ECW (1/19) Extreme Exam

HeadLocker — Jay Shannon
The ECW (1/19) Extreme Exam
Our resident philosopher looks at the somewhat chaotic episode of the Tuesday Night Delight.

ECW moved closer to the Royal Rumble, this week. Christian battled William Regal in a non-title match. Plus, Goldust and Yoshi Tatsu faced off against Barreta and Croft.

The show opened with a look back at the ECW Homecoming Battle Royal. Ezekiel Jackson took out Kane to take the win and earn a title shot at Royal Rumble.

Tony Atlas brought out Santino Marella, who took over the Abraham Washington Show, this week. Abe was sick, so Santino got to take over. Santino got Tony to speak Italian. The crowd was even more bored than usual with this episode. Santino brought out Vladimir Kozlov. Kozlov said he was not popular because he hung out with the wrong crowd. Kozlov said he was part of a Ukrainian biker gang, until someone ran over his face. Kozlov didn’t like that people hated him because of Rocky IV. People often confuse him with Ivan Drago. Santino tried to get Kislev to do quotes from the movie. I can’t believe this…bring back Abe. Santino wanted to form a tag team with Kozlov. The Siberian Sib org flatly refused.

Segment Grade: F

Goldust and Yoshi came out for the first match. Barreta and Croft came out to some new music.

Caylen Croft and Trent Barreta d Goldust and Yoshi Tatsu

The Finish:

Goldust and Croft both tagged in. Goldy went to work on Croft with Clotheslines and the Goldest Uppercut. Goldy then nailed an Inverted Atomic Drop and a Big Boot. Goldust wanted a Bulldog but had to settle for a Powerslam, after Croft pushed out of the first move. Trent made the save. Goldust tried for a Foll-up. Trent hit a Flying Clothesline and rolled Goldust over. The ref didn’t see a thing. Croft took the win.

Grade: B+

Jay’s Thoughts: These kids have two paths ahead of them: Rock and Roll Express or Rhythm and Blues. Yes, they will either become great or stay mediocre. They really don’t have much uniqueness, so far. The video game angle could be interesting, if worked properly. So far, they are simply lost in the smallest pond.

Zack Ryder and Rosa Mendes walked backstage. Zack had a major announcement. ECW went to another promo for The Marine 2.

Zack and Rosa strolled to the ring. Zack reminded everyone that he retired Tommy Dreamer. He then talked about his issue with The Hurricane. Zack wanted to be called the “Heart and Soul Super-Hero of ECW”. Zack called in the ring announcer girl. He forced her to call him his new nickname. She made her say it multiple times. Rosa got ticked and kept calling her stupid. Hurricane came out and Splashed Zack from the top rope. Zack couldn’t believe it. Zack kissed the hand of the ring girl and got in the ring to strike his Protector Pose.

Josh and Byron ran down the updated Royal Rumble card. Josh and Byron talked about the issues between Shelton Benjamin and Vance Archer. Vance nailed Shelton with the Powerdrive Inverted DDT. They will square off on this week’s Superstars.

Christian came out for the main event. The Peep-ulation came to life when their leader arrived. Christian was wearing a new Christian t-shirt. Christian absorbed the fans’ love as ECW took a quick break.

William Regal then arrived with Ezekiel Jackson. Someone should tell the graphics guys to eliminate the King of the Ring thing from Regal’s entrance. He won that in 2008. Regal chatted with Jackson before getting in the ring.

Christian d William Regal (by DQ)
Non-title match

The Finish:

Christian with a Back Kick. Christian Sunset Flipped Regal but the Briton rolled through and pounded away. Christian with the Double Boots from the corner. He connected with the Morningstar. Christian wanted the KillSwitch but Regal reversed it. Regal tried to throw Christian over the top rope but Christian turned and Regal went flying. Ezekiel Jackson rushed the ring and clubbed Christian. He beat down on the ECW Champ. Regal sat in the corner and waited to nail the Knee Trembler. Jackson then lifted Christian into the Mon-Star Uranage. Regal held Jackson’s arm up in victory.

Grade: B

Jay’s Thoughts: This match was ok. It was basically a vehicle to push Jackson v Christian. As such, it worked. Regal gets a main event, even though, for him, it meant nothing.

Final Grade: C

Final Thoughts: Santino’s little talk segment made Abe Washington look like Roddy Piper…ok, maybe not. Someone really needs to explain that the talk show thing doesn’t work. As for the minimal number of matches, nothing spectacular. It was one of the weaker ECWs.

–Jay Shannon
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