Fighting For Their Legacies At Night Of Champions

NOC 2015

WWE Night of Champions is shaping up to be a legendary card as Seth Rollins looks to defend his WWE Championship against the former 6 time WCW Champion Sting. Although this bout is for the WWE Heavyweight Championship, each of these competitors have more than the belt on their minds; Rollins and Sting are wrestling to cement their legacies.

If Sting beats Rollins, he becomes one of the few wrestlers to have held the WCW championship, the NWA Championship and the WWE Championship at different points in his career. Through the years, Sting has evolved with the wrestling business to adopt new personas that continue to resonate with his fans today.  

Sting’s signature face paint has made him one of the most memorable wrestlers of the modern era, and his longevity has made him an icon for multiple generations of wrestling fans. The only piece of hardware that Sting’s resume lacks is the WWE Heavyweight Championship. Although Sting is 56, he proved at WrestleMania against Triple H that he still has what it takes to lace up the boots and go up against the one of the best wrestlers in the history of the business. And after all, why would the WWE bring Sting into the spotlight if they didn’t have big plans for the legendary wrestler?

On the other half of the coin is Seth Rollins, who was in primary school when Sting began touring the international wrestling circuit. Although Rollins is still in his 20s, he believes that he has already established himself as one of the best wrestlers in the history of the WWE. The current feud between Sting and Rollins became inflamed when Rollins accused Sting of stealing his statue that he had asked the Authority to cast in his image and dedicate to him at Night of Champions.

Although Rollins is the reigning heavyweight champion, Sting will likely have an advantage over Rollins considering the fact that Stephanie McMahon agreed to invoke John Cena‘s US Title rematch clause at Night of Champions. After all, every championship must be defended at Night of Champions and Seth Rollins is the current US Title holder. Rollins will have the rare task of having to wrestle twice in one pay per view event against two of the best wrestlers of all time.

If Seth Rollins really believes that he deserves a statue in his image, he will need to prove himself worthy by leaving WWE Night of Champions with both the US and Heavyweight Championship belts draped over his shoulders. If Rollins can beat two of the biggest names in wrestling in the same night, Rollins will certainly find himself on the fast track to gaining future hall of fame status.

If Sting can strip Rollins of his heavyweight belt, he will become one of the more unlikely champions of the WWE Reality Era. Although Rollins is aligned with the Authority, his relationship with the top brass of the WWE has hit somewhat of a rough patch as of late.

Rollins has notoriously found ways to win big matches by getting a little help from his friends. Given the fact that Stephanie McMahon took exception to some of the things that Rollins had said about Triple H, this slight schism could be the sign of deteriorating relationship between Rollins and the Authority. If the Authority isn’t firmly behind Seth Rollins, will Rollins be able to find a way to win against Sting at WWE Night of Champions?