Extreme Rules Is Giving Me The Blues

Once again, we the fans are getting another half-assed WWE masterpiece and it’s giving me the blues.Baron-Corbin-Dolph-Ziggler-1

First off, these themed pay-per-views like Hell in a Cell and tonight’s Extreme Rules completely suck. The reason why they suck is because every year we know they’re coming but the WWE doesn’t give us a reason to want to see them again. When they don’t put a fresh take on these types of shows it makes them seem so forced and irrelevant and it’s giving me the blues. At least the Money in the Bank show every year has an element of surprise to it and the result of that one match has a ripple effect on the entire next year of WWE programming, I’m ok with that. When us as fans are seeing the same old thing time after time we will eventually get sick of it but, when we see something refreshing and new it captures our attention and imaginations (Just a little pointer for the WWE). We’ve seen all this before and how many more times can we see different variations of the same things in a 20 x 20 foot “squared circle” before it becomes completely boring and passé?

rusev-kalisto-1463557226-800The reason why the Attitude Era is highly regarded in the wrestling community as being the best is because there were story-lines possessing continuity that carried on for weeks with a suspense and intensity that always left you wanting more. That is what the WWE needs to get back to, plain and simple. Taking a solid chunk of your top talent and putting them in these risky matches tonight that have virtually no real payoff is NOT what’s best for business, sorry WWE. They will not walk away from tonight without losing one guy or girl to injury, mark my words. I absolutely hate to be negative but I have to be real too, and it’s a fine line. Taking an awesome guy on the rise like Baron Corbin and putting him on the pre show against a now glorified jobber like Dolph Ziggler so we can see them fight yet again is completely repulsive. Corbin needs to put Ziggler on the shelf for a while to help get himself over and also give Ziggler a chance to come back in a few months with a new feel that can use to get over once again as well. Rusev needs to destroy Kalisto and take that belt, unless of course the WWE just wants to bury Rusev again which wouldn’t surprise me at all. The New Day cannot win their match cleanly because we’ve been seeing that for almost a year. It’s not rocket science WWE, we need some twists and turns and it’s so simple.Vaudevillains New Day

First, get rid of ¾ of your creative writing team because they have no idea what they are doing, most of them probably don’t even really like wrestling. It’s pretty obvious that there are way too many hands in the pot and it’s not working. You’ve been trimming the fat and letting all of these talents go, but what you should be doing is getting rid of these shitty writers you employ that don’t understand how to work all of the talents into the overall picture. The perfect example is Damien Sandow because he is money in every way imaginable yet the garbage WWE creative writing squad of goons doesn’t know what to do with him and it’s pathetic. You keep losing viewers but you do nothing to change it, well start changing it tonight!

I’ll be watching tonight only because I love wrestling, not because I can’t miss it. All I ask from you WWE is to give me one reason to have to watch RAW tomorrow, it’s that simple. Give me just one reason to say that I have to watch it tomorrow because this really epic and gnarly thing happened at Extreme Rules. WWE, please stop giving me the blues.


By: Ian Patrick Gagnon | May 22, 2016