The Road To Wrestlemania 18
March 14, 2002 - By Brad Dykens

Submitted by Chris Morris

I was expecting something great, based on who the guest was and the OTR has had lots of great wrestling one-on-one's in the past. Landsberg dropped the ball here, in my opinion.

I've never been a huge Landsberg fan (probably because I see him six days a week up here; trust me, he gets to you) but I have enjoyed the interviews in the past with Bret, Vince, Foley and others and give Landsberg credit for asking good questions (or should I give credit to Jeff Marek?). Anyway, twice in this interview with Flair I got mad, as twice Landsberg had openings and didn't take advantage.

The first one was when he asked Flair if it bothered him that some will remember Hogan as the biggest star of the 80's and not him and Flair said no, which he said a few times, like nothing bothered him, but then Flair asked "You wanna know what bugs me?" and was starting to answer, when Landsberg jumped in and cut him off and asked if he ever resented jobbing to someone. Flair, who was Mr. Cool at that point, was letting Landsberg and us in on somehting that did bother him, which must be big since nothing else seems to, but Landsberg screwed it up and never went back to it.

The other time was when Landsberg asked a fan question whether or not the Four Horsemen could be formed in the WWF and Flair said yes, he'd love it, and said there's four guys who would be perfect for it, but instead of asking him the obvious follow-up, which four guys, Landsberg moved on. I was yelling at my TV, as I wanted to know who the four were.

There was another fan question that pissed me off, as a fan asked why they didn't blade in the WWF anymore and if that was a sign of the WWF going too corporate. HUH? What WWF is he watching. Flair's bladed how many times since November? Arn Anderson bladed, David Flair bladed, Austin's bladed so many times trying to get this NWO angle over recently that instead of stitching him up every night, they should just install a zipper in his forehead; it'd be alot easier.

Another fan asked exactly how do you spell Whooooo? Landsberg has gotten honesty out of wrestlers in the past and to me, quite frankly, it seemed futile bringing up what Flair thought of Hogan for real, as now Hogan is back in the same promotion as him, and Flair is a pro, so why bother asking? I guess it's one of those questions you have to ask, but whatever.

Also, they were showing some exhibits from Axxess going to and coming out of commercial. Some of it looked cool, but they had one called WWF Impressions (which I thought was gonna be Jason Sensation's booth) but it was make-ups of "famous" backsides bronzed (at least the two they showed were anyway). One was Rikishi's butt and another was Stacey Kiebler's. Of course, Rikishi had his diaper on, but Stacey's had a lowcut dress that just barely covered the end of her butt and you could almost see her, y'know. i guess they were trying to stress how long her legs were, but I saw that and just thought, "Oh, THAT's classy." Is there actually a clause in the WWF contracts that states "Leave your dignity at the door" or is that one of those unwritten rules, like the locker room etiquette? Also, Flair was asked who that next Flair was, and he mentioned Triple-H, Jericho, Austin, Rock, but not Angle. Anyway, that's the gist of it. They showed some 1981 or 82 clip of Flair doing one of his earliest "Nature Boy" vignettes with two girls by a limo that was cool. He said he never really thought about the plane crash in '75, which surprised me. Hope they get better.

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