The Story of Kurt Angle's Stalker
Mike Informer: WTAE Channel 4 Pittsburgh

A woman is in jail on charges that she stalked pro wrestling star and Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle, Team 4's Paul Van Osdol reported Friday.

Deann Siden, of Inkster, Mich., allegedly harassed Angle, a Mount Lebanon native who now lives in Moon, as he traveled across the country with World Wrestling Entertainment.

"She would follow him around from venue to venue and telephone his hotel, telephone his home, cancel his airline reservations, threaten his family and threaten his children," said Moon police Capt. Leo McCarthy. "It got very, very serious."

According to police reports, the 34-year-old Siden followed Angle to a WWE event in Baltimore. She also allegedly followed him through an airport in Grand Rapids, Mich., and tracked his wife, Karen, in Little Rock, Ark.

"The actor has left numerous phone messages on the victim's answering machine stating that she was having Kurt's baby and that he needed to take responsibility for their child," according to a police report.

McCarthy said there was no relationship between Siden and Angle.

Pittsburgh police arrested Siden in November for allegedly using false identification. She was already out of Allegheny County Jail by the time Moon police went there to arrest her on stalking charges.

"It's very scary to be told I wasn't going to make it through my pregnancy," Karen Angle said Friday. "I was afraid to go to the grocery store. I went in to have my baby and she was here in Pittsburgh."

Siden was arrested again last month in Michigan. She remains in a Detroit jail awaiting extradition to Pittsburgh, which is expected to take about two months.

"This young man has been terrorized. His wife has been terrorized," said McCarthy. "They have been very afraid because of this woman. Thier life has really not been the same since this happened."

Siden's aunt said the Angles have harassed Siden with threatening phone calls. The Angles deny that claim.

"This girl has been stalking and harassing me for over a year, terrorizing my whole family," Kurt Angle said. "I'm completely relieved she's in jail now. I want this to be over with."

Credit: Mike Informer, WTAE Channel 4 Pittsburgh

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