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September 13, 2003 by Jimmy Seals

WWE fans of the 80s did you ever think that "Macho Man" Randy Savage was going to be a rapper? Well if you said no I guess that you are not the only one. I thought it was just a joke started by an Internet fan to stir up rumors, but when I was listing to my VH1 Radio Player. I saw a headline that read "Macho Man Savage tells Hulk Hogan to Be a Man on his first Rap LP". When I read the news article Savage talked about-facing Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania 20. It seems like Savage is really desperate to return to the big time in pro wrestling, but why would he spend so much money to produce this record if he wasn't legit? I wonder if any body will get in a feud with Savage since 50 Cent and Ja Rule is in their battle of words.

James Mitchell (known as the Sinister Minster in ECW) has caught the eye of the WWE. There are rumors that the former WCW and ECW manager may be coming to the WWE he is not contractually signed to the NWA: TNA so he can stay with that company or go to the big time in the WWE. It seems like the WWE are going back to mangers since Theodore Long is back as the manger of Rodney Mack, Mark Henry, and Jazz on WWE RAW, even thou he isn't managing big name talent. Long is doing a great job. He hasn't lost a step in managing since his days of being a ref in the WWE for a long time. Paul Heyman is also rumored to return to SmackDown. Paul is hands down the greatest manger to date. Vince McMahon has a gold mine in Paul, hopefully Vince will use Paul as a great manger and hopefully he will put him back as the head writer of SmackDown. I would like to see William Regal return as a manager since he hasn't been medically cleared for a return to the ring. I can see him with Chris Nowinski, which would be an awesome combination since I am a big fan of heels in pro wrestling.

Jimmy Yang formally known as Yun Yang in WCW wrestled on WWE Sunday Night Heat last Sunday. Yang really impressed me during his match with Tommy Dreamer. He had awesome moves during this match; he also had a great crowd presence as a heel. When he broke Dreamer's Singapore Cane over the ring posts fans reacted with shock. The WWE needs to sign him to a Developmental Contract in Ohio Valley Wrestling. Slater Vain also is another young gun that could be signed to a deal with OVW he was really impressing with his match with Val Venis, I could tell also that Val was impressed by Slater.

Sunday Night Heat and Velocity are my two top favorite shows in the WWE today simply because of the Independent Talents. They are given an opportunity to shine in the WWE. Take Paul London for example. He wrestled all over the Independent circuits all over the world it seems. Since he wrestled in the WWE on shows like Velocity he was signed to a WWE Talent Developmental Contract to Ohio Valley Wrestling. The wrestlers that are called up to wrestle on these shows should put a lot of effort in their performance. Because I want to see, new wrestlers coming up year by year to make the WWE into a stronger product.

Ernest "The Cat" Miller is not on the Velocity broadcasting table any more Thank God for that. Don't get me wrong I like Ernest Miller as an entertainer, but not as a color commentator most of the stuff he said during his stint as a commentator didn't make sense. Like when Josh Mathews was talking about Kurt Angle having neck surgery after WrestleMania 19. The Cat said, "Josh What about your neck injury kid", and he was off topic about a serious subject that Josh brought up. I would like to see Ernest Miller as a wrestler in Theodore Long's stable on RAW then he could do some serious Thuggin and Buggin on RAW and I can Believe That Player.

Bash Triple H all you want out there, but I find him entreating as a member of Evolution along side Ric Flair, and Randy Orton. Triple H may secretly be the most hated man in the WWE locker room, but give the devil its due, because he is a great entertainer. He reminds me of Jesse Ventura, "Superstar" Billy Ghram, and "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair all put together. Except the jobbing part and not letting newer stars rise up, that's the only thing I hate about the Game.

The Coach is doing a great job as a heel I am now a confirmed "Coach-A-Maniac" Man I just thought about something wouldn't that make a great T-shirt deal? I guess I am the only one that thought about that, I like the Coach because he is somewhat cool, and somewhat of a dork. He may be bland on the microphone, but he is a great character in the ring. Plus he has a gimmick that no body has ever seen before the mild mannered commentator turned into a conniving and cocky heel.

Orlando Jordan is in my opinion is the next Rock (Dwayne Johnson) he has great ring presence he is a great wrestler, over time he will get better he is just a rookie. Jordan needs a powerful gimmick I think since he was a former boxer they should have his gimmick as a Boxing gimmick. Like a Mike Tyson or the video game character Balrog (A Capcom video game character that was featured in the popular fighting series Street Fighter, that was a boxer form Las Vegas.)

It was great to see "Superstar" Billy Garaham on WWE Confidential since he recovered form a liver transplant. The Superstar still looks the same as he did when he managed Don "The Original Rock" Murcho at WrestleMania 4 at Trump Plaza in Atlantic City. I wish Confidential would feature more in-depth profiles about past superstars that were in the WCW, ECW, and the WWE, also the AWA since Vince owns all of the video vaults of these federations it would be easy to put together a video package. Billy Garaham's book is suppose to be this fall it will be a great read for any old time wrestling fans.

Lastly I want to say before I am finished with this column as an American the month of September will forever be a month that we as Americans will never forget. On September 11, 2001 thousands were killed during that vicious, uncalled for, and brutal day in our history and in the world's history. When the World Trade Centers, the Pentagon, and that field in Pennsylvania were forever changed. As the world not just Americans still mourn this day I want to say that as a Civilized society that we as civilized humans on the planet Earth. That we shall stand up for the rights that we where born with and we still have today and let no terrorist threaten us because what we believe in.

This is JJS, and that is my Viewpoint


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