Dr. Xavier Woods Has Arrived

Xavier 2

Eventually you knew World Wrestling Entertainment was going to capitalize on all the negative press they have garnered over the past several weeks regarding their lack to push a superstar who is African American (personal note: I wrote my column before the Atlantic story came out).

Enter, Xavier Woods.

Xavier Woods has received praise backstage and throughout the internet community for his monologue on Raw where he appeared to have robbed Brother Love’s suit and Malcom X’s glasses. All kidding aside, Xavier Woods delivered when he had to re-prove himself over again to the wrestling fans who had forgotten his brief, but successful run in TNA Wrestling as Consequences Creed.

As Consequences Creed, (real name, Austin Watson) he experienced some success teaming with Jay Lethal as one half of the tag team, Lethal Consequences. Before that he had battled back and forth for the X-Division title before teaming with Lethal.

Despite being released from his TNA contract, it took Woods four months before WWE came calling. He signed a developmental contract in 2010 and made his official debut on RAW in 2013. His on screen debut with WWE was less than successful. They teamed him up with R-Truth but his full potential was not able to be displayed because they brought him in as a dancer, and as a fan of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

One thing the Atlantic touched upon that I had failed to mention to was Xavier Woods is legitimately a candidate to receive his PhD from Furman University. It was about time WWE allowed someone to portray themselves for once by pressing the issue of Woods high intelligence.

When I witnessed the tag team of Ryback & Curtis Axel taking on Kofi Kingston and Big E, I was curious at the pairing. I assumed Kofi & Big E were going to win the match to help re-elevate their on screen characters to the tag team division. After the match was over and Kofi, along with Big E had not came out victorious, I was confused as to why they were paired up to begin with.

Enter, Xavier Woods…Dr. Xavier Woods.

His speech on Raw hit home for those who all were thinking what Xavier was preaching. Kofi comes out to the ring every time giving it 110%, putting his body on the line for the fans to cheer; where exactly did that get him? He should have been a world champion by now because he has the athleticism of a Shawn Michaels, but lacks charisma. Charisma can be easily replaced by the amount of hard work one puts in the ring. He gave it his all every time, the fans respected that, but they never gave him the opportunity to reach super-stardom, why is that the case? You can come up with your own conclusion for that.

Big E was well on his way to become a Main Eventer. Vince McMahon had dropped Langston from his name to give his character a boost. He defeated Curtis Axel to win the Intercontinental Championship on Raw after weeks of successful victories against the likes of Dean Ambrose and Curtis Axel. He finally defeated Axel for the Intercontinental Championship and was well on his way to a successful singles run, including main eventing a Raw teaming up with John Cena. For whatever reason unbeknown to me, he lost the Intercontinental Championship months later to Bad News Barrett and hasn’t received enough of the success he once had in his earlier run chasing the Intercontinental Championship.

Enter, Xavier Woods..Dr. Xavier Woods.

Now the faction begins with Dr. Xavier Woods leading the way. After Woods’ speech on Raw Monday Night, it seemed to draw a fire inside of Kofi and Big E that the pair was in dire need to have. The faction has begun, the fire has been lit and now WWE seems a lot more interesting to me and it makes me want to continue to watch to see what will Dr. Woods say next.

Bobby Lashley tweeted; imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Anyone who has followed up with my columns knows how obsessed I am with IMPACT Wrestling, however, I am going to have to disagree with Lashley’s comments regarding the debut of the new stable, which many are dubbing, Nation of Domination 2.0. This goes back to when I mentioned that WWE and TNA are not in competition with one another just like McDonalds is not in competition with Pizza Hut. Each company has its own flavor, its own personalities. When you get tired of one, you can always go to the other; it isn’t something someone can control, it’s just our human nature that eventually gets tired of eating the same thing, or watching the same thing every day. This is why there are more than one television shows, more than one movie that comes out in theaters, and more than one company to enjoy the sport of professional wrestling. As much as I love the pairing of MVP, Lashley and Kenny King, there is no comparison to the group ran by Dr. Woods with the exception of skin color and the fact that there are three of them. According to reports, Mark Henry, an original member of the Attitude Era’s Nation of Domination, is projected to join the stable as well. That means there will be four of them and perhaps more to join.

The stable ran by Dr. Woods is not to be confused with any other stable. This stable is unique because it comes off the heals of my column, Racism is War, and the column written by the Atlantic. This is Vince McMahon telling all of us, THANK YOU. Thank you for coming up with this idea that may have crossed his mind from time to time, but thanks to the media coverage, it was time for him to pull the trigger on the gimmick and allow Dr. Woods to finally be the mega-star WWE saw in him when he first made his in-ring debut in 2005.

Monday Night Raw was an epic show filled with great wrestling action, drama, poor rap performances, and the “debut” of a future mega-star.

Enter Xavier Woods..Dr. Xavier Woods, no longer a follower, no longer an Apollo Creed rip-off (Consequences Creed was a replicate of the famous Rocky character), now the WWE has finally struck gold, and it comes in the form of its own flattery.

— Peter Bahi