History of the Chain Match

Chain matchIn a Chain Match the wrestlers are chained by their wrists at opposite ends of a chain. The restraint, and anything tied to it, can be used as a legal weapon. Because the restraint can be used as a way to choke the opposing wrestler, submissions are typically not permitted. A disqualification occurs if either wrestler frees themselves from the restraint before the match is won. There are often two ways to win: pinfall is permitted, or alternately, the first to touch all four top turnbuckles in succession wins. (Courtesy in part of prowrestling.wikia.com)

1971PhoenixTito MontezJody Arnold
1980NWAJunk Yard DogMichael HayesStarrcade (cage match)
1980PhoenixDavid RoseLumberjack #1
1980PhoenixDavid RoseJohn Ringer
1981PhoenixDavid RoseLumberjack #1
11/24/1983NWARoddy PiperGreg ValentineStarrcade
07/06/1985NWAJimmy ValiantPaul JonesGreat American Bash
1988AWAWahoo McDanielManny FernandezSuper Clash III
09/07/1988NWARicky MortonIvan KoloffClash of the Champions
1989PhoenixBilly AndersonTim Patterson
1991PhoenixBilly AndersonJohn Ringer
1993ECWEddie GilbertTerry FunkSummer Slizzin’ Series
05/26/1996WWFSavio VegaSteve AustinIn Your House 8
05/20/2001WWFKaneTriple HJudgement Day 2001
10/19/2003WWEBrock LesnarUndertakerNo Mercy
10/19/2004WWEGene SnitskyKaneTaboo Tuesday
07/17/2005TNARavenAbyssNo Surrender
11/17/2005CSWPayday PattersonMichael Strider
02/11/2007TNAA.J. StylesRhinoAgainst All Odds
10/28/2010TNAJeff JarrettMatt MorganTNA IMPACT

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