Guest Column on Wrestlemania 20
September 19, 2003 by Ozzy Lennon

I was just reading a news archieve today on Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage possibly having a match at Wrestlemania 20. I remember back in 1989 at Wrestlemania 5 when these two wrestled a classic match. I know 15 years later they are not what they once were, but it would still be a hell of a match to see one more time especially if this would be the final match for the Hulkster.

I also read how Kurt Angle dreams of wrestling Bret Hart and even called him out for a match. I know Bret is hurt and by wrestling he could be taking a huge risk but that is a true dream match and Kurt knows it. Wrestlemania 20 at Madison Square Garden would be the perfect place for such a match, I am a huge Bret Hart fan and this match would definetly be a classic.

These two dream matches(well Savage vs Hogan isnt really but one more time is)would be awesome to have at Wrestlemania regardless of how old Hogan, Savage and Hart are. But one man stands in the way of this match and that is Vince Mcmahon.

He reportedly is against Hogan vs Savage even though the fans would love to see it, and Bret Hart that is another story. But what Vince needs to realize is people are expecting something really great or unheard of to happen at Wrestlemania 20 and to have these matches would make Wrestlemania 20 very memorable along with the other great matches that im sure will be put together.

I would like to think that these 2 matches could be put together for Wrestlemania but it is very doubtful and it may not be all Vince's fault but he should at least try to put these together. Vince likes the money and Hogan vs Savage and Hart vs Angle is money!

If you have any comments send them to [email protected] or feel free to post your comments on this column. I would just like to say im new to but its a kickass site and you guys do better at getting news and the truth then any other website.

Someone Send This in Response:
I would just like to say that i would love to see Kurt Angle agaisnt Bret Hart,even tho i'm not the biggest Bret hart fan,well actually i just plain out hate the guy to the match,bcuz there's people always saying how Bret is better then Kurt,and then there are people like me that say Kurt is better the Bret,which i think is true...and as far as the Hogan Vs Savage match would go,i think it would just plain out suck,bcuz hogan cant wretle,in some peoples eye's he can but to me we justs sucks,he never really could wrestle in the 1st place,he just had the look,and Randy Savage,well i cant really say anything about him bcuz i'v never really seen him wrestle,but still i think the hogan Vs Savage match would just suck,i mean there both past there prime,well actaullly i dont even thihnk hogan had a prime,but anyways those r my thoughts and the artical,now i have 2 go bcuz i'm seeing the Rock's new movie today,c'ya

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