WWE - How The Mighty Have Fallen
April 23, 2005 by Tuomo Laine

This is my first column ever at OWW. I already apologize from my grammar. I am from Finland. Though my English grade is quite good, nobody is perfect, eh"

JR vs Triple H. Did it really come as a surprise to anyone someone interfered" Let's recap: ten times heavy weight champion... pinned by a man who can't wrestle any better than David Arquette or may wrestling gods have mercy on my soul, Gobbledy Gooker.

But really, no matter how obvious Triple H's defeat was who can say in their right mind that it was a good thing he lost" Like him or not, Triple H is one of the main talents on RAW and he's helped the show get viewers with his heelish angle.

When wrestling came for the third time into here Finland into Helsinki, it was RAW coming here. When Triple H's match came suddenly someone behind me yelled something I will never forget

"Triple H!!! You are a fat boy!!!"

What happened next was surreal. Everyone in the ring stopped. Referee, Randy Orton, Batista, Benoit and Triple H. Then, Triple H gazed at our direction and I know he realized who just had said it. The man behind us never stood up yelling like that, other than yelling occasionally the F word to referee. My friend looked behind and said this man had head shape of ball and looked like he'd sweat carrying milk cartridges. If he calls Triple H fat boy, things certainly aren't looking good for Game.

Several things can be said in Game's defense. Even if you hate Triple H, you got to admit these.

1) He has stamina to stay in ring for even iron man matches' lengths.
2) He is powerful. While not as powerful as say, Batista or Brock Lesnar, I think he could throw Big Show. (If my memory doesn't fail me, this actually did happen few years ago when Game was still in SmackDown!)

I've seen lots of people nowadays mock and criticize the man and that all his matches are lackluster. This couldn't be further from the truth. He can make almost any wrestler look good. For example, that fight against Batista at WM 21. It wasn't spectacular, but that slingshot he received was quite formidable looking. Triple H can take a punishment; I've seen that myself too in the tag team match.

Here's hoping that Triple H does no longer be put into silly matches like this that make him look like a total fool. 'til next time, my fellow wrestling fans!

by Tuomo Laine ..

Erkka Järvinen wrote:
Aah great to see someone else in OWW hails from finland! Nice column and i hope to see more from you
Ditto Robertson wrote:
Your column literally made me laugh out loud as far as your story goes (I couldn't imagine what was going through the mind of those superstars when they heard "Triple H, you are a fat boy!") Though I do agree with you that Triple H ia an exellent wrestler, you obviously didn't like the match with him and J.R. I can, in my right mind, say that it was a good thing Triple H lost. First off, Triple H usually ends up winning. I think it's good to show not only that he is not as un-defeatable as he thinks he is, but also that Batista CAN beat him. This puts some doubt in the match at Backlash. Plus, it shows that Triple H's confidence could very well get in the way (instead of pinning J.R. he went on to brutalize him) of a win. Plus, I'm sure Triple H respects J.R. And didn't mind putting the old boy over.
Jason Xtremefalls Simmons wrote:
Ok Triple H has the power to put himself in any match he wants, HHH will kill Batista when we have to watch them wrestle for the next 4 or 5 months until HHH gets the title back and just like Orton, Beniot, RVD, Kane, Booker T, Flair, Chris Jericho, Nash, and HBK, Batista will look week and be destoryed by HHH when he wins the belt back. All of the men HHH has killed could be considered a reason the WWE struggles, and maybe a bigger question is why is HHH the only decent heel on the show, hm.
Arturo Zavala Jr. wrote:
Obviously you have no idea who was underneath the Gobledy Gooker costume or else you would not have insulted him. Hector Guerrero, a man who is a very fine wrestler, was underneath the disgusting costume.While the Gooker was a terrible gimmick you can not insult the wrestler for it. Hector is a world class wrestler and for you to mistake a gimmick for a man's wrestling skills is quite horrid.Next time you should revise your work and figure out whom you speak of. However i will agree that HHH is a great wrestler but what you don't understand that the reason they have these kind of matches are to make a feud more interesting. I mean think of it HHH lost to J.R. because of Batista. This will make it look as if HHH has been insulted even more and make the match between the two more exciting and make people want to buy it more.
Patrick Wilson Erese wrote:
Hmmm... Tuomo is definitely correct. Let's face it. Triple H is heel, and we can't alter that fact despite we once saw him face before ( you probably remember when he defeated Chris Jericho for the WWE/WCW Undisputed Championship back at 2002 during Wrestlemania X8). Naturally, when some wrestlers become famous, they tend to get lazy. But not The Game. Triple H has been the most hardworking superstar in the WWE so far.

We all remember him as the aristocrat wrestler, and what did we thought, he won't last long in the WWE. But hey, we did not expect Triple H to align himself with Shawn Michaels and forming D-Generation X and eventually becoming the leader of D-X. Then we saw his chubby body turned into a buffed, superb one and becoming the WWE Heavyweight Champion. I remember the time when he tore his quadricep muscle which forced him into the sidelines and then returned to face Y2J.

Like him or hate him, Triple H is a very talented wrestler unlike Bill Goldberg, who, back in the WCW, was a very unstoppable person. Even a sledgehammer wasn't enough to put him down. But when he entered the WWE, what happened" Nothing. He didn't even matched Triple H's fame and charisma despite being a heel character. Triple H is the main character of RAW, and he won't be toppled down easily after all he's been through. The only thing that makes me jeer Triple H is when he cheats to win. I'd rather prefer seeing him win a clean match. Pitting him into matches that is very absurd really is disappointing but Triple H will be a best wrestler.


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