Dave Meltzer's Comments on RAW Last Night
October 7, 2003 by Dave Meltzer

Last night was not a good night for WWE. I think the remark that WWE needed to study what killed WCW probably was first said in 2001. Two years later, they are following the WCW path of destruction almost to a t. Last night's show was reminiscent of a late 1999 or early 2000 Nitro, with an angle that simply undermines the show and the characters. It was so well thought out that the babyface is a murderer and should be a heel, and the heel is the object of sympathy. And those are the least of the company's worries. Check out the house show reports from last night. The top workers in the company go two minutes plus in the main event? I figured somebody must have been badly hurt, but I figured wrong. It just happened, without an explanation. They've sabotaged their house show business bad enough by constantly insulting only their most loyal fans who pay to see house shows, and then slapping them in the face, when they watch television, and announcers make statements like Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar have wrestled only twice before, when the most loyal fans paid $40 and up to see something they are told on TV didn't happen. And surely they recognize they don't matter. And surely the company recognizes that house show attendance is pathetic these days, except when they go overseas or in the rare market in the middle of nowhere that hasn't seen a live event in five years. The worst, is that not only did WCW never truly recognize its mistakes until, perhaps, a month or two before the company died, but WWE, which will last a lot longer because of its cash reserve, will not learn. If they were going to learn, they'd have figured it out a year ago. Last night, both in Trenton and in Uncasville, was proof of that. The poor taste of doing a car crash with all the sports publicity regarding Dan Snyder is another aspect of the story. But I don't believe it was meant as a spoof, because Vince McMahon doesn't even know who won the World Series, so he's likely insulated from the fact an NHL player died in a car wreck this week. But then again, somebody of the crew that worked on Raw should have known that by the time they went on the air.

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