Most Unlikely Tag Team Champions
April 14, 2006 by Warren Carter

My name is Warren Carter and this is the first column I have ever written. I am going to take a look at some of the most unlikely champions. With that being said lets get started:

Marty Jannetty & 1-2-3 Kid: These two men came out of no where to upset the Quebecers on an edition of RAW. The Quebecers seemed to take this team lightly. Bad idea. The duo won the tag team championships but just a week later lost it to the very same Quebecers.

Men On A Mission: Mabel and Mo were not really an unlikely team but nobody thought this terrible team would win gold. Along with their manager Oscar took on the Quebecers for the titles. Mabel was around 500 pounds and Mo was around 300 pounds so they had definitely had the size advantage. The huge team scored the upset pin on the Quebecers winning the belts. The reign would end almost as quickly as it began. M.O.M lost the belts two days later to the Quebecers.

Bob Holly & 1-2-3 Kid: Hardcore Holly and X-Pac are well recognized by wrestling fans everywhere but before that they were Bob Holly and the 1-2-3 Kid. After being unable to co-exist, Shawn Michaels and Diesel were forced to relinquish the belts. A tournament was held to determine the next tag team champions. One of the biggest underdogs was Bob Holly and 1-2-3 Kid, yet they found their way in to the final against Bam Bam Bigelow and Tatanka. Bam Bam and Tatanka seemed to have the titles won but a miscommunication caused the two to collide, allowing 1-2-3 Kid to get the pin. The two lost the belts less then 24 hours later to the Smoking Gunns.

Stone Cold & Shawn Michaels: Besides their Texas heritage, it looked like Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold Steve Austin had nothing in common except their hatred for the Hart Foundation. The future Hall-of-Famers took on the late great Owen Hart and British Bulldog on RAW and won. The title reign came to an end when Shawn Michaels was stripped due to injuries on July 17th. Which led to another unlikely combination....

Stone Cold & Dude Love: After Stone Cold and Shawn Michaels were stripped of the tag belts, Stone Cold was given the chance to find a new partner to compete for the vacant belts and Mick Foley under the guise Mankind came to Stone Cold's aid but the Rattlesnake wouldn't have it. Foley then came back as Dude Love and Stone Cold accepted. The two were challenged by Owen Hart and British Bulldog and the odd duo walked out with the belts. The reign came to an end when a neck injury caused Austin to forfeit the belts.

Kane & Mankind: The monster known as Kane never was one for friends but he has had the most success as a tag team wrestler. His first taste of tag gold came with the equally bizarre Mankind. Mick Foley had just lost the tag team titles to the New Age Outlaws as Cactus Jack but as Mankind he recruited Kane the duo challenged NAO and won. The title reign lasted for a week when another unlikely team defeated them. They later regained the title for a 2nd and final time.

Stone Cold & Undertaker: Stone Cold teamed with another unlikely ally, the Undertaker. as with Shawn Michaels and Dude Love before, Stone Cold and Undertaker were enemies but put their differences aside to challenge Kane and Mankind for the titles. They won and held the titles for two weeks until Kane and Mankind regained the belts.

Kane & X-Pac: Kane found another friend in X-Pac. With the strength of Kane and quickness of X-Pac, this duo won the tag titles. Their reign was two months but it was not their last, they later won their 2nd title from the APA.

Rock N Sock Connection: As unlikely as other teams were, no team enjoyed as much success as The Rock and Mankind. In August of 1999 the two teamed up to take on the much larger Undertaker and Big Show. Two Peoples Elbows to Big Show proved to be the first title reign of the Rock N Sock Connection but not the last. They won two more tag titles from the New Age Outlaws and Undertaker and Big Show. The duo also starred in the highest rated segment in wrestling history when Mankind presented The Rock with This is Your Life.

The Rock & Undertaker: Edge and Christian wanted respect, so commissioner Mick Foley said they could earn it if they beat the Rock and Undertaker to retain the titles. The Rock hit the People's Elbow and this odd couple won the gold.

The Rock & Y2J: Although they were members of Team WWF, The Rock and Chris Jericho did not get along. Despite that, the two teamed up to take on the Dudley Boyz of the Alliance. The Rock hit the Rock Bottom and these hated rivals walked out together with the world tag team titles.

Tazz & Spike Dudley: Spike Dudley recruited fellow ECW alumni Tazz to take on his brothers, The Dudely Boyz for the titles. Despite the size difference little Spike Dudley and Tazz walked out as the smallest tag team champs of all time.

Rico & Rikishi: Rikishi was set to face Billy and Chuck for the tag titles with a mystery partner. That partner turned out to be the stylist of Billy and Chuck, Rico. Rico was helping his friends until he accidently kicked Chuck allowing Rikishi to gain the pin and the belts.

Kane & Hurricane: Kane had a tag team match for the titles against Lance Storm and Christian but his partner was unknown. That man was Hurricane and two gelled instantly. The won after a Double Chokeslam to Christian and Lance.

Booker T & Goldust: These two were complete opposites of each other but the two formed an unlikely bond. The two finally won at Armageddon in a fatal 4-way match.

Kane & RVD: The strength of Kane and quickness of RVD led this odd duo to tag gold.

Booker T & RVD: The first time these two teamed up, they beat Ric Flair and Batista for the gold.

Chris Beniot & Edge: These two are two of the best wrestlers to ever grace the ring. On the night of their win they were jumped by Evolution. Despite their injuries they won. They later won again at Taboo Tuesday when Edge was a heel and Beniot a face.

Eddie Guerrero and Tajiri: When Chavo was injured, Eddie needed a replacement for his tag team title ladder match against Charlie Haas and Shelton. He picked Tajiri and Latino Heat and Japanese Buzzsaw got the win.

Paul London and Billy Kidman: The high flying team of Billy Kidman and London took on the violent heel Dudley Boyz. They won by using the Dudley's own Wass up and the Shootin Star Press.

Hopefully you've enjoyed my first column! Any and all feedback is appreciated.

by Warren Carter ..

Steven Kurasz wrote:
Warren, you have many good points in your column and it was a good read. I just think for some of them you could have given more detail, such as Booker T and Goldust, Kane and RVD, Booker T and RVD and a few more. I am glad you put London and Kidman on there because they completely shocked the world when they became the tag champions, no doubt about it./
Jeff C. wrote:
You could also throw in Charlie Haas & Rico in there they were one of the most entertaining teams i've seen. Booker & Goldust were awesome, i wish theyd reunite.
destrothers wrote:
It was good to see Booker T and Goldust interact at WM this year, they were a great team and it was great to see the WWE acknowledge the charisma they had together at their biggest show of the year. Angle and Benoit when they were together a few years back was probably the best team that couldn't 'stand' each other in recent history. HBK and Hogan was the most unlikeliest of teams last year, and i;m glad HBK kicked Hogan's teeth down his throat on RAW, even though he lost at the PPV.









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