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April 7, 2003 - by Trey Dawg


This is a column is written by yours truly the Trey Dawg and will be more along the lines of the way I see things. Call me the storyline Prophet if you will. Well, Goldberg is back and is now in the WWE. I look for great things to come from DA Man as it for the first time in a long time breathes a breath of fresh wrestling air into my bored lungs! Now I know that most of you are laughing at me and thinking I have gone off the rocker here but think about the matchups Goldberg will have this year. Goldberg will wrestle The Rock, The Undertaker, Kane, RVD, HHH, Brock Lesnar, Rhyno,Chris Benoit, Kurt Angle, A more main event like Y2J unlike the Chris jericho of wcw when they first met, And the list goes on and on. Once again you scoff but Trey Goldberg is on RAW and some of those stars are on smackdown. True but I the optimist hopes for the split to be no more ASAP! Im just saying we are about to see some matchups we never thought we would see or some matchups by guys who arent the same guys they were in WCW. Im just saying its a window of new opportunity!

Its time to start pushing the new guys! Why" Well with the current life span of the WWE superstars they are dropping like its hot with nobody waiting in the wings. When the stars we have grown to love are gone due to injury and all we are left with are the mid card talent thats when we bitch and moan about the boring matches and storylines. and we all do so yes im pointing at you and me both. So while these main eventers are still somewhat healthy,...some of them anyway mix in the mid card talent and get them ready kinda like HHH vs Huricane and Rock vs Hurricane. No im not saying that the Hurricane is the answer but you get the idea mid card vs main eventer. Need some help with this Vince" Here's a way to fix the weak and lackluster storylines involving every wrestler not named Helmsley. BRING BACK THE F'N BELTS! Its get the F out not get the motivation out. How do you expect us the fans to give 2 shits about these mid card vs mid card matches that you throw on us on mondays and thursdays out of nowhere. I mean Jeff Hardy goes from working an angle with HBK to working Raw with Steven Richards" at least give these guys something to fight for making each match have an implication of some kind or mean something! Ok now im done for this week hopefully time willing I can take you inside the Dawg House once a week. Thanks for reading and listening to the show. Im out like a fat kid playin dodge ball!

Trey Dawg
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