Did TMZ Ruin WWE’s Angle?


Heel Turn: Did TMZ Ruin WWE’s Angle?
By Joe Messineo

For the past few weeks, it seemed as if the Rusev vs. Ziggler rivalry was about to boil over into an all out brawl. Ziggler and Lana recently went to Disneyworld and posted pictures on Twitter of the two enjoying themselves.

In an early September interview, Ziggler described Lana as his girlfriend. Many WWE fans were confused; was the WWE storyline portraying real life conflicts? Did Lana and Rusev really break up? What was up with Summer Rae proposing to Rusev? Did WWE anticipate the news of Rusev and Lana becoming engaged in real life to leak onto TMZ?

Rusev’s Unfaltering Love Wins in the End 

Lana has been absent from WWE programming over the past few weeks. Rusev and Summer Rae have played up their whole marriage proposal thing, to better propel the TMZ headline of Rusev and Lana getting married in real life.

If you saw the TMZ headline, which was screen capped and displayed on the TitanTron on Raw, you noticed that Lana was showing off her the enormous diamond that Rusev put on her finger. Other leaked photos show Rusev and Lana cuddling in a bed, looking like two peas in a pod.

Rusev Films Proposal 

You have to wonder how far WWE is willing to take this storyline. Will Lana still associate with Dolph Ziggler in the WWE? Will Rusev and Lana play up their plans to get married? Will Rusev refocus on regaining the United States Championship?

If you read the TMZ article, you’ll see that it mentions that Rusev filmed the proposal, which happened in the swimming pool of the soon to be husband and wife’s Nashville, TN home. One has to wonder if the WWE will play that footage for the world to see, in order to build up the Rusev and Lana dynamic.

What Happens to Summer Rae? 

Summer Rae is in a unique position where a guy kind of said yes to her marriage proposal, yet he goes on and asks another woman to marry him. Could this situation become any weirder? It seems like Summer Rae will have to be the bigger person and walk away from this situation in order to save face.

Summer Rae isn’t really known for her in ring abilities, so its unlikely that she will begin performing in regular competition against WWE Divas. You shouldn’t discount that fact though, considering Summer Rae seems to be willing to do whatever it takes to get her career moving forward.

Could Summer Rae become romantically affiliated with another wrestler? At this point, it seems unclear of what Summer Rae’s next move should be. It’s entirely possible that she tries to pursue Rusev, in order to play him up as some sort of Bulgarian heartthrob. Imagine Summer Rae on the warpath, trying to win back her RuRu from Lana! It could certainly become a comical angle that the WWE may opt to pursue.

— Joe Messineo