Giving WWE Fans What They Want


Heel Turn: Giving WWE Fans What They Want
By Joe Messineo

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H aren’t your everyday husband and wife. The power couple that runs the day to day operations of the WWE is seemingly referred to as the Authority.

When decisions on matches need to be determined, the Authority can be seen in their backstage offices often cutting promos that set the agenda for the rest of the evening. Whether it’s Stephanie McMahon, Triple H or the recently departed Corporate Kane, The Authority always tends to give WWE fans exactly what they want to see in the ring.

Doing What’s Best for Business 

While the Authority can be portrayed as the ultimate villains of the WWE, there is no doubt that the Authority has done what is best for business more often than not. That involves giving the fans exactly what they want to see.

Take for example the last edition of Monday Night Raw when the entire telecast was transformed into a tournament that culminated in a fatal 4 way match. The intense match raged on until Roman Reigns found a way to escape with the victory as well as becoming the number one contender for the WWE Heavyweight Championship.

How will the Authority deliver on this next upcoming episode of Monday Night Raw?

Behind the Scenes Gossip: Did Vince McMahon Take Creative Control? 

It’s hard to take behind the scenes wrestling gossip seriously. That being said, there have been rumors circulating that Vince McMahon has been exerting his influence on the direction of WWE storylines for several weeks.

Although Mr. McMahon is heavily involved with the corporate side of the WWE, he seldom makes appears on WWE television like he used to. Vince McMahon should be heralded as a true genius when it comes to wrestling. So many people have tried and failed to make wrestling a mainstream sport while McMahon has ultimately succeeded.

Although billionaires like Ted Turner couldn’t succeed, Vince McMahon’s direction helped WWE become popular and gain a dedicated following with staying power. Has Vince McMahon regained total creative control of the WWE storylines? If so, will Mr. McMahon be making appearances on WWE television? Better yet, could Vince himself get back into the ring one more time?

The Authority Role Going Forward 

Expect both Stephanie McMahon and Triple H to retain a central role in the WWE storylines. In fact, a potential rivalry between Seth Rollins and the Authority could always happen, simply because Triple H likes to press the buttons of Seth Rollins.

The Authority will continue to play a big role in the direction of the WWE Heavyweight Championship battle. As it stands now, Roman Reigns is the number one contender and he is looking at a match against Seth Rollins at Survivor Series.

With Survivor Series happening at the end of the month, you can rest assured that the Authority will continue to test Seth Rollins throughout the following weeks to ensure that he the man he claims to be. If Rollins can defeat Roman Reigns at Survivor Series, Rollins could prove his worth to the Authority and begin to get the respect he feels like he deserves.

— Joe Messineo