Heard About a Video?

AS I SEE IT: Heard About a Video?
Bob Magee
Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets

Well…another pre-Wrestlemania week, and fans are talking about something besides Wrestlemania.

For any of you who were hiking in the mountains and had no access to social media or the Internet, you MAY have just certain about a certain set of online videos, involving Paige, current and former WWE talent, and the old WWE Diva’s belt. Her phone was stolen, then hacked, with another report says Brad Maddox’s also might have been within the last 2 weeks at an airport). All the photos and videos were put online on a Reddit forum (nope, not listing or linking it here). It’s been said her videos is part of a larger celebrity hack.

One involves Alberto Del Patron. Another involves Brad Maddox. Another shows Paige and Xavier Woods together, while Brad Maddox films their escapades. That particular video has generated a lot of hilarious memes and comments about Woods’ long-established YouTube video Up Up Down Down channel.

There is at least one rumor that The New Day will be kept off RAW until Wrestlemania as a result of the latter video.

BAD move.

Tonight’s RAW is in Brooklyn. The crowd…especially a New York smarkie. This crowd will start in on it and go with it all night, if the 900 pound elephant isn’t dealt with. WWE needs to build Wrestlemania. No matter how much WWE may worry about sponsors, rule one of dealing with inconvenient things: if there is a 900 pound elephant in the room, don’t just shove the elephant dung in the closet. Do that and everyone just sniffs all night. Simple solution, tell people about the elephant…and it can be done in a nice sponsor friendly way.

Have The New Day come out at the beginning of RAW tonight. Have Kofi ask Xavier Woods what HE did this weekend. He dummies up. Then ask Xavier if he did anything that would make Francesca jealous. Let Big E. gives that sly look he does sometimes. Michael Cole can then throw in that Woods emceed a SXSW Gaming Awards this weekend. The live crowd can get a laugh. People can post about it on social media. Then it’ll be done with…and everyone can move to building Wrestlemania.

Meanwhile, there are those who are upset because Paige used the WWE Divas belt in one of these videos. A few old school workers are upset that non-workers don’t understand.

I look at it this way: when Vince McMahon doesn’t even let announcers refer to a belt as a belt, when HHH and Stephanie have commented online (anytime that fans are upset about a particular title change) that the belt/title is just a “prop”, when they’ve had Mae Young get pregnant by Mark Henry, and then give birth to a plastic hand, when they’ve had Vince McMahon call himself “God” on air…pardon me if I don’t get that upset. Back in the day, God knows how much coke was snorted off of one of the versions of the belts. Sid Vicious said it best: “these kids are doing nothing different that we did. Only difference…no smartphones.”

Next week…hopefully…Wrestlemania.

Until next time…
Bob Magee