Wrestling Fans! Support Your Alternatives!!
Rick Peters - WWS Promoter

Wrestling Fans in Europe (and around the world): Help us out, see great US wrestling and win super prizes!

As a promoter and a life long wrestling fan, I know wrestling has many fans in Europe. Over the years fans were not always treated with the respect they should have. Recently a major wrestling company decided to cancel 3 of their events in Europe while many of you already booked flights. It is time for the alternative!

A wrestling federation, World Wrestling Superstars (WWS), which brings you the biggest names from past, present and future! Investors are considering our product but are rather sceptical about the popularity of wrestling in Europe. We are gonna prove them wrong!

That's why we ask your help. Fill in the poll you find on our websites, it just takes you a couple of minutes of your time and you can win great prizes. Please keep in mind we are talking about promoting a mega event like we haven't seen in a long time with well-known talent only (if you look at the options for the "your favourite wrestler" question, you will see whom we are talking about, Bret Hart is one of them!). Also if this event is successful, there will be more WWS events in Europe. If you are a wrestling fan and want to be part of history in the making then you know what you should do. Inform your family, friends, and relatives about our poll...we can use all of their help.

The poll can be found on and

Attention: you need to use a real email address because you need to confirm your answers (you will receive an email just after you submit the survey)! Without the confirmation your vote does not count and you will not be one of the possible winners.

Thank you for your help and see you at ringside,

Rick Peters (-[email protected]-)

WWS Promoter


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