RVD - The True Champion of RAW
October 2, 2003 by Ozzy Lennon

After last nights incredible ladder match between Rob Van Dam and Christian I couldn't resist writing about the match. RVD and Christian put on one of the best Ladder matches in awhile. This match had PPV written all over it and I take my hat off to both of them for putting on a hell of a match, I even watched the match 2 times in a row that doesnt happen very often.

I also couldnt help but notice that Rob Van Dam is ten times more over to the fans then Goldberg is. But still Rob Van Dam is just the Intercontiental champion and Goldberg is the World Champion. RVD has always been over in the WWE and in ECW, he puts on the best matches with his unique style and the fans love it. RVD has payed his dues and is a top gun on Raw but still he gets no respect from management.

RVD is the true champion of Raw whether he is the IC champion or World Champion. He deserves to be world champion! I cannot say that enough times. He isnt the best person on the MIC but his in ring work is phenominal. But Rob Van Dam will probably never be World Champion on Raw, why I do not know because they dont think he could handle being champion or whatever.

More people root for RVD then they do for Goldberg and it angers me that the WWE does not see this or they are just to afraid to give RVD his due. He is the true champion of Raw and hopefully one day Rob Van Dam will get his World Championship. by Ozzy Lennon

Mark M (UK) Wrote:
I couldn't agree more with this article, Rob Van Dam has been over with the fans since day one but because of a certain wrestlers backstage influence the best Rob gets is the Intercontinental title so that he doesn't outshine the Main guy of RAW Triple H. Now Rob should have by all rights been Tripper's succesor but, as i remember something which was said in another article, Tripper had Goldberg win so that he can go on his honeymoon and come back and defeat Goldberg and the fans will love him for it. That begs the question what is more important to Vince the fans or his soon to be son-in-law?
Sean G. Wrote:
While i agree RVD is phenomenal in the ring and puts on 5 star matches rather he's in the ring with jericho or hogan. There are two legitimate at least in the WWE' eyes mr. monday night is not at the top of the card.

1. Money: Vinny is paying big willie Goldberg WAY more money than RVD so he is going to make damn sure that Goldberg gets over on TV. This mean Goldberg gets all the time all the titles and all the push just so he can attempt to get over. If Goldberg is not putting money in Vinces pocket then Vince was wron to bet the farm on Goldberg and Vince is NEVER EVEEEER wrong.

2. even though The ladder Match was a 5 star PPV quality matchup, and it was the best match on raw since RVD's last ladder match agianst Gurrero. Vince and crew however dont even really see the match all they see is ratings, and it pains me to say this the ladder main event was the lowest ratings point on raw that night! After seeing that there is no WAY that vince will be putting RVD, christian or anyone whos last name doesnt end in Berg in the main event spot for a long, long time.

Thats way as far as the WWE is concerned RVD will never go over goldberg and why he will never step close to that world title and that my friend is a true travesty.
SkwishyEntrails Wrote:
I agree whole-heartedly with your assesment, not only of RVD's talent in the ring, but also the fans genuine adoration for him. And that adoration is very much deserved. RVD is one of the hardest working professional wrestlers in the business today. However, I don't see him running away with the World Title anytime soon.

Don't get me wrong. There aren't too many fans of RVD more devoted than me. I would watch RVD wrestle with midgets, or bears, or homless guys for sandwiches. I'm sure that RVD could carry the match and make it memorable. But the one place that RVD falls short is in the all important area of promos. He doesn't seem to present that professional, larger than life, superstar quality that make guys like The Rock, HHH, or Stone Cold so impressive. And in the eyes of Vince McMahon, if you can't keep the fans attention in a 10 minute interview, then no way in hell do you deserve the World Championship.

Another prime example is Chris Benoit. I mean, the fans love him. Critics can't say enough about his technical skill. His matches are some of my all time favorites, right up there with Flair vs. Steamboat. But the guy is boring behind the mic. The same thing could be said about guys like Dean Malenko, in his prime. He had a cult-like following, amazing matches, and tons of respect, but no World Title.

The best thing that RVD could do to push his career forward would be to drop the layed back, average guy schtick, take some acting classes, continue to do what he does in the ring, and become the superstar that all the fans know he can be.
Joseph La Rocca Wrote:
I could never had agree with any of you people more. RVD does deserve the belt but I doubt he'll never get it since Vince broke the tradition of young talent over old and is focused on overrated junk like Goldberg, HHH, Steiner, Kane and Coach than great wrestlers like Jericho, RVD, Christian, Booker T and Lance Storm. And this doesn't make sense: Are they like kidding here when they say RVD lacks charisma and Goldberg doesn't? People say RVD is horrible at promos but listen to Goldberg...and look at him!! He sounds like a retarded brain surgeon, walks like a mindless gorilla and moves like a wobbling chicken. He is boring, he lacks charisma, he is a spoiled cheapskate and furthermore, he sucks at wrestling...and yet Goldberg is the World Champion while RVD is the IC Champion. Is Vince a bonifide hypocrite or what?. RVD, on the other hand, has what it takes to be a champion: he is gutsy, he is an incredible performer and he's got one thing that 85% of the RAW roster lack: talent. And this sucks because I don't understand how Vince thinks it's more important to be more charismatic than athletic. Because it is competition, it is wrestling skills and it is great athletic combat that makes wrestling a great name. RVD has wrestling; Goldberg doesn't. And unlike Goldberg, RVD doesn't bitch nor is he lazy. He works his ass only to be halted back, then push, then buried, then push, then halted back, then push, then halted back for that they can let bigger, dumber crap like HHH, Nash, Michaels, Test, Mark Henry, Rodeny Mack, Goldberg, Maven and Steiner to take the spotlight (well, Michaels is actually very good performing). Steiner and the rest of generic elephants are some of the louisest performers in the history of wrestling compared to RVD, Storm, Jericho and Booker T, four of the hardest-working athletes in the world today. This really blows because RVD, whose career has taken a tragic turn thanks to Vince "Asshole" McMahon and Bill "Asshole" Goldberg, deserves better.
Stacy Proe Wrote:
Had the WWE kept the hardcore title, I think RVD would have been a bigger hit with the fans than he is now and so would Tommy Dreamer, but as far as World Champion, I doubt it, he may "deserve" it, but deserving and getting are two different things. To be the World Champion, you have to be the flagship of the federation, thats why HHH and Goldberg have and are holding the title, because of fan popularity and name recognition. Also, calling Goldberg names, and downplaying his ring ability won't get too many people anywhere, just watch the program, don't pick it apart to nothing, like you would a sandwich with something you don't like on it, just enjoy wrestling for what it is, sports "entertainment".

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