WWE vs. TNA: The New Rating Wars
April 19, 2004 by Zac James

So it seems that NWA: TNA has finalized a spot within the Fox Sports Television's family, but many people ask "How will this effect Vince McMahon and the rest of the World Wrestling Entertainment company"" Well I believe this new wrestling contender will do nothing but help the WWE.

We all know of the legendary "Monday Night Wars" between the two wrestling super giants, WWE and WCW. But what we can dig into is that WCW actually helped the WWE into what it is today, a Multi-Billion dollar company. Although Vince McMahon seems to act like Ted Turner is his worst enemy, I'm sure Vince is very glad that Ted made WCW the way it was. In 1995 each company had Monday night ratings in the 2's which by today's standards seem extremely low. But by each passing year each company improved in these ratings to the 3.5's or higher by 1998, even hitting high ratings such as 5.7 like Raw on April 28th, 1998. More and more people were now interested in the sport known as Professional Wrestling.

Along with these "Rating Wars" came the need for more and more Pay-Per-Views. The viewers of Professional Wrestling were hooked, many fans became loyal fans and tuned in every week to watch their favorite wrestlers on their favorite wrestling company. And since each company had to try to out do the other, each company went to appeal to their crowds. There were many attacks on WWE by WCW, like the famous NWO Eric Bischoff promo where Eric challenges Vince McMahon to a fight, and the constant reveling of match results on WCW so the viewers wouldn't have to watch WWE. But viewers loved this and tuned in every week. Although it seemed WCW had the upper edge and the number of views rapidly increased, WWE slowly came back till in the year 1999 and started to blow WCW out of the water by huge numbers such as in April 3rd, 2000 WCW had a 1.8 rating which was the lowest rating for WCW Nitro ever, and WWE had a 6.4 which is approximately three times higher then when Raw first started.

But today wrestling seems to be in a valley for wrestling fans. Raw is back to the 3.8 ratings and is lucky to hit 4. As for Smack Down!, they are lucky to hit 3.4. All in all if TNA does make a Monday Night show, that will only better the company that is WWE.

by Zac James..

Brian Bertrand wrote:
I honestly don't think that NWA: TNA would help WWE much at all. The release of Stone Cold Steve Austin hurt them enough for TNA to take advantage. Now that they have a spot within FSN (Fox Sports Net) they can take this opportunity and promote the high profile matches with many of their roster. TNA might not be like WCW was and have the billions of dollars that Ted Turner shoved in. But with the great matches and interpolation with Mexican, Canadian, British, and Australian wrestling companies it brings new combinations or sports entertainment to a wide fanbase and media attention. The biggest thing that TNA would help would be Johnny Fairplay since he was on Survivor. That kind of attention would boost it somewhat....unless they end up like WCW and give him the world title. Damn that David Arquette.

Most likely FSN won't let TNA put a show on during a Monday slot because they might not want to start another ratings war. This is pretty much for the better because like I stated before, TNA does not have the billions of dollars shoved in like WCW had. They didn't have guys like KISS preform or Dennis Rodman or Jay Leno for some of their matches. This is still a medium sized company. Hopefully with all the new found attention coming from the new fanbase of sports enthusiasts from FSN, TNA will finally get the attention they deserve. Great job, Jarretts. You deserve it.

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