Post RAW Report: The Show After The Show
January 14, 2005 by ICW Owner

"After the Batista/Randy Orton match (RAW Main Event), all the wrestlers headed to the back. As you may recall Triple H was wearing a suit at the end of the event.

The commercial for the event stated there would be a 6 man tag team match after Raw was over. The match was billed as Benoit, Orton, and Jericho VS Edge, Batista, and Triple H. But I never ever in my wildest dream expected this. Most fans headed out of started to head of the arena during Batista's exit.

Around a minute after Batista made it to the back, Shawn Michaels' theme song hit. Here came most of the fans that had left running over people to try to get back to their seats.

Shawn came out to referee the match. Shawn refereeing was an ongoing rumor for the last couple of weeks.

Jericho, Benoit, and Randy Orton came out separately. All four men in the ring began talking to each other. Batista then Edge came out. All the faces went up to them and let them in on the conversation. All 6 men were laughing. Yes, Edge and Shawn were engaged in the same conversation. Like I said before I never thought I would see anything like this at a WWE event. We were about to see what all there talking was about. Out came Triple H. Picture this. You have the camera view of the match. To the bottom right corner are Batista and Edge, to the upper left corner are the 3 faces. Triple H does his usual entrance. While he is standing on the apron (where he usually does his water spraying gimmick) and looking at the crowd, the faces and heels switch corners really fast. Meaning the faces were right next to him now. He goes for the spraying and Shawn kick him in the ass. HHH sprayed the water like a hose into a poor fan in the second row.

Triple H began laughing and asked for the microphone. He said in a shocked way, Well, I guess I'm in the wrong corner. He got in the middle of the ring and started. Well you fans thought this match wasn't going to happen, huh, huh. Well you are wrong. You see I went to the back and I got inside a phone booth change and out came SUPERMAN, and I sure as hell don't see any kryptonite in the ring. Everything he was saying the crowd ate up. Shawn got the microphone and said well I have no kryptonite, but I do have something that is rock hard right here jack (points at crotch). Triple H asked for the mic. But Shawn ran away with the mic, HHH ran after Shawn, and Shawn ran after Lilian Garcia. And told Hunter that no the microphone is hers not his.

Then Triple H began to play Paper, Rock, Scissors with his team mates to see who would start. He lost to Batista and Edge. Then he told Shawn he is going to have to take his place if he lost. So he tried playing it with Shawn, and HHH lost again. So he then tried Jericho, he told him to wrestle himself, well HHH lost again. So Hunter started off against Jericho who quickly tagged in Benoit. Benoit then super stiffly chopped HHH, who immediately began to over sell and ran all the way to the ramp. HHH went back to the ring, and tagged Edge in as quickly as he could. Only to be chopped by Benoit too. Edge then got out of the ring and ran to the ramp, and laid down under the titan tron. HHH got in the ring and got chopped again, and ran to where Edge was. Then Batista got chopped and ran as well. HHH began to give CPR to Edge. A few seconds later all three men got back to the ring. Edge went and tagged Batista while he wasn't looking, who came in only to tag HHH in. HHH then went to tag again but Edge and Batista jumped off the apron. HHH got chopped again and started to roll around the mat. Then he pushed Shawn who pushed him back into another Benoit chop. Hunter went to tag, but again Edge and Batista jumped off the apron. Benoit tagged Randy Orton.

Randy Orton came and whipped Triple H to the ropes, when Hunter runs back and Orton sunset flips HHH, but pulls down Hunter's trunks. Benoit then does the exact same to Edge while Orton does it to Hunter. Then Jericho does it to Batista as well. HHH goes to the top rope only to be slammed back bare assed by Benoit. Randy and Hunter keep wrestling (Hunter still with his ass out). Hunter throws Randy over the top rope and then fixes his trunks. HHH kept wrestling Randy, then he tagged Batista. Batista beat on Randy, then tagged in Edge. Edge tags in HHH. HHH and Randy began to lay punches on each other. Hunter knocked Randy off his feet. HHH then went for the MOVE OF THE CENTURY! Hunter went to the top rope for a (knee drop?) well the point is Randy blocked it and kicked him in the face. HHH stayed on his feet with his head back for approximately a minute and 45 seconds. No Kidding. During which time Jericho kept motioning him to fall. Shawn kept checking on him. Randy just stayed there dumb founded like the rest of the arena. Triple H then began to shake his head and get back his composure. Shawn went up to him and Hunter told him that he was ok, seconds later he fell flat on his face like Flair. Huge pop went around the building. Batista and Benoit both got tagged in by HHH and Orton. Batista then was given the Triple German by Benoit. HHH went to closelined Benoit only to get a German, and the edge got a German as well, but man did that one had to hurt he bounced off his shoulders about two feet. Benoit got an enziguri by Benoit and he attempted a flying head butt but he missed. Batista then hit Benoit with what I like to call the hydraulic knee cap Spinebuster for the win. Interesting note, Jericho was on one knee screaming to the fans, that the finished sucked. Edge then came in to the ring and was given sweet chin music by Shawn. Jericho and Shawn were talking after the match while Edge was still in the ring. All 4 faces were given a standing ovation and Shawn's theme hit. Edge began to get up looking at Shawn exit while holding his jaw. Edge then noticed on the Tron that Jericho, Randy, and Benoit were standing behind him. Edge turned around to shake Jericho's hand but got chopped. He turned the other way and was chopped by Benoit, and then Randy gave him the RKO. Randy the faces then head ringside to shake hands with the fans and continued to exit.

Edge finally got up and did the same until he saw a woman with huge jugs. He asked her if he could shake her hand and threw himself on her for a huge pop. While he started to leave the camera man got her on camera again. And she did something I have never seen done before, this is what you call talented, she began to move her tits like if they were pecks. Same way Luger used to do it, but with big round jugs. VERY Talented! Edge was walking up the ramp when they showed this. Believe me you had to be there to see the expression on his face. He looked like that wolf from old cartoons. "

RuthlessGattman wrote:
uhh-huh... can I have some of whatever you're smoking, because there is a lot of pain I need to get off my mind after reading this very heinous and very.. disturbing article...


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