Jeff Jarrett Finds Hulk Hogan in JAPAN
October 13, 2003 by

A post match press conference in Japan by Hulk Hogan turned chaotic last night when TNA's Jeff Jarrett showed up to confront Hogan.

Hogan was meeting with members of the Japanese press following his victory over Masa Chono at the big New Japan event in the Tokyo Dome when Jarrett burst on to the scene and attacked Hogan.

Hogan was addressing the Japanese media about his future, and had just said "I have unfinished business here in Japan. I want to win the IWGP title again. I also have unfinished business in the United States. The only title I've never won is the NWA World Heavyweight Title." Jeff Jarrett burst on the scene in a rage and attacked Hogan and left him a bloody mess.

Jarrett taunted Hogan by saying, "I heard the rumors that you wanted to come to TNA.....well TNA just came to you."

TNA has been in contact with members of the Japanese media and will air footage of the incident on this week's episode of NWA-TNA: Total Nonstop Action.

Mark M (UK) wrote in:
I read the title of this article and was immediately desperate to find out what it was about. When I opened it and read the article I thought WOW due to the fact that Hogan agreed to be attacked (I hope he did) amazed me and if it wasn't for the fact that I was living in the uk and don't get TNA TV then I would be cancelling all my appointments just to watch the show. In conclusion I feel that this was a great way to hype up the match and through this the arena will be packed and they will make lots of money via PPV and I say GO TNA! maybe they can prove to be big challengers to WWE and McMania!
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Jeff Jarrett's first comments on the Hulk Hogan situation:

I just got off a plane from Tokyo and man, I've never felt more excited in my life. The feeling of my guitar breaking into a million pieces on Hulk Hogan's head was the greatest feeling I've experienced in a long time. Hulk Hogan has been telling people inside the industry that he's had some interest in coming to TNA because the one title he's never held is the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. Guess what Hogan, TNA just came to you.

It's been over 3 years since I've looked into Hogan's eyes. The last time we were to face each other, due to political reasons - well let's just say that no one was happy leaving that situation. But this time around in Tokyo, I left a very happy man because I made EXTRA sure that no one or nobody is going to keep me from taking MY NWA World Title back from AJ Styles on October 22 - not even Hulk Hogan.

I already know that TNA has secured footage of the situation from New Japan Pro Wrestling and various Japanese media outlets. I was told that TNA is planning to show the footage tonight - and if that's true, this is something you don't want to miss. As soon as I hit Hogan, I knew history was being made. And when I saw the blood dripping out of his head, I knew I had closed a chapter in my life that had been open for way too long, and I finished some business that had been going on for over 3 years.

See for yourself tonight.

- JJ

TNA Editor's Note: As Mr. Jarrett referenced, footage of this shocking incident will indeed be shown on TNA Wrestling tonight. We have also received correspondence regarding this situation that leads us to believe that other major developments may be taking place and disclosed on tonight's live Pay-Per-View event.
HULKAMANIA225 theorized:
I think it was just one of those things where they want to get a fued going with Jarret and Hogan to get ready for their big mega event coming soon. Why else would Jarrett do that.
Brad 'Webmaster' Dykens wrote::
I think you might be onto something, Sherlock!
Brian Bertrand wrote::
Now seeing Hogan get attacked by a guy as talented as Jeff Jarrett is music to my ears! I mean Hogan was depressed in WWE and now he wants to come and get the NWA Title? HOLY CRAP DUDE!!! With TNA on the rise and Hogan's name value either slipping or not moving since 1998 with everyone else passing by, it'll be damn good to see Hogan (or Mr. America lol) on NWA: TNA. Will Dusty Rhodes even attack Hogan? I just think that the Jarretts are in some business with Hogan and now they can try to get more of a nationwide market instead of staying on PPV (not to mention me finally getting to see NWA-TNA Xplosion on DirectTV). I just wonder how A.J. Styles (the epitome of loyalty) will play in the coming episodes. Will he be on Hogan's side of Double J's?

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