“Wins and Losses” in WWE

Fandango 2

Lately watching WWE, I have to say, I’m baffled and confused about whatever WWE Creative is trying to accomplish. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all bad. However, there are a lot of stale characters still being used in the same roles week after week in what seems to be nothing more than time slot fillers. Also, there are some storyline moves, that have me absolutely puzzled, and you know what I’m talking about. First let’s get to the positives.


The Wyatt family is absolutely brilliant. Not only with Bray Wyatt. If anyone has actually has even paid attention, Luke Harper, can actually wrestle, and for a big man, he can move. Everything from the promos to the matches is entertaining with all three of the members and I only wish a longer rivalry took place with the Shield, before they were abruptly sidetracked.   I’ll get to that later.

Old school Kane is fantastic, but I wish it was to the point where absolutely nobody had any control on this guy. Not even the brass. How great would that be?!

Bad News Barrett winning clean with the Intercontinental Title is absolutely fantastic. He’s a great talent, and if they are going to promote him as a tough bare-knuckle boxing wrestler, there is no need for him to get cheap wins.

Obviously, nothing’s perfect. However, with the amount of writers and booking agents backstage, not to mention, the immense talent on the roster, you think we wouldn’t have to watch Fandango every single week in absolutely pointless matches.

We are all seeing the age of gimmicks returning in Damien Sandow and Adam Rose. The Brotherhood finally on the road to desolation, and the divas….well, who cares.

Honourable Mention: 3MB vs. Los Matadores as those guys are entertaining every time they perform.


WCW had Alex Wright and the Disco Inferno (look it up kids!), WWE have Fandango, and Adam Cole. I don’t even want to know how NXT’s Tyler Breeze would fit into this, other than what a terrible tag team it would be with Fandango.

Fandango every week is becoming more painful than Brie Bella’s acting. Since members of WWE Creative are constantly surfing through OWW every week, when you’re reading this, please make it stop. Or just feed him to Kane for a couple of weeks… and get Brie some acting lessons.

Adam Cole vs. Jack Swagger every single week is just another example of how another stupid gimmick in Cole surrounded by a bunch misfits is getting over on the same Jack Swagger every single week. It’s just a pity, that Swagger with an NCAA background and a former World Heavyweight Champion is getting no push whatsoever. It’s absolutely ridiculous. Since signing with WWE in 2006, he’s been a heel his entire career. Try him as a face. With his ability, he might just surprise you!

I Bo-lieve that Bo Dallas is doing exactly what his character was designed to do. Annoy the hell out of everyone! With he’s cheesy speeches and over celebrations after elementary arm drags. Tony Robbins himself would think he was over the top. Let’s face it; he’s got a face only a mother could love, because everyone else would rather just slap the taste out of his mouth, every single time he smiles.

Evolution is way too 2004, let it go Hunter!!!! That’s all I’m saying, as the subject completely ticks me off!!!!

I’m absolutely lost as to why creative would split Seth Rollins the Shield the very night after WWE’s Payback PPV. There are a lot of people out there that think this is great, because they never seen this coming. Well, obviously you didn’t see it coming, because it makes absolutely no sense at all!!! Yes, you get the surprise element; however, at the peak of their prime as group, this was a complete waste of “pop” and motivation with the fans. In my opinion, rather time use Seth Rollins in a heel turn, it may have been more beneficial to use Sheamus instead rather than keeping him at mid-card status with a US title nobody is paying attention to. Not to mention his face character is becoming increasingly stale. It’s time for a turn. The middle of the pack has plenty of talent with Ceasaro, Barrett, Big E, Dolph Ziggler, and more.

Well, there you have it. My opinion on some things going on in the WWE. Some things good, some things completely mind boggling. Agree or disagree, as always, I challenge you to voice your opinion, contact me anytime. Until next time, best wishes to all.

— Steve Cheeseman