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August 27, 2003 by Vito "The Drunk Clown"

Hello once again it's your favorite drunk clown Vito, I got some stuff to get off my chest.

Last week RVD made some risqué comments regarding backstage politics in the WWE. By doing this, RVD has more than likely cemented the fact that he will never hold the world title. As a matter of fact, he's probably cemented the fact that he will never main-event or co-main-event a PPV again. And you know what" What RVD said was worth it.

Don't look into that as me being greedy and not caring about RVD's career. Rather, look at it as RVD is probably happy he said it and wishing he had said it long ago. Why" Because the likes of RVD, Benoit, Guerrero, and Booker T have been held down and back by guys like Triple H.

Take for example the fact that Triple H has still not dropped that title. With the exception of losing it for a month or so last Survivor Series, he's held that title for almost a full year now. Doesn't that strike anyone as kind of odd, considering how over guys like Jericho (in a heel sense), RVD, Booker T, and Kane (in a heel and a face sense).

RVD is the obvious glaring person on this list to never hold a recognized World Title. Everyone of the aforementioned guys have held either the WWE World Title or the WCW World Title. RVD has held neither. He never even held the ECW World Title.

Granted, titles may not mean much to RVD, but they do to the fans. The fans love the character of RVD and want to see him win the world title. McMahon could have had Goldberg win the title at SummerSlam and then lose it to Jericho several months later. Then, have Jericho drop it to RVD down the line in a special stipulation match (say Hell In A Cell or a Cage Match).

RVD said what was on his mind and we as the fans should applaud him. It's obvious that the boys in the back agree with most, if not all, of what RVD said. There have been reports that suggest that some of the boys actually silently voiced their approval. In the long run, it is possible that more wrestlers could start to become more vocal and this would make the WWE brass realize this is not some disgruntled worker's viewpoint; rather it's the viewpoint of a growing majority of the locker room.

To make a point known, it always takes the voice or mind of one person. RVD has begun to make the difference; it's now up to the others to either show some backbone and support it or to silently sit in the shadows accepting the bookings as they are handed to them. Fresh ideas are not a dime a dozen, but greed is. Triple H's time as world champion is over, it's time for some younger blood to hold the gold.

Moving on to the person who alot of people completely hate (myself included) Goldberg.

I don't honestly think that Bill Goldberg will be ousted from the WWE at this point. He has a bout 6 months on his current deal, which at a 1 year for $2 million contract, that would make the WWE eat $1 million. They don't eat money like that, or Mark Henry would be sitting at home and never brought back. The recent turn of events with Bill Goldberg has made him more 'over' with the WWE crowd, something of which took a half of a year to achieve. Goldberg is a WCW wrestler and he was wrestling in front of a WWE crowd, most of which never saw his character in WCW. The time is now for two things: right opportunity to make Goldberg the champion and the perfect time to get the World Title off of Triple H.

Now, there's two points to discuss on this subject. For one, doesn't it establish credibility if a champion holds the belt for a long time" That's a good point, as Hulk Hogan losing his titles were a big deal, as was Bruno Sammartino's losses, Ric Flair's losses, etc. Triple H doesn't measure up to those wrestlers, however. Why" It's very simple. Look at the success of his opponents AFTER they wrestle Triple H. Jericho, Kane, RVD, Booker T, and Scott Steiner were all depushed after wrestling Triple H. Triple H is your heel, but he squashes the babyfaces, something of which was never done. He's one of the few heels that hardly EVER gets pinned cleanly, and this is dated back to late 1999. Aren't heels supposed to lose cleanly and to run away from faces"

Well thats about it for now, it's been great, and like always, see you on the other side

by Vito "the Drunk Clown"


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