WWE - Lay off Cena and Batista, Please
June 9, 2005 by Tuomo Laine

Lately there have been many debates about whether Batista, Orton or Cena would deserve any of their prospective titles, while their wrestling skills are quite lackluster and the titles should be handed to better talents, like Angle or Chris Benoit.

However, am I the only one to remember that this is exactly how Undertaker became popular" Had he not defeated Hogan on his first year of wrestling, I doubt he had ever achieved the fame he has this day. Heck, I'm going to go as far as to say that without winning the title, Undertaker may have been dropped from the roster at that time to give space to some other wrestlers. And that would have been a shame for then some of the most memorable moments in wrestling history would have never happened. (Such as, Hell in a Cell match with Mankind.)

As much as I'd love to see Angle being the WWE champ, I doubt that'll happen anytime soon. Mostly because WWE has once again switched their mode from "giving credit based on wrestling talent" to "people who get most reaction from crowd". While Benoit and Angle both always get huge amount of reaction, that can't compare to that of Cena's or Batista's right now. They are riding their wave, 'til some old timer gets the championship. (My money is on the Heel Eddie or Angle). But they will still get the impact and the boost they need to establish themselves as formidable wrestlers. Neither Benoit, Angle, nor Eddie Guerrero need any kind of a boost, since they've already established their talents.

Carlito Caribbean Cool got pushed off as a champ during his first night on SmackDown! Immediately he became one of the SmackDown!'s top heels and quite different from the usual. And that..." That's cool.

However, had he not won the championship, would he had just faded into distance immediately" That is quite possible, as we've seen happen to several others. Steven Richards is a promising young athlete. And all his life, he'll spend as a jobber for older veterans. Same can be said from Renee Dupree, Mark Jindrak and many more.

On the roster, there are quite many under appreciated wrestlers at the moment. They aren't the old timers though; who don't get title shots instead of the rookies. They're the rookies, like Paul London who don't even get a chance. (Unless you count that debut match where he jobbed against Brock Lesnar, but you seriously shouldn't) Paul London is an exceptional wrestler and no doubt could outwrestle most people on SmackDown! Yet, due to never being anything on WWE still that'd actually leave an impact all his talents will go to waste. Such a shame too, I'd love to see him able to use that potential of his.

by Tuomo Laine ..

Jacob Kuhn wrote:
I like seeing people defend wrestlers they like, it's good. But criticizing wrestlers is a part of the sport, as it is with athletes in any sports. It's one of the things we, as fans, enjoy doing. Hell, I have been a Ric Flair fan for longer than I can remember, and I have always heard criticism about him. It doesn't phase me, because I like him and that's what matters. Plus, time after time, Flair answered that criticism by his in ring performance.

The Undertaker did not become popular because of his win over Hogan. Taker was an immediate hit when he first came to WWF. He had one of the best gimmicks, he was huge and he seemed unhurtable. That is what appealed to fans. Unlike the wrestlers you mentioned, Undertaker completely mauled through everyone in WWF so quickly, there was nothing to do except put him up against Hogan. And Taker has always been a hard wrestler, and his skills were much better than either Cena's or Batista's by the time he got his title shot.

I think the problem most people have with Cena, Batista and Orton is that they have not paid their dues. WWE is just giving the belt to whomever becomes the flavor of the month. Fans who watch wrestlers work for years (such as RVD) get passed over for the World Title, while new guys with a modicum of popularity who really suck in the ring are being handed belts.

Don't get me wrong, I do not hate Cena or Batista. I actually like Orton as a heel, too. But there are performers who are much better workers, who have worked their asses off over the years to simply get into WWE. They shouldn't always be passed over for wrestlers who will probably retire before they hit 30 because they have made enough money and don't really care that they are abandoning their fans. One needs not look any further than Brock Lesnar to see proof of this. He had everything handed to him, and look where he is now.
RuthlessGattman wrote:
There are various reasons why Cena and Batista gain so much beef from the fans. While Cena has very little wrestling skills and can barely make a match interesting for five minutes before it goes stale and Batista has little vocal skills and probably no technical skills period.

While I'm purely anti-Cena, I have to admit that his fan base is everywhere. Whether they're 12 year old boys, 16 year old girls, or someone who's never seen the Attitude era, the fans are out there and they're a majority. Cena gets the asses in the seats by cutting promos that made him famous. Just like Stone Cold and the Rock, John Cena can produce market ideas of shirts, foam hands, jersey's, necklaces, jewelry, and hell.. even titles! Since Cena is on cable, his raps are given the chance to be given in nearly all it's glory without too many censors on his ass, which would make him a lot more exciting when he gets on the microphone (though gay jokes are getting a little boring.) John Cena just needs to start showing more effort in his wrestling matches without the need of a weapon or some brawling rule. Yes, he can go in the way of the brawler, but when facing contenders (not counting if they get drafted) like Kane, Triple H, Batista, and Viscera.. then brawling is the last thing he needs to do.

As for Batista, I'm not a full-fledged fan of his, but I still enjoy his championship run. He is basically a man who's all muscle and can slam nearly anyone whenever he feels like it. I do believe his vocal skills are sour, but you gotta think that with a man like him, he can do all the talking with his muscles. I still say he needs a manager to talk for him and let him go back to being a monster pretty much the same way Brock Lesnar was portrayed as. Only difference.. he won't quit wrestling. Actually, I don't think Batista needs to change his style, but he should take more bumps for others to help build them up in the ranks. The way he talks isn't really a big problem, it's as though as he's one of us. I know not every person out there can come up with a catch phrase or can be as quick witted as the Rock or Stone Cold, so Batista doesn't go that route. To be like us and maybe stutter a few times, take time to think, and keep a normal voice could keep him in some ways, related to us.
robbie wrote:
Look guys the reason Batista and Cena should be champions is because there over, that's what a champion needs, granted neither are that good in the ring but they have charisma and there over what's more Cena can work the mic and put on decent promos if he can wrestle better in the future he would be great and regarding everyone who says they hate Cena and everything and how his raps are annoying can I just say it's the wwe writers who write down what they say and they decide what moves he uses to, so you can't blame it all on him.
LanceCrucifix wrote:
I refuse to lay oof of these two, neither are deserving of their titles, nor their fame. While Cena at one time, was entertaining during interviews, and angles and what not, Cena's act has grown stale. They can't do anything with Cena except keep him as a rapper, now that he has released a new CD, and does his horrible freestyles, against other superstars, where he has been upstaged by, Big Show. Cena, at his first WrestleMania, won the United States Championship, now don't get me wrong, plenty of people have won titles at their first Wrestlemania's, but Cena, is one person that let this go to his head, a couple of things Cena has done to piss me off is, he actually thinks he has talent in the ring, Cena can do a good Spin-Out Powerbomb, and even makes the F-U look good from time to time, but other then that, Cena can't wrestle, and the other thing that pisses me off is the change of the WWE and United States title appearances, like the Rock and Austin, he couldn't settle for what everyone else uses, he had to be that much better and change the titles, now one, ok I could see that, but both title he won, he changed them, so that he may seem, in the words of Carlito, "Cooler" than everyone else. Now onto the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista. Since winning the title, RAW has lost revenue, they pushed Batista so much, they forgot they had other talent, knowing Batista has had few good matches with anyone, other than, Kane and Triple H. Batista is a prime example, of getting too much fame, at one time, like Jeff Hardy, while the guy was off his rocker, and wasn't afraid to jump off of something, the fame he got from this stuff, it was alot on him, and he was expected to do something crazy, each time he set foot into the ring. And because he didn't, it led to him losing face, and his ultimate release, I feel Batista's title reign will be a swift one, and his release is something that cannot be too far behind. So in short, Cena and Batista have done nothing to make me think of them as sufficient champions, and so therefore I refuse to lay off them!
Chris McGugan wrote:
I'm gonna say this short and sweet, When i heard Batista won triple h's belt, i was excited! Batista is an awesome wrestler dont get me wrong, but a few weeks after he won the belt, i felt "Yea, Batista is the champ still, hooray"" When he is champion, i seem to not feel a vibe from him like i do with triple h. Triple H i say was probably the best champ the business had recently, his attitude made him appeal more of a defender and entertainer. Cena is awesome all around, but the match he had with JBL was, well kind of boring for the intense feud those two have had during the weeks before their first title match.

I've enjoyed having them as champs, but i would like some other talents to have a chance.....Recently, it seems Heidenreich has been an increased crowd favorite with his awesome poem reading(lol), and his in-ring talent has improved alot since he first came in. of course there are more wrestlers alot more popular then heidenreich, but Batista doesnt seem like he can fill the roll as champion like Triple H has done.
jerry sturm wrote:
While I'm not a huge fan of either Batista or Cena, I'm more then willing to consider both points of view on their title reigns. I realize that Batista isn't the most technically sound wrestler.....not to mention his mic skills are worthless.

Don't want to forget that Cena's gimmick has grown old, with a lot of people. He's been doing the white rapper for longer then I care to remember. The fact that he makes way too many poop & gay jokes has become boring, as well. I mean, how many times do we need to hear Cena imply that so & so is gay"

for the longest time, it was insinuating that Michael Cole was gay, but on a recent Raw, it was the references to Tomko & Christian. I'm not a huge fan of homosexuality, but even I'm starting to be offended by the same jokes, week in and week out.

however, in their defense, both Batista & Cena have one heck of a following, right now. with the way that wrestling works, these days, promoters have to take advantage of things, when something is going well. in this case, both Batista & Cena are working in WWE's favor, so jump on the chance, while they're hot.

plus, in Cena's case, I know he can have a good match, when given the opportunity. I remember seeing some of his early WWE matches. at the time, he showed some talent. when he became a heel, he had some great segments with Angle & Brock Lesnar......even having some good matches with the duo.

he became boring when he became a face, IMO, but that's besides the point. I feel Cena can have some good matches.

as for Batista, I don't hold him to high standards, to begin with.....considering he's a hoss. for a big man, I'd say he's a reasonably good wrestler. Batista seems to have some speed & a little agility.

I realize he'll never be in Benoit or Guerrero's league, as far as talent goes.....but, for his size, Batista puts on a good show, at least as far as I'm concerned. he also seems to have a decent image, which is somewhat important to wrestling. that should count for something, I would think.
-Prestige wrote:
I find it funny how often wrestling fans can criticize what they are watching, yet continue watching. I find it even more funny how often wrestling fans can criticize the wrestlers they are watching, without taking into consideration that not everything a wrestler does is that wrestlers fault. Case in point: John Cena and Dave Batista. If I had a nickel for every time I have heard someone complain about those two and their title reigns, I'd have enough money to buy TNA and solve their problems.

Whats wrong with Cena and Batista as champions" Neither are horrible in the ring. Cena has had great matches with Angle and even carried JBL to a good match. Batistas good matches are few and far between but they do exist. The point is: they are bearable to watch. I've seen champions with far less talent then they have: namely every WCW world champion in the last two years of their existence.

Cena and Batista have what champions need: a fanbase. Cena is the most over guy in the company even while being stuck on the "B" show, Smackdown. And look at the Raw ratings. Batista has undeniably boosted the Raw ratings to the best in years. Every segment he is in is the highest rated on the show, and every show in which he is featured largely get some of the highest ratings of the year. Those two are putting asses in seats when no one else could. I don't know about you, but I can deal with mediocre talent holding the belt if it is keeping their company alive.

Not only are they getting higher ratings than Guerrero or Benoit ever did, they are acting more like champions than most champions have, or at least Cena has. Someone commented on how Cena's ego is growing out of control, and that is a complete lie. I have heard nothing about Cena putting himself on a pedestal, in fact the complete opposite. All I have been hearing is how Cena is standing up to management for the guys backstage, speaking up when cutbacks happen and etcetera. Is that not what the leader of your brand is supposed to do" Has any other champions done that recently" Not since the attitude era.

Fact is, Batista and Cena are the most beneficial guys to the company right now. No one complained when Hogan won the title the other year. I hate hypocrits.
Laurie Slack wrote:
I don't see why some people can't just accept that maybe Cena is more popular than some supposedly "good" wrestlers e.g. Angle, Taker, Eddie, etc. Also, why do they say that Cena's rapping and his performance in the ring suck" Even if it wasn't Cena, I like almost every song on his cd. To prove this i have had some of my friends listen to this cd who don't even know who Cena is. They loved it. If his wrestling sucks so bad, then why is he the most popular wrestler and the WWE champ" Because he does it all for the fans and is 1 of the best wrestlers in the wwe.


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