OnlineWorldofWrestling.COM TURNS THREE!
August 1, 2004 - by Brad Dykens

Well well well.. We made it another year! We're another year older, and another year bigger. As the site continues to grow, so does its popularity, and I'm extremely proud of the rise in success we have enjoyed.

Some of the great features the OWW Website offers are roughly 3000 profiles, 100s of gallaries, countless event results, reviting columns, regular interviews, obituaries, promotional rosters, informational lists and archives, halls of fame, halls of shame, books, dictionary, wrestler of the week, wrestlinks and more! In addition to that we have affiliations with (News Source), Wrestling News Live (Wrestling Radio) and (Streaming Media)

A lot has happened in the last 365 days in the world of professional wrestling, including the continued rise of NWA: Total Nonstop Action, and the continued success of other indy promotions like Ring of Honor, Combat Zone, 3PW, IWA Mid South, USA Pro, Jersey Pro, JCW, all the So-Cal and No-Cal promotions in the west, and tons more around the country. We've tried to cover all the good stuff, and some of the bad stuff that happens in wrestling. We are happy to endorse all types of respectable wrestling from all four corners of the globe.

I'd like to send out personal thank yous to the following people; Jason Deadrich, AJ Martin, Trey & JSK, Adam Martin, Greg Kelly, Chris Bergstrom, Matthew Maida, Nick Mayberry, Jason Covert, Emer Prevost, Chris Chambers, Mark Rose, all the columnists, all the boys and girls in the chat room, and last but certainly not least, all the great obsessed fans who log onto the site every day and enjoy the abundance of information available.. Thank you for everything you've contributed to this HUGE Website!

Being the huge mark that I am, one of the truly fascinating aspects of running this site is hearing from actual workers within the wrestling business. Especially my heros from the past. Some of the coolest people who have taken the time to contact me are Penny Banner, Ivan Koloff, Bert Prentice, Stu Saks, Paul Vachon, Steve Strong, Mikey Batts, Rock Riddle, Guillotine LeGrande, Horace the Psychopath, Dave Sullivan, Dan Severn, Hawk Younkins, Snatch Haggis, Tank Toland, Vance Nevada, Slyk Wagner Brown, Trinity, Athena and lots of others. The reason I bring this up (other than to brag) is to encourage any professional wrestler (past or present) to drop me an email to let me know you are viewing the site and give me your thoughts. It's always a thrill to hear from my heros and a great source of energy, which helps with the daily routine of managing the site.

Maintaining this website has begun to take its tole on me financially. So someone suggested that I open up a PayPal account and accept donations from the legions of OWW readers. If you would like donate $1, $2, $5, $10, or whatever, feel free to deposit into the PayPal account | All and any donations will be greatly appreciated and certainly put to good use. The site has gotten so big that it is a huge responsibility to get webspace, bandwidth and most importantly TIME to take care of everything.

Feel free to send in Birthday wishes or general comments about The OWW Website. Let us know how long you've been checking us out, and exactly how it changed your life, haha, just kidding. Let us know what you wanna see here in the future (please don't say MORE PICS cause I hate that!). Let us know what aspects of the site you enjoy most, and which ones you wish we would put more (or less) emphasis on. Once again thank you for your continued support and we look forward to turning FOUR next year!

by Brad Dykens

Brian Bertrand wrote:
Yo dude i just gotta say again i love your site, it sure as hell has been a great resource for wrestling education and without it i'd still be a sheep markin out to WWE ..
Damian B wrote:
Hey. I love your site, ive been visiting it for just under a year, there is one thing i think your site lacks, Coverage on australian wrestlers and wrestling, the only australian wrestlers that i see that have profiles are Chuck E Chaos, Slikk Steev and Nathan Jones

NOTE FROM OWW: That's a great suggestion, but of course in order to cover Australian Wrestling we need a regular correspondant. If you are willing, or know someone who is willing, then please contact us at by clicking here..
Daniel Quick wrote:
I would like to say kickass site and I have been viewing it for about 4 months.
Shaun W. wrote:
Congratulations on reaching your 3rd year of the OWW site, it has been a great help and i have learnt so much from it. I think everyone appreciates all of the effort you and your team has put into making OWW what it is today, keep up the good work.
No Name Manbox wrote:
Oh dear lord, I cant believe I am wishing a website happy b-day! But I am a big fan and I am very happy that you guys are still around! Let me think, I have been coming here for little over a year or maybe two years, I don't even remember! So much time has been spent reading the profiles, history and columns. Without all this info on one site, I would probably not be watching wrestling and now, wrestling is everything that I care about in life! So here is to another year!
Matt Jowsey wrote:
Congrats on three years of the site. I have come to OWW on a regular basis for a year and it is the greatest site for profiles and pics i've found. Congrats again and good luck in another good year.
Joe Joe wrote:
Cool to see this place around for so long. I'm happy to see a place that I help out do so well. I always refer it to to others in need of info. I look foward to this site continuing and sending in more to make it a bigger better place.
Angel Martinez wrote:
Congratulations on the third year of this toddler who's becomming a force to reckon with in the wrestling community. Even though I live in Virginia, I represent the millions of Latin Fans with a passion for blood. Felicidades Online World of Wrestling and Viva Puerto Rico!
Brian Bertrand:
I just thought of another great idea for OWW's birthday present. *in his best gay voice* I thmell a webthite MAKEOVER!!!

NOTE FROM OWW: If only there were 100 hours in a day, then I'd have it done in several months...

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