The Road To Wrestlemania 18
Triple H on OPEN MIKE
March 15, 2002 - By Brad Dykens

Hunter was the first guest. As they came back from commercial after the opening monologue, they showed HHH backstage with a guy in an Easter Bunny suit and he was trying to compare biceps with the Bunny. (Cadbury's Chocolate is a new sponsor of the show and they had the Bunny come out earlier to give Mike a stuffed bunny and some candy. The Bunny was also in the lounge with the studio audience before the show, and gave those cream filled eggs. Too bad I gave up chocolate a year ago, sob sob!!)

Hunter was introduced and came out to great cheers. He gave the peace sign, and flexed abit and then went over to sit down beside Mike. Someone in the audience had a sign that said Triple H for P.M. (that's Prime Minister) He said that his life was complete now that he'd met the Easter Bunny. :-)

Mike aske him about WM and who will win, him or Jericho. Huge audience cheers for HHH. One guy shouted out "The Original Big Boy" which related back to something from Mike's opening monologue, nothing to do with HHH. HHH looked at the guy and said "Sir, get your own show." That got big applause. Hunter said of course he is going to win on Sunday.

Mike mentioned that Missy Hyatt had been on the show the night before, and Hunter laughed and said "I'm sorry."

Mike said that Hunter wasn't on her list (of wrestlers and athletes she's slept with) and HHH said "I'm one of the few she missed, I believe."

Mike asked about how he got the name The Game and HHH went through the usual student of the game stuff.

Mike then joked about what all was going on with Stephanie (meaning on-camera) and they went through the stuff I reported on earlier, about could they have known things would turn out this way (meaning the marriage breakup) and HHH said it's what happens when you get a girl drunk and go to a drive-thru wedding chapel, etc. Mike mentioned the phony pregnancy, etc., and HHH said he got the last laugh because on national televisio he dumped her and beat up her dad.

Mike asked him what he does for fun. HHH said weight training. Mike joked that he was hoping the answer would get them back to talking about Stephanie, so Hunter joked about dead weight training, LOL, meaning Steph is a dead weight. Then he made a couple of weightlifting references like "clean and jerk", LOL, and asked if he could say that. Abit of the DX Hunter here, LOL Mike asked again about what he does for fun, does he like movies, books, etc. Hunter said yes, but said that they are all on the road so much that there isn't alot of down time and when he has a day off one thing he liked to do is sleep.

They talked about the injury. Mike asked if the bicep separated from the bone, and HHH laughed and corrected him that it was his tricep. He explained about the surgery, and said that it was touch and go whether he'd be able to come back. Talked about the rehab. Says now he feels great, no pain, except from Jericho and the hammer, but he's about to fix him on Sunday. Mike said he bets he's going to kill him. Another big cheer from audience (including moi!!!). Mike jokes that he bet that HHH knew ahead of time that he's going to kill this guy. Hunter smiles and said, he's not psychic, but he's got a good feeling about it. LOL

Mike asked him what he'd do if he wasn't a wrestler. Hunter joked he might do a talk show. He said he'd probably do something in the entertainment industry, becausebeing able to put on a show is what it's all about. Or he might be a rock star. Or make movies, produce his own movies, get into television, "all of it!" Mike joked about all the the thought he'd put into that answer. Hunter said luckily he has a good job and doesn't have to worry about it.

Mike says he'll be at WM and looks forward to seeing Hunter trash Jericho. Hunter asked if he'd do a run-in if Jericho gets into any funny business. Mike said he'd be there. Hunter says he heard Jericho was on the show the other night and gave him some lip. Some joking about how Mike said the same things to Jericho about Hunter the other night.

Mike thanks Hunter and said it was nice seeing him again (HHH was on the show with Chyna several years ago). Hunter pulled up his left sleeve and showed us the big gun as they went to commercial.

That was it for his interview but he stayed during the commercial and I was of course delighted to see him stay during the next segment. The guest was Veronica Brenner who won the silver medal in aerial skiing at the Olympics. She said HHH stole her thunder because she had wanted to flex when she came out but when she saw Hunter do it she thought she wouldn't. HHH joked that she didn't want to rip her shirt. Mike asked her later about her injury--she had major reconstructive knee surgery awhile back. She said her legs used to be the same size as HHH's. HHH asked her if she meant they were as long as his, and stuck out his leg. She said no the size around. Mike made some comment about she wouldn't want that, and HHH said "you've never even seen my legs." Mike joked that he hadn't and never wanted to.

That's about it. He may have made another comment or two during her interview, but nothing major. He just sat there drinking his water, and looking cute, LOL, occasionally flicking his hair back or pulling it back. When the segment ended and they took a break to set up for the musical guest, he got up and left to go backstage, but turned and waved, posted, etc. before he went.

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