAS GIVEN A DEAL IN WWE BEFORE EVER WRESTLING. Maybe it's been done before, if it has please tell me, maybe it's an inaccurate report, again please tell me, but if that's true I find it pathetic. Compare it to Benoit who was a wrestling fan his whole life and has devoted it to the sport. He toured countless countries before landing his deal with WCW and he earned the title in my opinion. Same with RVD, who I consider (after Jerry Lynns firing a while back) to be the most misused WWF wrestler. RVD put on 5-star matches constantly, did things I have never seen and was able to work up the crowd with his great personality alone. He had dropped more jaws then Orton could dream of before he signed with WWE after ECW's demise. So that's just one reason I dislike his title reigns, I just don't feel he deserves it. Maybe he does, but, this quickly" With injuries counted, he's been working for about 2 years, maybe a little less and he's champ" I'd like to see him put on some more decent matches without outside help, develop a finisher that doesn't make me think DDP got tatted and stole Simon Diamond's shtick and just go out there and put on great matches. Did it help anyone" Obviously WWE wants to establish Orton as Champ material due to his youth and marketability, but in my opinion not because of wrestling ability.

by Tim M...

Eric McIntosh wrote:
I believe Orton's title WAS in fact pre-mature. Unless they are going to give him a long reign, longer than Benoit. If his reign as World Heavyweight Champion lasts longer than his IC title reign, then I will believe that the kid deserved the "big strap".


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