Hulk Hogan in Toronto
December 21, 2002 - by Kevin Currah

I caught a few of Hulk Hogan's appearances today while he was here in Toronto, and thought I'd send you some of the things he said.

FAN 590 - Pat Marsden & Don Landry Morning Show

- Hulk came on at about 6:40 a.m, and said he was so tired after getting into Toronto really late the night before.

- Hulk hopes to get a new deal with the WWE before his contract expires next month. But it is all up to Vince McMahon.

- In order, the 3 guys he wants to take on before it is all said & done are.... Vince McMahon, Stone Cold Steve Austin (who Hulk said was afraid of him) & The Rock once again.

- If things don't work out with the WWE, he will pursue offers from Japan. But he does hope to finish his career in the WWE. But no matter what he hasn't had his last match yet.

- Hulk was told he set both SkyDome attendence records for Wrestlemania 6 & Wrestlemania 18.

- Hulk was proud to set the all time attendence record at the Silverdome when he battled Andre.

- Hulk said his book is the best Christmas gift to get anyone of all time. Perfect for kids to read & do a book report on.

And that was about it that was noteworthy from that show.


- Hulk came on at 4:30 p.m

- Hulk said the reception he got at the SkyDome for Wrestlemania 18 was incredible. And that along with the next night in Montreal for RAW were so emotional, it was hard to hold it all in.

- Ed Leslie aka Brutus Beefcake is probably his closest friend who he travelled up & down the road with.

- Hulk idolized Andre The Giant growing up.

- The Briscoe's discovered him, and broke his leg during his first day of training.

- No matter what everyone thinks of Vince McMahon, Vince keeps Hogan level headed & considers him a friend. And Vince is a great business man.

- Says not to trust Jimmy Hart or you may find your wallet missing. (Jimmy was standing in the background)

- The showed a clip of the Montreal RAW where the crowd wouldn't stop cheering & chanting Hogan's name.

- Hulk said the Canadian wrestling fans are the most loyal, and have respected him through out his 20 year career & treat him like a King when he is here. Nothing compares to it.

- Hulk got the female host to do the leg drop on the male co-host Rick.

- The hosts gave Hulk a guitar & had him play a little on it.

- Showed a clip of Hulk performing in a Real American video.

- Plugged his book, and again like the radio show said it was the great Christmas present to get someone of all time, and easy for a kid to do a book report on.

- Hulk went outside & hugged some of the female fans, and signed some autographs.

That was about it from what I can recall on this show.


- Hulk said it was great to back in Toronto.

- Hulk said when he faced The Rock at Wrestlemania 18, even though he lost, he was happy that he was able to take all his fans back from The Rock.

- Told a story about when he first appeared at Madison Square Garden, a little Rock was sitting at ringside & he threw out this head band to him.

- Edge will be be coming to his house tomorrow night (Saturday) for his Christmas party back in Florida.

- Plugged his book & that was about it.


- Hulk Hogan was shown sitting courtside at the Toronto Raptors game vs the Miami Heat at the Air Canada Center tonight.

- Joining Hulk were Jimmy Hart & WWE Canada President Carl DeMarco.

- At half time he left & returned wearing a Jerome Williams Raptors jersey that the crowd popped for.

- During a break in the action, the Raptor's mascot brought Hulk out to center court to the REAL AMERICAN theme song.

- Hulk did the cup to the ear to all the side's of the building, and posed for the crowd.


On Much Music & The Mike Bullard Show, the crowd was going nuts for Hulk Hogan, and there was very noticable "Rocky Sucks" chants anytime The Rock's name was mentioned. And at the Raptors game, the crowd was popping & chanting "Hogan, Hogan" at various different points.

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