Wrestle Talk: Tires of Playing the Game"
by WillZilla - August 15, 2003

I've written my first column for a couple of days ago and got some positive and negative feedback. I'd first like to say that if anyone does email me with positive/negative feedback I will try to respond to everyone. I appreciate any feedback and thank you in advance. One of the complaints I've gotten was about the bashing of the likes of HHH and Vince McMahon.

Triple H was GIVEN the World title

"The Game" being hated by so many people I think stems from a lot of unfair reasons. Sure I'd like to see other wrestlers get their shots but I'd like to see champions go on runs as well. And HHH is certianly on a run. Many people believe that at this up coming WWE Pay Per View Summerslam that HHH will loose the title and WWE will at least make due for an over due change. I've heard excuses like "HHH is only the champion because he's dating Stephanie McMahon (Vinces daughter and head of the Writting team for WWE storylines) and thus is in good with Vince." While sometimes out of frustration I'll believe theories like these but let's call a spade a spade here and really look at it in a different light.

1: Lenthy title runs aren't always a bad thing. - Many Wrestling fans say that they are sick of seeing the title belt around HHH and would love to see him lose the title to someone who deserves it. Since "The Game." Won the title in December, he's been at least defending it. Majority of the WWE RAW roster has had a chance against him and has come up short. I remember when Bret hart was on a title run similar to HHH. Not too many were complaining then. Just as long as we have a fighting champion, why make such a big deal over it. He's fought through injuries and has at least put on decent matches with the likes of Scott Steiner and Kevin Nash.

2: Who Should be the Next World Champion" This is something else that should be looked at as well. HHH losing the strap wouldn't cause me to lose any sleep but for the sake of sanity WHO should begin the next title run" The Summer Slam Pay Per View main event was sceduled to be HHH vs Bill Goldberg and was changed at the last minute. Alls I can say about that is, "Thank God Stone Cold stepped in." Bill Goldberg winning the belt in my opinion would be WORSE than HHH holding onto the Heavyweight title. Bill Goldberg for the most part is on a part time scedule. He has in his contract that he doesn't have to do house shows. His relationship with WWE as of right now has a lot to be desired. Just seeing him instead of coming out of a dressing room for his traditional entrance, seeing him come out of a broom closet just shows that WWE and Bill aren't exactly on the same page. And I for one would rather have a champion that's in good with Vince than at odds with him. Not to mention that Goldberg WWE matches haven't been as good as most have hoped.

If you go up and down the rest of the Raw Brand WWE roster there can be things pointed out about them as well on why it would be a risk to give them the belt. Scott Steiner and Kevin Nash haven't yet proved to be good WWE Draws or to have put on good enough matches to headline. Shawn Michaels is another who is on a limited scedule. He would only be able to defend the title at a ppv/part time basis. And the list goes on and on and on. I would like to see someone like Chris Jericho win the belt. At Summerslam I have my fingers crossed that he's the one to walk away with the belt.

3: HHH is a fighting champion. He's fought everyone from Kane for the title to even fellow Evolution member Ric Flair in Solid matches. If you look at the Smackdown brand you see every title match for almost the past year involve ONLY Brock Lesnar, Big Show, and Kurt Angle. Sure these three all can hold the WWE championship and be good champions, But the main event for Summer Slam is Brock vs Kurt angle. Last PPV main event was Brock vs Angle vs Big show, 2 weeks straight before that was Brock vs Big Show. PPV before that was Brock Vs Big Show. I would rather see HHH go against the majority of the Raw roster and have HHH come out on top then to see the same three wrestlers fight ONLY each other again and again when there are people who can headline and make great matches like Chris Benoit and Matt Hardy. I'm not looking forward to Brock vs Kurt. I Just saw that match at Wrestlemania.

Nothing lasts forever. And I'm sure that The Games title run is coming close to an end. I guess I am one of the few who actually enjoyed it. It seems to me that HHH is trying to establish himself as the next Ric Flair. Who also went on lenthy title runs. Whether or not HHH title run is because of his relationship with Stephanie Mcmahon or not. He has played the Game. And arguably, he's played it Well. This is the Zillaman. Email me if you have any comments or questions. And, as always, stay OBSESSED with wrestling!!!!

by WillZilla..


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