The Road To Wrestlemania 18
OWW Staff Member @ Wrestlemania X-8

I was at the Skydome last night at Wrestlemania. Here's my thoughts on the PPV.

Opening: My god there was alot of pyro.

Rob Van Dam vs. William Regal
Good first match of the night, RVD got a decent pop, and Regal decent heat. Big Pop for the Five Star Frog Splash. Unfortunately I couldnt see much due to the smoke from the opening pyro.

DDP vs Christian
Crowd was pretty quiet but it was a decent match.

Maven vs Goldust
Crowd was dead. There was really nothing to this match.

Subsequent Hardcore stuff.
Huge pop for Christian winning the Hardcore title. Good laughs at Hurricane hiding in the hoes dressing room.

Kurt Angle vs. Kane
Solid match all round. Angle got HUGE heat. Nice effort by both guys

Flair vs Taker
All and all, I found it pretty dull. The crowd was pretty much quiet except for Woooo's when Flair was chopping the Taker.

Edge vs Booker
Huge pop for hometown boy Edge. I missed most of the match tho. Getting food.

Hall vs Austin
Huge pop for Austin. Probably second biggest of the night. Decent pop/heat (it was kinda weird) for Hall and Nash. Crowd popped huge for Nash taking out the refs.

4 way tag.
Billy and Chuck got pretty decent heat. It was an okay match to follow up the Austin/Hall.

Rock vs Hogan
The crowd was about 95% Hogan and he got the BIGGEST POP of the night without a doubt. The Rock got more booes then I've heard him get since his Rocky Miavia days. The People's Elbow got a decent pop, but the crowd was SOOOOOO infavor of Hogan. Many Rocky Sucks chants.

Dont know. In the bathroom.

HHH vs Jericho
HHH got a decent pop but everybody was pretty worn out from the Rock/Hogan match. This wasnt the match of the night but it was a good main event. Big Pop for HHH winning the title tho.

Top Five Pops
1 Hogan through the entire match
2 Austin
3 Edge
4 Nash elbow dropping the second ref
5 The two girls that kissed each other while they were making us wait to get in. No lie.

Top Five Heat
1 The Rock
2 Angle
3 Hall and Nash beating down Hogan
4 Billy and Chuckie
5 The Security Guards. It took over 2 1/2 hours to get in the building. Many Asshole, and You Suck (WHAT) chants.

All and all it was a great time.

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