JJS': Pro Wrestling Viewpoint
A 24 Hour Pro Wrestling Channel
September 8, 2003 by Jimmy Seals

Vince McMahon has it all now he owns the rights to the WCW (World Championship Wrestling), ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling), and AWA (American Wrestling Association) the three largest federations that Vince had to go tooth and nail with. When he was trying to establish a multi billion dollar wrestling business, and he did just that. When Vince bought these wrestling federations he bought Holy Grails to these federations and the Holy Grails are the video vaults. Any wrestling fan would love to spend a week inside the vaults of the WWE reliving the memories that they grew up with or just currently saw. IF Vince is smart he will create something that wrestling fans could see these classic and current matches.

That's when Vince should create a 24-hour wrestling channel the United Kingdom has its own 24-hour wrestling channel, why? Cant the United States and Canada, Mexico and any other place that the WWE broadcasts their Television and Pay-Per-Views. This would be cool if launched it would feature classic matches form all AWA, ECW, WCW, and WWWF/WWF/WWE vaults. Television channels are becoming more and more of a theme channels take the Weather Channel in the United States and other countries that carry it. It is a whole channel dedicated to nothing, but the weather. Comedy Central is a channel that features comedy shows. Vince has the money, power, and the vaults it can also feature specials like the A&E's hit show Biography that features documentaries about movie stars, sports stars, and many others.

If this channel were to come about it would be awesome to see years of pro wrestling and for younger fans to see the evolution of. Pro Wrestling, pro wrestling has changed the fans that are starting to watch it now. Many newer fans like I was at one point during my younger years of watching this sport. I wanted to know about the origins of pro wrestling I remember asking my dad about pro wrestling. The pro wrestling channel would give non-fans, newer fans, and older fans a look at the past and give them an insight about wrestling.

Vince has a gold mine in Titan Towers many fans want to relive or experience matches that they have seen before or have not. WCW as a lot of matches that I have never seen before when it first was launched by Ted Turner, those matches include wrestlers like The Juicer, Vinne Vegas (AKA Kevin Nash), and The Ding Dongs. Even those wrestlers never had a good gimmick it would be laughable just to see what was WCW thinking during those days. Who knows? RD Reynolds could host a show about the worst gimmicks in wrestling, hey I can dream cant I?

This is JJS, and that is my Viewpoint

Jason Pritchett Responded:

i just wanted 2 say that is a great idea,i myself would watch it all the time, every day, 24/7 and my friends probably would 2

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