The Next Best Heel
August 30, 2006 by Tim B.

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Heels have always been around in the Sport E world. Ted DiBiase, Jeff Jarrett, nWo Hogan, Edge, the list will always go on and on. And in Sports E, the majority of the time the good guy always wins. The face will overcome the heel and the fans will go into a frenzy. But that's Sports E.

Hi. My name is Tim. I'm 15, and this is my first column. I'm not here to rant on how much John Cena, among others, popularity overcomes their horrible wrestling talent, nor am I here to preach about how great independent promotions are. I'm here to talk about the next best heel wrestler, and his name is Super Dragon.

Super Dragon is a stiff wrestler, and he can sell moves if need be. At times he seems to be the towering machine, and others it seems like the tables are turned. But one thing about Super Dragon that gets me isn't his awesome Psycho Drivers or his Barry White Driver, but his in-ring mind games. Sure, you can mock your opponents, or you can talk smack to the crowd to get heat, but Super Dragon does it with a certain grace.

For example, we'll take you back to CZW Cage of Death 6, 2005, Super Dragon & Excalibur vs. Kevin Steen & El Generico. During the match, Super Dragon knocked Steen off the apron, and took his spot. Generico, crawling to his corner, unaware of Dragon, tagged Dragon in after Dragon clapped his hands, mocking Generico. After the match, Dragon then proceeded to help Generico up after he had received a Package Piledriver from Steen, and raised his hand, making the fans clap for his, Generico's, and Excalibur's respect. That is until Dragon and Excalibur starting beating Generico, it all ending with Dragon giving Generico a top rope Double Foot Stomp to Generico's head while it was in between a chair.

Now, that's been done before, but Dragon finds new ways to get the crowd to hate him. He rips up signs, gets in the faces of fans, and as continually stated, mocks his opponents. Most heels nowadays just talk trash and bad mouth the fans and the fan favorite, or pull common heels tactics, such as feet on the ropes during a pin, pulling the tights, cheap shots, etc. Super Dragon doesn't cheat. Hell, he was cheated out of his Revolution Pro Junior Heavyweight Title to Scorpio Sky when Ultra Taro Jr. interfered. Super Dragon isn't you're old school heel, but that sure as Hell isn't a bad thing.

His only downfall is his lack of in-ring promos. He doesn't talk, and probably won't as long as he wears a mask, but hey. They said Sabu would never talk in wrestling, but look at him now. Still though, I, along with others, believe that mic skills are the last thing to care about. However, if Super Dragon does decide to talk, it could either greatly help his career, or deeply damage it. This can all be helped with a heel manager of course, or have Excalibur do all the talking, since I have seen it before.

And that's pretty much it. Sure, I don't have the best argument in the world, but if you saw this guy wrestle (tapes and live), then you'll enjoy his awesome talents and great in-ring shenanigans. He might be funny at times, and others he'll be like all great heels and get under your skin, but give Super Dragon some time to think about it, and I guarantee that Super Dragon will be the next best heel. Thank you for your time, and if you have any personal comment/questions, don't hesitate to leave feedback.

by Tim B...

Paul McCarthy wrote:
i have not seen this guy but he sounds just like the heel i would want to be if i were a wrestler great point mate
James Watts wrote:
I think the column is wrongly named dude. Maybe it should be "the best heel in professional wrestling", but nevermind. In response to the actual column, I love watching Super Dragon because he is awesome. The Curb Stomp is one of the sickest things I think I've ever witnessed, and his look and stiff style are amazing. Super Dragon plays "the cool heel" very well, which is something that very few wrestlers can pull off. I also don't think that Dragon needs mic skills to be a good heel. Some of the best wrestlers dont say a word, but they wrestle very well. Sabu was successful everywhere (except WWE's ECW) without saying a word, as you've mentioned. Brock Lesnar had Paul Heyman as his mouthpiece and was very successful (though I personally think the man sucks, but you can't argue with credentials). Kane with his mask didn't say a word, but he became WWE Champion. Mic skills aren't a necessity to be big in wrestling.






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