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May 15, 2004 by Zac James

Welcome to the second addition of "From the Mind of Zac James". Today I will talk, complain, about how Smack Down's Pay-Per-View "Judgment Day" main event is going to be a horrible main event.

The reason why I decided to write is because of this poll I found at It asks Which match are you most looking forward to seeing this Sunday at Judgment Day" And the choices are The WWE Championship, Undertaker vs Booker T, Dawn Marie vs Torrie, Mordecai, The Tag Team Championship, RVD & Rey vs Dudleys, The US Championship and The Cruiserweight Championship. But the main event is the WWE Championship match between Eddie Guerrero and John Bradshaw Layfield, and according to this poll it has only 11.34% of the peoples vote. That is a very sad number for a Pay-Per-View Main Event. As for first place it is The Undertaker vs Booker T with 41.07% that does make sense though since The Undertaker hasn't been seen much since the buried alive match last year. But 41.07% isn't a well-rounded number. I do believe this will be the worst Pay-Per-View in all of WWF/WWE history.

The main event is in forth place for the most anticipated match for Judgment Day, beating it out is of course The Undertaker vs Booker T at first place, Mordecai with 19.99% and at second place and the US championship Match between Rene Dupree and the current US Champion, John Cena. I do believe this poll is correct though. I am looking forward to seeing almost every other match on the card except Eddie Guerrero and John Bradshaw Layfield. Mordecai seems to beable to help out Smack Down with their star power problem, if they use him right. As for Rene Dupree, I predict that he will win the US title so that there will be a great feud between the two great new and up and coming talents that are Cena and Dupree.

As for this PPV, I'm not sure if I will go to DJ's with Billy Bob or not but we will have to see. There are some matches I am looking forward to see, I just to have to decide if it worth the 3 dollars plus the Mountain Dew money for the ppv.

Poll Results Below:

Which match are you most looking forward to seeing this Sunday at Judgment Day"

WWE Championship 11.34 %
Undertaker vs Booker T 41.07 %
Dawn Marie vs Torrie 5.51 %
Mordecai 19.99 %
Tag Team Championship 1.80 %
RVD & Rey vs Dudleys 4.63 %
US Championship 12.66 %
Cruiserweight Championship 2.96 %

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by Zac James..

Brad Dykens:
I'm not going to let the OWW webset fall into this pattern of negativity -- I hate that the internet has squashed this pay per view already. The majority of WWE fans, online and off, wouldn't know a GOOD match if it hit them in the jugular. Bradshaw is a damn good wrestler and has worked his ass off to portray this character for the last month and it's been brilliant. I think the main event at Judgment Day will be FANTASTIC, but the mindless WWE fan demographic (which they themselves created) will not give it a chance in hell of getting over. In the sea of negitive publicity towards this event, I would like to send my little boat out with the tide and say that I'm looking forward to watching Bradshaw get his shot at the WWE title and I'll be proud of the WWE giving us something FRESH and NEW for a change..
Joe Huber wrote:
I must say I agree with Brad here. When you don't even give something a chance how will you ever know if it is good or not" I bought Judgment Day and I actually enjoyed it. I read a lot of wrestling columns bashing this Pay Per View before it was even on. You know the funny thing is I am a Smackdown fan. I prefer Smackdown to RAW and think it is the better show. Not because of ratings but because of entertainment value and wrestling abilities.

I enjoy seeing Undertaker, John Cena, Eddie Guerrero, RVD, Mysterio and others on the Smackdown roster. I understand some people don't enjoy some of the newer wrestlers and new feuds, but if you don't give it a chance you can miss out on a lot. I stopped watching wrestling over a decade ago and haven't gotten back into it until recently. I missed out on a lot of stuff I know I would have enjoyed. People like Undertaker, Mankind, The Rock, Stone Cold, Goldberg and many others. I missed all those years of good wrestling because I didn't give it a chance.

Now I am not going to completely blame myself though. I watched wrestling for about a decade or so before I gave it up. It just got boring and silly for me in the early 90's. The characters were too far out there and none of them had charisma like some of the bigger stars of the 80's or even today.

Onto Judgment Day. I thought there were some very good matches. RVD/Mysterio vs. Dudleyz, Undertaker/Booker T, John Cena/Rene Dupree, Eddie Guerrero/Bradshaw (and I am not the biggest Bradshaw fan but this was a good match) even Rico & Haas vs. Hardcore Holly & Billy Gunn (and I am absolutely bored to death of Holly & Gunn but Rico & Haas made this a good match). Were there some bad matches" Sure. no Pay Per View goes without a few stinker matches. Jacqueline vs. Chavo & Torrie Wilson vs. Dawn Marie stank up the place. The only good thing about either of those matches was Dawn Marie's ass.

I know it is good to complain when you don't like something, but don't let your focus become entirely about complaining so you can't enjoy the good stuff. It all depends on your attitude as to how much you enjoy something. If all you are looking for is negativity that's all you will find. If you try and enjoy wrestling as much as possible you will find that there is a lot to be entertained by.
Zac James retraction:
I did in fact see the Pay-Per-View tonight and I must agree with many that the main event was very entertaining. Although the match didn't get interesting till John Bradshaw Layfield pounded Eddie Guerrero with a chair, leading to the hard gig making Eddie bleed profusely. But I will have to say I was half way right with this main event, if it wasn't for Eddie this match would had been horrible, still it was better then I first thought.

A few things I did and didn't like, Dawn Marie coming undone, Haas and Rico vs Holly and Gun all around great match, Eddie bleeds and Mordecai, were all good points. Cruiserweight match which seemed to be boring to me, Dupree losing, Undertaker and Booker T not as great as expected and JBL were all down points to this mediocre pay-per-view.

I am sorry for jumping the gun with this pay-per-view but I still believe its too early for JBL's new gimmick to be getting title shots like it has, its not Bradshaw that I don't like, it's the new gimmick, but its not like I don't like his gimmick I'm just not used to it yet therefore not able to see him winning a title yet.

As for this column I will be back to normal schedule next month with next month's "In The Mind Of Zac James" Complaining about what I don't like or informing you on what is going on.
Brad Dykens:
Look at it this way, we all loved the 80s right" Hulkamania was running wild and the reason it lasted so long is because whenever he finished a feud, Vince would bring up another monster from virtual obscurity to feud with him. Why does a wrestler have to be established to be in the spotlight" Remember when Eddy Guerrero got a shot against Brock Lesnar just THREE months ago and everybody said, Eddy's "not main event material yet".... Look at him now! And that match was very very good.
Zac James retraction:
I personally thought it was time for Eddie to hold the title, but the difference between JBL and Eddie is that Eddie had the Lie, Cheat, Steal before he was running for the title. JBL just comes up in a white limo and wearing richy clothes and huge gimmick change to running for the title, that just seems alittle too soon for that gimmick.
Isaac Noonan wrote:
Too soon for the gimmick" Maybe. But think about how long Bradshaw has been around. He's gone through a few gimmick changes in the past and now has one that suits him. He is way over as a heel, but I agree that he needed to work with it for a while. I do give him credit for making it work though, and managing to put on a decent match.
Brad Dykens adds:
I will pose one question to everyone and that will be the last I have to say about it. If Bradshaw kept his "Beer swilling Texan" gimmick as a heel and feuded with Eddy Guerrero for the WWE title, would there still have been a negative reaction to the match before it happened" Probably.
Isaac Noonan writes:
I agree with that. A lot of champions weren't considered "championship caliber" before they won the title. And their opponents weren't considered worthy to challenge them. It always came down to the match itself to prove the critics wrong.
Dave Gates jokes:
Hey Brad is Bradshaw your dad"
Brad Dykens adds:
No Bradshaw is not my dad. He's my brudder.

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