Wrestle Talk with WillZilla - August 15, 2003

This is my first article I've written on the subject of wrestling and I'd first like to thank for giving me this opportunity. I'm glad to have Wrestle Talk posted whenever possible and appreciate any feedback on what you like or dislike about whatever I write.

Now that I've gotten all Thanks that I'm going to give out of the way, let me get down to buisness.

It's no secret that wrestling has seen better days. And everyone can point out a time where they thought wrestling was at its peak and not in danger of becoming something that everyone "used" to watch. Also, many people have in their mind that if they brought back this guy, or reformed this faction that wrestling would be "great" again. I myself watch a WWE show on television to this day and say to myself "What are they thinking" Do they actually think that this is a way to get people interested in wrestling again"

If I was able to have a one on one converstation with Vince McMahon I'd first smack him in the head hoping to knock some sense into him before suggesting anything." Going into Chat rooms on the internet I see countless times where people complain and moan about how this would fix the problem with wrestling and if they had the chance, they'd make sure that wrestling would be running smoothly. Unfortunately, I don't think that they know how hard it is to keep a wrestling federation running successfuly and to keep the product satifying to all who watch it.

I myself am a Die Hard wrestling fan. I have been watching it for years and will continue to do so. Of course I'm not satisfied with everything I see or have seen and I'm sure others aren't either. Unfortunately, the problem lies where these "complainers" give suggestions that just wouldn't work either. Here are some examples of where these quick fix wrestling scemes just wouldn't work.

1. Bring back this guy or that guy: Okay, this is one of the most common suggestions that I hear on a daily basis. Trust me, when reading these wrestling news and rumors on the internet, I get exited as everyone else when I read about a big named star making a comeback. Unfortunately, this has been attempted numerous times and has failed more often than not. Scott Steiner, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Hulk Hogan, Bill Goldberg, Sting have all shown up on either WWE or TNA wrestling in the past 2 years and have done little to nothing to help wrestling. Even the N.W.O itself failed miserably in the WWE. Of course, each superstar has their own story behind them, but let's face it. I don't think bringing the Ultimate Warrior or Macho Man Randy Savage would Revolutionize wrestling once again.

2. "More Hardcore!": Among some of my most favorite wrestlers of all time, There are hardcore wrestlers spotted among my list from top to bottom. However, this wouldn't really work in the long run either. The Other day, I watched XPW wrestling on Pay Per View, and enjoyed it. The problem lies where I couldn't see these guys on a weekly basis doing the things they do without killing themselves. Let's face it, WWE wrestling is arguably the safest wrestling promotion today. And still wrestlers get injured. Over half of the WWE roster today is either injured, wrestling with an injury, or just an injury waiting to happen. (Please Gail Kim, Go and get more wrestling training before attempting another "high risk" move and killing yourself.) Of course the hardcore promotions out there are worth watching. I just don't see a 2 decade career of guys constantly being thrown through tables or in barbed wire matches. Maybe I'm wrong.

3. Better Angles: Okay so Doink the Clown vs Chris Benoit doesn't really make for a good angle. I understand this and completely agree. However in almost every wrestling era there can be an angle pointed out that was just rediculous or just deemed stupid. From David Arquette winning the WCW championship to even Ricky the Dragon Steamboat bringing out a baby alligator claiming it was his "Dragon." to Poppa shango mysteriously posessing the Ultimate Warrior, and even the various world orders. (We all at one time thought the New World Order was cool. Latino world order" Now that's a little much.)

Now I'm sure these wrestling promoters don't live under a rock and try to come up with ways to keep the customer meaning every wrestling fan on the planet happy. Unfortunately you can't keep everyone happy. Wrestling has seen darker days and I'm willing to put money on my guess that brighter days are ahead for us fans. My point is, instead of sitting back and complaining, just enjoy what good wrestling there is out there. We all know wrestling has problems. And isn't perfect. But who is" This is Wrestle Talk by Will Zilla. Keep on being Obsessed with Wrestling!

by WillZilla..


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