The Road To Wrestlemania 18
March 17, 2002 - By Brad Dykens

The following is a recap of Jim Ross's appearance on "Off The Record" on Canada's Television Sports Network:

On WrestleMania X-8...

Jim Ross feels that WrestleMania is the elite competition of professional wrestlers, much like baseball is with the World Series and football is with the SuperBowl. He feels it is a spectacle where the surroundings alone get you caught up in the emotion, but hopes the "game" (not Triple H) delivers as well. He wants to see solid wrestling competition, and ensures everyone if any wrestler on the card has any talent, it will be shown on WrestleMania because they give it everything they got on that night.

On Scott Steiner & Sting To WWF...

When asked who isn't on the WWF roster that he would like, JR immediately spoke on Scott Steiner. He wishes him to get healthy soon and mentioned that he's turning 40 this year, so if he's gonna do this anymore (wrestle) the time is now. He also spoke highly of Sting, wishing the "Stinger" still had the passion for the business as he kept his physical condition well over the years, and as well would make a great addition to the WWF roster.

On WWF Roster Split...

The WWF has spent more time on this than anything lately. They have all looked at it from every possible perspective, and he ensures everyone that it won't be perfect on the first run. However, they have all made their lists of talents that should be on the RAW division, and the lists of the SmackDown! division. Ross gave new information regarding the split in that their will be trading of talent once the split has taken course. Once the split is already established on television and going on for a while, some talent from the RAW roster will be traded for talent on the SmackDown! roster. JR estimated this entire storyline will take place merely weeks following WrestleMania.

On Bret Hart/WWF Situation...

Jim Ross feels Bret Hart in his prime was one of the best wrestlers in the world bar-none. He thinks no matter how you look at it, if Bret came back to the WWF it would be nothing but a positive thing for both sides. He feels Bret would get the closure he needs, and that the Survivor Series '97 screwjob incident can only be dragged out for so long before people move on. JR also showed dislike towards the decision made by Bret Hart to make a private conversation between WWF Canada's Carl DeMarco and Bret Hart a public situation in the Calgary Sun.

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