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Bret Hart's Passion for the WWE?
September 1, 2003 by Jimmy Seals

Montreal, Canada 1997.. the darkest event that ever happened to the career of Bret Hart, when Vince McMahon screwed Bret out of the WWE World Title. Most importantly out of his job with the WWE. Bret Hart was a loyal employ of the WWE for about 14 years. Bret was a major player in the WWE for the New Generation, which was in the 90s. Bret was a great wrestler even though he may have never had a strong gimmick, Bret was a better wrestler anyway without a silly gimmick. Bret gave his body and soul to the fans of the WWE, but Vince put the final nail the in coffin at Survivor Series.

Bret left the WWE for Ted Turner's WCW in 1998. Bret would leave the WWE a company that elevated his wrestling popularity. Bret, however, would suffer a greater loss when he was in WCW. At the 1999 Pay-Pre-View WWE Over the Edge, Bret Hart's brother Owen Hart fell 50 feet to his death during a horrible stunt -- Owen was just 34. Things got worse for Bret however when wrestling then rookie Bill Goldberg during the Starcade PPV. Goldberg super kicked Bret Hart in the head causing a severe concussion causing Bret to retire from the sport that he grew up with and loved.

During his retirement he went on tour with the WWA (World Wrestling All-stars), a federation owed by Andrew McManus. Bret appeared as the commissioner of the WWA, the WWA never took off as big as say, NWA:TNA did. Bret also suffered from a stroke that left him in the hospital. The WWE did contact Bret about a WrestleMania X-8 appearance to be the special guest referee to the Triple H vs. Chris Jericho Undisputed World Title match. Bret declined, but he thought about it.

I was reading the wrestling news on the Internet one day like I always do and a headline read "Bret Hart dreams of Wrestling". I thought to myself I have got to check this out in his column it said that he dreamed that he was wrestling Kurt Angle. Isn't that weird I said that is the same dream I have and probably the same dream that many wrestling fans have. Bret Hart was dreaming about a WWE return could Bret still have passion for the WWE? And that is the reason that I am writing this column.

Bret has been a long time favorite of mine when I was growing up and I am still a Hitman fan. After reading Bret Hart's column I was thinking, will we ever see Bret in a WWE ring again? Bret Hart is probably never going to be great friends with Vince ever again. I don't think these two will ever exchange Christmas cards in the future. However, I heard rumors that suggest that Bret may want to come back and make one last farewell speech to the fans of the WWE. Chris Benoit even said that he would like it if Bret came back to the WWE again, I have a recurring dream about Bret Hart coming back and looking Vince McMahon eye to eye in the WWE ring and Bret giving Vince a major knockout punch right in the middle of the ring. As fans explode with cheers to see Bret Hart back again in the WWE. Even thou Bret will never wrestle again it is a slight possibility that we will see him again in the WWE ring. Bret will be forever a major superstar in my eyes. Even though I my not get to see Vince getting knocked out in the WWE ring. I still have found memories of Bret that I will hold on to in my mind and heart. There is no doubt about it that Bret still has passion for this industry he has seen it grow so much from the last days of the Kayfab era to the new age that we are seeing today.

Deep down the heart of Bret I think that there is still intense passion for the WWE and pro wrestling. I bet if Hart wanted to be in the WWE, Vince would sign him in a heartbeat. I still wonder however what if the events didn't happen in 1997 would Bret still be in the company. I was watching "Hitman Hart Wrestling with Shadows" on A&E one day. The reason why Vince supposedly had to fire Bret was due to money. Bret was going to go to WCW, if Vince McMahon did not screw him out of the title Bret Hart would probably be in the WWE today. Vince bought WCW in 2001 thus making him the Bill Gates of pro wrestling. He signed many big name talents that went from WWE to WCW that didn't go out on a good note. Such as Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Hulk Hogan and Rowdy Roddy Piper, add Sable in there even though she never went to WCW.

Bret Hart would probably say no to offers from the WWE, now since WrestleMania 20 is coming up. Vince is probably thinking about having major superstars from the past come to the Pay-Per-View that launched the WWE into a multi billion dollar company. Bret was one of those superstars that made the WWE what it is today. Fans would buy the PPV if they knew Bret was going to be on it.

I also think Bret wants to work for Vince again, he has felt that spotlight he knows how great it is to be in the main event. He still is considered to be a major name in this business it would be great if he did. Don't forget about the main quote that has been with the WWE for years "anything can happen in the WWE". Eric Bischoff is now in the WWE his company was bought by Vince McMahon in 2001. Piper was hired for a short time in 2003, making him a major "hypocrite" in wrestling, when he said he would never work for the WWE again. Vince said that he would never hire Scott Hall and Kevin Nash back either, but guess what he did.

What I am getting to in this is that Bret probably wants to return he may say he doesn't but deep down in the heart of Bret Hart he wants to return. It would be something though to hear Jim Ross saying "Oh my God it's Bret Hart, Bret Hart what is he doing here in the WWE??". Fans can dream about that day, but could the dream become a reality? Who knows?

This is JJS, and that is my Viewpoint

Tom sent this in::
hi i know its probably late for me to be writing to this column buti couldnt help but to think about what you wrote,first off your column was to the point and wasnt filled with rumour this rumour that ithis may or may not happen i have to agree with you im sure hes dying to get back in the wwe weather you like or dislike brett hart you have to give to him hes a canadian leegend within his own right,his name hart is a legacy to those whose been training in his fathers legendary gym/ as well as his brothers/cousins/inlaws say brett was asked to be a reff in wrestlemania 19 is like asking him to get in that ring slap the sharpshooter on jjericho thus forcing vince to the ring to only have the sharpshooter on vince himself!my point? i thoguth you were right about brett and the whole you never know issue,the wwe invested time and money into guys like scott hall to shape up and straighten the fact but hart isnt hall i think if we hold onto our hopes we may just get a response if guys like nash,piper,and even hulk hogan can comeback hart will to it will take time,after all hes beaten the best of the best,nash,goldberg,flair,hogan,michaels,hennig,undertaker,goldberg the list goes on i just want to say im a big fan of hart and please keep your site up on recent thnigs about hart/wwe

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