Notes from Brad Dykens

On behalf of myself, and the OWW Editors (Kirsty Quested and James Thomlison), it is my duty to explain the following major changes to the process by which we will be posting columns here on beginning January 1, 2007.

As continues to grow at an alarming rate, I began to come to the conclusion that I needed to find more effective ways to do some of the things that we do on the World's largest wrestling website. I decided that 2007 will be a year of evolution for OWW and I believe there will be a lot of changes this year, hopefully all for the better. My first renovation involves revamping the process of posting columns. Most of our columnists have become irritatingly familiar with our 10 Commandments For Columnists and those rules will undoubtedly stay the same, and possibly get even tighter -- however there is hope for the younger, less-experienced journalists out there.

The new policy with interact directly with the Forums. "We have Forums?" you may be asking yourself. Well the answer is YES, we have Forums -- Click here!.

Beginning in 2007, you will write your column and you will be free to post your work on a special section being set up on the OWW Forums specifically created for OWW Columnists. This section will be closely monitored by the Forum Administrator RottNKorpse, as well as the two OWW Editors (Kirsty & JT). The 10 Commandments for Columnists will be rewritten and permanently posted in the Forums and all of the rules will be in full effect. Columns that blatantly violate our most important policies will be deleted by the moderators. Basically the only things that will get your columns deleted from the Forums is excessive profanity (never use the F-word, Sh-word, or B-word) or blatant defamation of someone's character -- oh yeah, and plagiarism. DO NOT PLAGERISE! At the end of each week, a select few of the more impressive columns will be chosen to be posted on the main page of -- we believe this will give writers something to work for, and in turn, decrease the workload for myself and the editors. The Forum will serve as a host for all of the columns, and readers will be able to log onto the Forums (after signing up) and read them all and also submit feedback instantaneously. This is one of the bigger selling points for myself, as previous I personally added feedback manually every single day and it became a hassle for me and a waste of my valuable time. Unfortunately the Official Columnist (or "OC," as we call it) program will be abolished and everyone will be working on a level playing field. A word of advice: to increase your chances of having your column featured on OWW, it is in your best interest to read and respect the 10 Commandments as if it were your bible. The most important thing you can do is research your topic and edit your column properly before submitting. All of the kinks will be sorted out and the process will become more clear as the month of January progresses. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at [email protected] or the editing team at [email protected]

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