The Extreme Mailbag #TWO
April 17, 2004 - by Emer Prevost

Whoa, it seems this mailbag thing is taking off. I've already got enough for the next installment. So, off we go...

Draven5784 asks: What was the name of Big Poppa Pumps specialty match in WCW? I remember some round cage would be lowered into the ring.

The match you are thinking of was called the Asylum. And, truth be told, I believe that was Tank Abbott's match. WCW used it to cash in on Tank's UFC background. But, Steiner did beat Tank in an Asylum match at the Great American Bash 2000.

Draven5784 asks: What were the rules of Triple Threat Theatre? Was it best two out of three?

As for the Triple Threat Theatre, it was a best of three falls contest with a twist. The one I saw was actually three different matches over the course of the evening. But, I may be wrong on that.

Draven5784 adds: Also Steve Blackman also donned the Blue Blazer Mask.

And, thank you for reminding me of Steve Blackman's stint as the Blazer. I forgot all about him. And I'm not just talking about his time as the Blue Blazer. I mean I forgot all about Steve Blackman.

Dazz Jones writes: 1) After hearing of the WWE release of Chris Kanyon, where do you see him headed now and how do you think he'll be used?

Oh, you have no idea how pissed I was when I heard that the WWE released Kanyon. Let's not beat around the bush, I am a huge (and I mean HUGE) Kanyon mark. But, now that he is no longer with the WWE, I personally would love to see him go to NWA-TNA and reprise his classic Mortis character. Think about it, they have Mortis' old manager (James Mitchell was James Vanderberg), so why not bring him back. In fact, he just might do that. Either that, or he might go to Japan, or he could very easily retire. All those roads are open to Kanyon at this point.
Dazz Jones writes: 2) I was wondering about the whereabouts of a few wrestlers, Gangrel, after a short stint in TNA I haven't seen him anywhere. Zach Gowen/ Tenacious Z, where is he headed since his WWE release? Also Perry Saturn, Dusty Rhodes, David Flair, Norman Smiley and the SATs.

I know that Gangrel is working the indy circuit. In fact, he recently was NWA-ACW's (the local NWA promotion here in Wisconsin) Champion. As for Zach Gowen, he has been seen working for IWA Mid-South recently. Saturn is currently taking independent bookings (mostly Japanese engagements). Big Dust is taking bookings from both ROH and TNA as of late. David Flair is working with medical equipment by day, while wrestling on the weekends. "Screamin'" Norman was last seen on TNA almost a year ago. And, the SATs are working ROH, MLW, USA Pro shows.
XtremeFalls43 chimes in: 1. Do u feel Like I feel that the Nasty Boys are a very underestimated Tag Team?

Well, I honestly don't think they were underestimated. They got both the WWF and WCW Tag Team Titles during their run as a team. In fact, I feel that any team which is immortalized in the Legends of Wrestling video game series is most certainly not just your average team. But, that's just me.
XtremeFalls43 asks: 2. speaking of the Nasty Boys, what happen to Them I know Brain is Ok but Jerry Saggs Just left wrestling Y what happen?

As for Jerry Sags, he was last seen working as a trainer for XWF, but after XWF folded, he fell off of the wrestling radar. I think he is either working small indy shows or has decided to retire from the sport.
XtremeFalls43asks: 3. My last Question is what is ur thoughts About Y WCW ended, was it One Main thing

Now, I have to give it to you Xtreme, you have given me the best question so far (but, since this is only the second mailbag, that might change). I've been waiting to find a reason to lament on WCW's passing.

Was it one main thing? Well, yes and no. Almost all of the reasons are because of Vince Russo's booking, but he isn't the only one to blame.

Look at the WCW World Title reigns of David Arquette and Vince Russo. Didn't anyone have the balls to say that this is a retarded move? Maybe there were some with the guts, but they were just ignored.

Let's also look at some of the characters that were with the company to the end. Who thought that taking Road Dogg's (Brad Armstrong) brother and repackaging him in a Dogg-ish gimmick (Buzzkill)? Who in their right mind would take a monster like Mike Awesome and make him "That 70s Guy"? Who wanted to see Jay Leno, Dennis Rodman, or Karl Malone climb into the ring? Who (besides me and all the other Juggalos out there) wanted to see the ICP climb into a WCW ring?

The answer to all those questions is simple...Vince Russo. Yes, the man who more or less created the "Attitude" era of the WWF is the one responsible for the destruction of WCW. I am surprised that Russo hasn't killed TNA yet. But, he isn't the head writer over at TNA. He's just a consultant.

But, I think that the one thing that killed WCW more than anything is the fact that Vince McMahon was able to buy the company from Turner Broadcasting. No matter how well the company might have done, when your owners fold that easily, your company is doomed to die.

In other words, if you were a fan of WCW, blame two men:

1)Vince Russo, for making the product almost unwatchable.

2)Vince McMahon, for shutting down the company after buying it.

So, send your hate mail to them. They would love to hear from the diehard fans that these men let down.

Whoa, that is one hell of an answer. Well, that will do it for mailbag numero dos.

Remember, if you have any questions about the world of wrestling, bring it to me, and I'll see what I can do. Send them into [email protected] and let my nimble fingers do the rest.

by Emer Prevost


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