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Mike Tyson a WWE Superstar?
September 20, 2003 by Jimmy Seals

People that read that line "Mike Tyson a WWE Superstar" is probably saying to themselves this Jimmy Seals kid is crazy. I know it is a crazy idea of having Tyson as a wrestler, but I wonder what would happen. If Vince would sign Tyson to a WWE Contract, Mike never stepped foot inside a WWE ring. As a wrestler just as a celebrity during the Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels match at WrestleMania. The rumor was that Tyson worked well in the WWE he did a lot of stuff to help out with the promoting of WrestleMania. It seemed clear to fans that he had a small passion for professional wrestling. Mike Tyson as almost everybody knows is bankrupt he lost 300 billion dollars. He signed a multi million dollar contract to the K-1 kick boxing promotion to face Bob Sapp. That fight should be interesting to let fans see how bad Mike really is, when he steps out of his element.

Mike Tyson's temper is another big issue if Vince would have a crazy idea one-day and wanted to sign him. Tyson is somewhat like a ticking time bomb his attitude is one that I wouldn't mess with. He has been in prison on numerous occasions for assaulting people. Mike would have to control his angry, but many wrestlers in the past have had bad attitudes. Take Bill Goldberg for example he yelled and screamed at NWA: TNA fans this past week. Bill also has no love for Triple H either. Goldberg knows that pro wrestling is scripted, Tyson on the other hand doesn't. People from the worlds of Ultimate fighting and Boxing, has a tough transition in pro wrestling. Some think that pro wrestling is real, and it is hard to sperate real fighting with scripted spots. Mike if signed with the WWE would have to control his attitude, because look at what happens if wrestlers don't. Nailz was fired due to his violent altercation with Vince McMahon after Survivor Series.

The main question is does Tyson want to be a wrestler I brought this up due to his bankruptcy. Anybody that goes bankrupt would probably want to get out of it somehow. Tyson has already taken a major step in singing a big contract to face Bob Sapp. This is also another battle field that Tyson is stepping in he is a former World Heavyweight Champion in Boxing. Will that reign true in Kick Boxing, we will have to wait and see. Everybody is not young forever, heck just in the 90s we were saying how cool The Undertaker was. Now we are saying that The Undertaker is too slow during the new age of the 21st century. Mike could possibly did what George Foreman did, and return to the ring at age 40. Could pro wrestling be Tyson's ticket to a much lighter career? Pro wrestling is a very physical from of entertainment you have to be quick and be almost gymnastic like to wrestle day in and day out. Mike would not be use to that.

However Mike Tyson has something that Vince would like to have is a name recondition if Mike transfers to pro wrestling. The sports world and the Boxing world knows who Mike Tyson is. Mike is an intimating fighter known all across the United States. Tyson would bring more viewers into the WWE the world would want to see if Tyson could mix in up in the ring. When Dennis Rhodman got into the WCW fans from both basketball and wrestling wanted to see if this was a joke. It turned out to be a joke, due to Dennis' lack of passion for wrestling. Mike Tyson could have a lot of passion for the business during the WrestleMaina press conferences. Mike was marking out he started to talk about his days as a fan. The same thing happened to Mr. T he was excited at first during the first WrestleMania. According to Hulk Hogan he said that Mr. T was moody and complained a lot because he had to work out. I don't think that would be a problem for Mike Tyson because as a Boxer you have to be in great shape most definitely a multi billion-dollar fighter as Tyson was.

Younger stars would be upset if Tyson would be signed because he climbed his way to the top faster than they did. Guys like Tommy Dreamer and Jamie Noble that had to work in smaller promotions all over the US to get to were they are at today would be angry because Mike got there faster. Mike would have to learn the ropes as any younger wrestler has too. If I were a wrestler I would want some one with experience and knew how to work along with me. I don't know how Jim Corrnett and Danny Davis would take it down in Ohio Valley Wrestling that they would have to train Mike Tyson.

Tyson's money demand would probably be as outrages like Bill Goldberg's. Vince McMahon probably could do it thou because he hired Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Steve Austin, Bill Goldberg, Triple H and Ric Flair under one federation those guys are the biggest money player in the history of wrestling. Mike would probably demand more money than say a Hulk Hogan since he was a former Champion in Boxing.

I think that there is a small chance once again I said small chance of Mike Tyson in the WWE. I also think that Vince would probably sign him, due to the fact that Mike Tyson is a big named person in the world of sports. McMahon would do anything for ratings just look at the XFL. He wanted to take on the NFL, but that football league failed. Would Tyson be a failure? In the world of professional wrestling, who knows? Vince McMahon said, "Any thing can happen in the WWE".

This is JJS, and that is my Viewpoint

Pete sent this in::
I always thought Mike Tyson would make for a good WWE superstar too. My Dad thinks that Tyson wouldn't follow the script of the match and just start attacking, but I think Tyson's psycho personality is just a gimmick for him to make money.

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