Controversy in The Desert


Controversy in The Desert
By Bob Eager
Photo courtesy of April Pierson

The desert has always been known for heated rivalries. Arizona is known as a hotbed for insane competition.

During the main event in one of the main Southwest promotions referee MagNum was kicked in the face inadvertently by the Prophet. At first there was a bit of confusion as the announcer immediately raised the Prophet’s hand.

 The announcer awarded the belt to the Prophet.  The Prophet held the belt up proudly truly a momentous occasion. You might be asking yourself just exactly who is the Prophet.  The Prophet says he is all ,”about being as good in the ring as he can be and instilling awe and imagination in the minds of the fans. Young and old. Innovation, image and doing what is right.”

All seemed to be going his way. But then an announcement was made.  The belt was given back to his adversary Adrianne Hawkins. This infuriated the crowd.

The crowd booed when MagNum, a.k.a. John Guzarrdo, reversed the decision handing the belt back to Adrianne Hawkins.

Hawkins is a heel to no end. Hawkins annoys the crowd by constantly  spraying himself with what could be just water before entering the ring . He sometimes slips out of the ring to apply more mystery spray. He does not seem interested in continually going toe to toe with his opponent.

MagNUm has stated ,” As I recuperated, The Prophet had Hawkins pinned, and I counted the 1-2-3. Right as I was about to reward The Prophet with the belt, Adrian alerted me of brass knuckles that were supposedly used by Prophet. At the time, I thought I made the right call to reverse my decision and let Mr. Hawkins retain his title. It wasn’t until after a couple days later, that I found out I was lied to after watching the video. More controversy seems to be the fans, connecting me directly to 3 or 4 of his losses, thinking that I have it out for him. I promise you all, I do not. But perhaps next time, he can just try a little harder to avoid all of this mess.”

Magnum instant decision  has caused some fans to question Magnum’s motives. Was this decision just a mistake?  At first it seems that is the case but upon further MagNum could be showing another side.  MagNum has later said his decision should have been reversed. Since then things have calmed down somewhat but who knows what will happen when competitors compete  at all costs and officials like Magnum try to sort out the impending deeper controversy that always pervades a wrestling event.