He’s No Bundy – Colt is a Shooting Star!


Charisma Corner with Bob Eager:
He’s No Bundy – Colt is a Shooting Star!

Aydan Colt has been called a bad guy version of Bud Bundy by some of the fans. However, Colt is a formidable opponent. Aydan Colt impressively has been the XCW – Xtreme Cruces Wrestling champion. Colt has wrestled all over the country and especially has become a star in Southwest wrestling. He has appeared at Aftershock, Reckoning and will appear at All American Grand Slam Saturday June 27th.

He is rising up the ladder appearing at number 6 on the AWF list of rising stars. Aydan is an impressive wrestler with great in ring ability. Even though the fans say he his smaller in stature than some of his in ring adversaries and claim they want to chant ‘Lets go Bud Bundy’. This writer has told the fans that it is somewhat disrespectful Mr. Colt deserves respect. Aydan is destined to make a serious impact despite some fans making fun of his height. His talent for wrestling any style be it technical mat style or high flying luchadore is unquestionable. All of these traits make him a serious threat.

It is clear from this photo he shares no real resemblance to the nineties star David Faustino’s character Bud Bundy. So lets put this debate to rest. A Shooting Star deserves better.


— Bob Eager