If Not Injured, Could Seth Rollins Defeat Roman Reigns? 


Heel Turn: If Not Injured, Could Seth Rollins Defeat Roman Reigns
Joe Messineo

Seth Rollins recently had to vacate his title due to an injury he sustained to his leg while in the ring while on tour in Ireland.

Because of this breaking news, Seth Rollins must be out of action for 6-9 months in order to recover from his injuries. This unexpected twist will likely put the belt up for grabs at Survivor Series, since Rollins is unable to compete.

Let’s pretend that Seth Rollins isn’t injured. What if Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns actually fought at Survivor Series. Who would win and why?

Seth Is Getting Old Fast 

Seth is a great fighter, but age is catching up with him. Some people like Sting can wrestle until they are very old, but other people like Seth tend to get hurt too much. Seth had a very good run, but his loss to Roman could be the end for him. While in ring ability is part of the equation, being able to stay healthy is another part of success in the wrestling business. Is Seth Rollins injury prone? Could that have played a factor in the potential Reign/Rollins match?

Roman Would Be Ready for Seth 

Roman Reigns is ready to take back the WWE from people like Seth. You have Seth the pretty boy on one hand, and you have Roman on the other.

The two names alone tell a story, and fans draw a stark contrast between the two. It is kind of like when the NWO took over WCW. It is just time for the WWE to belong to people like Roman again.

Rumblings About Seth Rollins’ Longevity 

The tendency to get hurt was a big enough problem for Seth before this fight ever happened, but his recent vacation makes it more obvious that he could have been seriously injured in this fight.

Fighting Roman Reigns would not kill Seth, but Seth would have left the ring on a stretcher. That is the kind of action Seth does not need right now, and that is just the reason why he had to go ahead and vacate his title.

Wrestling Changes Fast 

Wrestling is the one sport on the planet that changes faster than any other. People who follow the sport know that the game can change at any minute, and it was more than likely that a change would have happened during a match between Seth and Roman.

The upcoming bout would have merely confirmed the suspicions that people had all along about the way the wrestling world was going. We are getting away from guys like Seth, and we are getting closer to guys like Roman as the WWE becomes a more brutal sport. That is how Roman could potentially defeat Seth Rollins, if he were healthy.

— Joe Messineo