The History of Sting
January 21, 2006 by Watwen Trong jnr.

TNA may actually be becoming a true competitor in the world of professional wrestling. With the acquisitions of such stars as the former Dudley Boys turned Team 3-D, Christian Cage, Rhino and Jackie Gayda, not to mention the stars that TNA have created such as AJ Styles and many more, but let's look at possibly their biggest gain, Sting.

This is the second time Sting has wrestled in TNA, the first time being back in 2003. But to understand the man that is Sting you need to look back when he was "Surfer" Sting, before the Crow gimmick. Sting began his wrestling career wrestling with the Ultimate Warrior (Jim Hellwig) as a tag team called Power Team 2000. When the Warrior left the organisation, Sting teamed with Rick Steiner and won the UWF tag team titles.

But Sting had his big break in NWA when he joined the Four Horsemen with Ric Flair. But when Sting decided he wanted an NWA title shot whilst Flair was champion the Four Horsemen kicked him out for not respecting the champion (note: and people wonder where Triple H and evolution ideas came from) Sting was later injured involving a steel cage and therefore had to spend a long time on the sidelines.

Sting returned and focused all his energy on the Four Horsemen who before long he overcame to defeat Ric Flair and capture his first NWA title. After winning Sting then feuded with long time friend Lex Luger.

Unfortunate for Sting but when Hulk Hogan joined the WCW which Sting had become the leading man of he became number 2. Hulk Hogan took the limelight from Sting, but as a good sport Sting agreed to the backstage politics and teamed with Hulk to fight the Dungeon of Doom (who at one stage or another featured such stars as Lex Luger, the Giant A.K.A the Big Show, Kamala and Meng)

Sting then moved on to eventually be convinced by Flair to turn from being nemesis to friend, deciding to help Flair in his feud against Arn Anderson and Brian Pillman. Only for Ric Flair to attack Sting thus causing Sting to fire up for the fight and become more intense.

During the years of WCW Sting and Ric Flair had a great rivalry that included the two facing off on the last ever Nitro.

When the nWo movement began with Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Heel turned Hulk Hogan, Sting was there to fight on behalf of WCW, but after many incidents happened including the nWo having their own Sting, the real Sting turned his back and was gone from our screens but not from our hearts.

He did return watching WCW events from the rafters in a long black coat and a baseball bat in hand, watching, waiting for the right time. This time came when the nWo attacked Lex Luger and the WCW. Sting came down to help team WCW fend of the ever-growing team of the nWo.

At Souled Out 1997 Sting officially defeated Hulk Hogan to capture the WCW Wolrd Heavyweight Title and was leading the WCW onward. He later lost the title to Macho Man Randy Savage. Eventually the nWo split with one half red and black Wolfpac and the other black and white Hollywood, Sting made the choice to leave WCW and join nWo red and black Wolfpac. This lasted until Halloween Havoc 1998 when Sting took time off to heal his injuries, only for his injuries to heal and thus turned Sting heel.

Sting went through another feud with Ric Flair and attacked Hulk Hogan with a baseball bat, after defeating Hogan for the title Sting V Hogan was on the card for the WCW Heavyweight title of the world at Halloween Havoc 1999. Hogan walked out the fans went wild, Hogan and Sting stood in the ring talking and Hogan laid down allowing Sting to get one of the easiest and most disappointing pinfall victories in wrestling history. This infuriated Sting as he came to fight, so he called an open challenge, which was answered by Goldberg. The then US heavyweight champ defeated Sting and took both titles away with him.

Sting had a few more short stints in storylines, the longest possibly being a feud with Vampiro, but Sting was still just as popular as ever when he took more time off in November of 2000. On March 26th 2001 Sting VS Ric Flair was the main event of WCW Monday Nitro, the last Monday Nitro ever, which Sting won with the scorpion death lock otherwise known as the Sharpshooter. He then sat back and let his WCW/AOL/Time Warner contract expire and people believed that Sting had retired.

Sting wrestled for the WWA even winning their World title before losing to Jeff Jarrett, thus unifying the NWA title with the WWA title. Rumours began circulating that Sting had signed with WWE, oh how Wrestling fans went mad at the idea of seeing the Stinger in action with the biggest wrestling company around. Just imagine more Ric Flair VS Sting matches and more to the point Undertaker VS Sting. But this never happened. Sting did return to wrestling however in TNA not in WWE. He did interviews on his thoughts on everything from Hulk Hogan to Vince McMahon, from the Internet to Christianity. Sting defeated Jeff Jarrett by DQ which then caused a Jarrett VS Sting feud but then once again Sting was gone from mainstream wrestling.

In 2005 Steve Borden trademarked the name Sting and before the year was out he signed on the dotted line to a 12-month TNA contract. Vignettes began hyping the idea of a Sting return to NWA TNA. So he will fight at New Years Resolution with Christian Cage fighting Jarrett and Monty Brown.

So after Several WCW titles, NWA titles, WCW tag team titles, WWA title, UWF tag team titles will we see Sting win the NWA title again in TNA, and I think we all know that Sting and the devil (Vincent Kennedy McMahon he's a great guy but still...) will probably never shake hands and do a deal that will se Sting in the WWE. But really does that matter"""

"It's Showtime folks"

by Watwen Trong jnr. ..

Marc Malicious wrote:
Overall I enjoyed the article. Sting is a favorite of mine and hearing about him is always fun. However, one small correction is that Sting defeated Hogan for the title at Starrcade 1997 not Souled Out. That feud led to Bret Hart with the controversial count thus the angle that began the WCW Thunder tv show.
Jeff Locher wrote:
Just wanted you to know: first off, LOVE the site, i read it religiously every day. Secondly, Sting is actually a 9 time world champion:

6 time WCW champ -- 1 time NWA champ -- 2 time WCW "International" champ.

As the old saying goes: if it "Counts" for guys like : Flair/Rude/ so forth, it should "count' for Sting. At the time, it was a legit title, and was defended as such. The "breaking away" from WCW, by the NWA shouldn't deter that. Most folks don't think Barry Windham is an NWA champ" but he is.

www. explains in full the circumstances surrounding the title fiasco. But, as it should read; Sting is a 9 time world champion.
Drew Cooper wrote:
Nice column. You must have done alot of research (that or you are a huge Sting fan like me). He had some great matches in the past and I would like nothing better than to see Sting snatch that title from that idiot Jeff Jarrett.
Andrew Koprowski wrote (A much better history of Sting 1988-1996):
Sting got his first taste of NWA/WCW gold when he won the television championship in 1989, even beating former WWF champion Iron Sheik in 5 minutes at WrestleWar 89. He carried the strap until he lost to the Great Muta in 1989. However it was in 1988 when Sting started turning heads at the very first Clash of the Champions when he went to a 45 minute time limit draw with NWA World Champion Ric Flair. At that point, Sting started to get more respect as he feuded off and on with Muta and Lex Luger. In 1989, Sting made even bigger strides as he teamed with Ric Flair at Halloween Havoc against Terry Funk and Muta in the "Thunderdome Cage Match" in a victorious effort. It was that match that got Sting the invitation to join the elite, the Horsemen with Flair, Arn and Ole.

At Starrcade 1989, "FutureShock" (A great PPV if you can find and un-clipped version) Sting won a four man round robin tournament and thus earned a title shot against Ric Flair. During an interview with Terry Funk, Sting would give up his title shot and was promptly kicked out of the Horsemen in early 1990. At the Capitol Combat PPV Sting tore his left patella tendon after he was knocked off the outside of a cage. (This was also the PPV with the infamous Robocop appearance). This injury sidelined Sting from in-ring action until July 7, 1990 when he returned to action and beat Ric Flair for his first ever world heavyweight championship. To keep him fresh with the fans during his healing up time, the "Bad Dudes With Attitudes" formed and fought the Horsemen. The BDWA were all friends of Sting and featured the Steiners, Paul Orndorf and JYD. During the title match with Flair, the Dudes' fought the Horsemen off which actually helped Sting win the title.

Nothing much happened until Halloween Havoc 90 when Sting faced Sid Vicious, the newest member of the 4 Horsmen for the World Championship. The interesting part of this match is the fact it was the first time the "Impostor Sting" angle would happen, 7 years before the NOW! Barry Windham, dressed as Sting lost the match to Sid, only for Sting to come out moments later and beat Sid to retain the title after a restart. This also led into the Black Scorpion angle that closed out the year 1990. At Starrcade, after months of mind games by the Scorpion, the two met in a steel cage in a match Sting won and revealed the Scorpion to be none other than Ric Flair himself.

Jan 11, 1991, Sting dropped the title to Ric Flair at an non-televised event in East Rutherford, NJ. Sting spent most of 1991 feuding with the Horsemen, even being involved in his first of three appearances in the dreaded "WarGames" as he, Brian Pillman and the Steiners fought the Horsemen in a losing effort when Pillman couldn't continue the match. From there, Ric Flair left for the WWF, the Horsemen disbanded, Lex Luger won the world title and Sting went on to win the vacant US title in a tournament when he defeated Johnny B. Badd in the finals. (Also, 1991 was the original Superbrawl in which Sting teamed with Lex Luger against the Steiners in one of the best tag team matches of the early 90's) 1991 was also the year NWA/WCW had the god awful "Chambers of Horror" match at Halloween Havoc. This was the match in which Abdullah the Butcher gor "electrocuted" in the chamber. However that night Sting's next great feud was to begin as Ravishing Rick Rude debuted at the show as the Halloween Phantom. Sting dropped the belt to Rick Rude at Clash of the Champions after Lex Luger attacked Sting's reconstructed knee prior to the match. This began the lead into Sting vs the Dangerous Alliance, a group managed by Paul Heyman ( Paul E. Dangerously at the time) that featured Rick Rude, Madusa, Steve Austin, Arn Anderson, Bobby Eaton and Larry Zybysko. At Superbrawl 2, Sting defeated a WWF bound Lex Luger for his second world championship as well as continued his feud with Rick Rude. Many superstars were involved in this feud (Nikita Koloff and Ricky Steamboat were two major babyfaces with Sting) as it came to a head at Wargames 92, when Sting's team defeated the Alliance when Sting forced Bobby Eaton to submit. As the Alliance crumbled Sting moved on to face his biggest challenge ever...Big Van Vader.

At the Great American Bash 92, the same PPV Sting won his first world title 2 years before , he was defeated by Vader after a vicious Vaderbomb. Sting then moved from fighting Vader for the world title to fighting the crazy Cactus Jack, better known a Mick Foley in the summer. As fall approched Sting was looking to go for the title once again only to be deterred by a feud with Jake Roberts that culminated in the first ever "Coal Miner's Glove on a Pole Match", a match Sting won. This of course built no momentum for the Stinger as he won Starrcade 92's "Lethal Lottery-BattleBowl". A tournament made of up randomly picked teams, the winning teams went on to a battle royal in which Sting won.

In early 93, Sting won the title off Vader only to lose it back a few days later. This is what I called the missing title reign because it was never acknowledged on TV by WCW. Sting wouldn't hold the world title, for another 4 years almost. IN fact, Sting wouldn't see WCW gold again until 1996, when teaming with Lex Luger, they won the WCW tag titles. Most of 93 saw Sting doing a whole lot of nothing, capping off some feuds with Sid and Vader while teaming with Davey Boy Smith. 1994 and into 1995 were not the best of years for Sting as he was dropped down the card and had pointless mini-feud after pointless mini-feud while WCW was focused on their newest star, Hulk Hogan. With Hogan in WCW, Sting got booted out of the main event scene, something he was rather happy with contrary to belief. In 94 and 95 Sting was either assisting Hogan on occasion in Hogan's feud with the Dungeon of Doom, a group of misfits led by Kevin Sullivan, or feuding with Ric Flair again. The only bright spot for Sting in 1995 was his winning of the NWA International Championship, a belt that soon meant little to nothing in WCW. Nothing on the horizon looked good for Sting in 1996. However, 1996 was the year Sting would go on to become the most popular star of WCW, and more popular than had ever been before.
CreepingFixxxer wrote:
OK, good column, but there are a few errors and omissions in it: Sting and Ultimate Warrior (Jim Hellwig) were known as the Bladerunners. Sting was Bladerunner Flash, and Warrior was Bladerunner Rock. Sting had his big break in the NWA long before he joined the Horsemen. He became famous when he wrestled Ric Flair at the first Clash of the Champions to a 45 minute draw. Sting then lost the then NWA World championship and then went for the championship, which was at the time held by Lex Luger. This column jumps all over the place as far as the timeframe is concerned. Sting appeared at Souled Out, which was branded as nWo only but did not wrestle. He dethroned Hulk Hogan at Starrcade 1997 in a controversial finish. The belt was then vacated because of said finish and then Sting defeated Hogan, again due to controversy at Superbrawl 1998. Sting owned "Sting" long before 2005. Those being either corrected or added, it is a good column. It's nice to see a column on a guy who in my mind is the only real wrestling star in the country to have not wrestled for Vince McMahon.
TAZ23JS wrote: They went under the blade runners first but other then that mistake the column was great

Boyd_619 wrote:
You make it seem like Sting is sticking up for the little guy by going to TNA instead of the WWE when in reality, the only reason he isn't wrestling for MacMahon's promotion is that Sting wants to work a light schedule while Vince wants him to perform almost every night on the house show circuit.

I don't think that Sting should win the NWA Title either, nor do I want him to feud with Jeff Jarrett. While Sting was once a solid and entetaining wrestler, right now he is an old man. TNA is about giving young superstar a chance, but pushing WWE rejects like Jeff and Sting to the main event is hurting the rest of the promotion.
adam claus wrote:
I think as noted on this website the reason that Sting went more with TNA than with WWE is that TNA does not contain as much smut. I cannot say that TNA does not contain any smut at all, but it is far more family friendly than WWE would be, and as a Christian I think Sting considers those values higher than making money. But of course, after TNA Impact this past week, who knows what Sting is going to do.
Simeon Hubbard wrote:
STING is my all time favorite wrestler from WCW and now that he's in TNA he's stil my favorite, I mean STING says that he wants to give something back in TNA, and STING choosing TNA was the best choice for him, and I don't blame him for not signing w/Vince McMahon.

STING is a true professional wrestler, like my other favorites such as A.J. Styles, Samoa Joe, Chris Benoit, Bret Hart, GOLDBERG, Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar, Bobby Lashley, Tag Teams like The Road Warriors, AMW, and Team-3-D, and even females like Victoria, Gail Kim, Molly Holly, Mickie James, Traci Brooks, and Lita.

STING would never go to WWE b/c he knows what happens, WWE would kill his character, I mean look what they did to the other WCW Wrestlers Kevin Nash and Scott Steiner when they returned to WWE, looked what happened to GOLDBERG and Diamond Dallas Page, and now look what they're doing to Booker T. turning him and his wife into comedians.

Vince McMahon is money hungry and he is an ego-maniac, as far as I know the only ones that have not signed w/the WWE are people such as STING, K-Dogg, Simon Diamond, Scott Norton, AMW, Traci (The only TNA Knockout never to sign w/WWE), and of course the other Nitro Girls (Stacy and Sharmell are the only Nitro Girls that have signed the WWE and they're rumors that Stacy won't go back to the WWE) also STING's buddy Ric Steiner The Dog Face Gremlin never went back to WWE either b/c Vince have turned his organization into a freakfest, I mean w/all that Sports Entertainment Garbage and even going too far as into mocking God, which is something that you NEVER do.

I don't think that STING is going to be going after the NWA World Heavyweight Championship b/c his focus is to give the fans what they want, STING is, was, and forever wil be a fan favorite in my book.

Vince McMahon may have WCW but he will NEVER touch the life and legacy of STING.

STING has had so many battles w/the likes of Ric Flair who considers STING as his greatest opponent, Hulk Hogan a man that STING first saw that made him become a professional wrestler, The Giant (The Big Show), GOLDBERG his close friend, Scott Steiner, Chris Benoit, Jeff Jarrett, and the list goes on and on.

STING was the first man to hold every major title in WCW he has held the NWA World Television Championship, NWA/WCW World Heavyweight Championship, WCW World Tag Team Championship w/different partners, and even the WCW United States Heavyweight Championship.

STING has even teamed up w/so many wrestlers including Big Sexy Kevin Nash and his favorite Tag Team Partner Ric Steiner.

God Bless Steve Borden a.k.a. STING and I hope that 2006 will be INDEED the year of the Stinger.

Oh and one more thing STING is a TRUE Franchise Player and

The only thing sure about STING is nothing's for sure.


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