If You Don’t Like What CZW Does, Don’t Watch It

CZW 14

AS I SEE IT: If You Don’t Like What CZW Does, Don’t Watch It
Bob Magee
Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets

Combat Zone Wrestling presents Tournament of Death 14 at the Ultraviolent Underground, 139 Ebenezer Church Road, in Townsend, DE on Saturday, June 13th with a 2:00 pm scheduled start time. This is an outdoor event and happens rain or shine.

Here is the link to purchase CZW tickets online, or you can buy them at the entrance to the grounds before the show. General Admission is $25.

For directions to the Ultraviolent Underground, you can go to this link on Google Maps, or enter 139 Ebenezer Church Road, Townsend, DE into your car’s GPS device.

Matches scheduled:

Barbed Wire Boards Match
Jake Crist v. Ron Mathis

Light Tubes Bundles match
Josh Crane vs. Matt Tremont

Pits and Strips match
Ricky Shane Page v. Danny Havoc

1st Round TOD Match
CZW Owner DJ Hyde v. NOI’s ‘Wrench’ Conor Claxton v. Nick Gage

Non-Tournament Scaffold Match
NOI’s Devon Moore v. OI4K’s Dave Crist

Non-Tournament LOL (Ladders, Orange Sacks and Legos) Match
NOI’s Lucky 13 v. OI4K’s Eric Ryan

Keep your eye on CZWrestling.com as well as all the official CZW social media sites for the latest updates.

By the way, each year when I plug TOD, I tend to get hate mail sent by made-up names with spoofed webmail addresses about shilling Tournament of Death or Cage of Death; and what a supposedly horrible person that makes me, how I’m contributing to people being killed, diseases, concussions, and everything short of the end of the world.

Do me a favor. Save your time. They just get deleted. If you don’t like what CZW does, don’t watch it. As long as they exist, I’ll plug their shows. Want to know why? I’ve known these guys since their first show…since the crew of the day put together a makeshift arena to run its first shows in Mantua, NJ back in 1999.

There’s something else. Over the years, Combat Zone Wrestling, its staff, and its fans have donated thousands of toys at the annual Toys for Tots collections at the yearly Cage of Death shows. It’s important to understand that that with the economic issues of recent years, there have been years where charities such as Philadelphia’s Toys for Tots saw an 80% drop in donations, making the donations of hundreds of toys at Combat Zone Wrestling’s Cage of Death show at the ECW Arena mean all that much more.

Not bad for the fans of a independent promotion whose shows are all too often stigmatized as being no more than garbage wrestling with bloodthirsty fans.

Oh…and ask Dean Ambrose…or Solomon Crowe…or Cesaro….or Drake Younger…just to name four…about how horrible they are. Seems like CZW played a role in preparing them pretty well. Ask those children about how horrible those wrestlers, staff, and fans are…as in some cases, they have the one and only toy they may have that Christmas.

So I’ll plug their shows. Happily.

If you can, make your way down to Delaware this coming Saturday.

Until next time…

— Bob Magee