1-Who won the very fist match at the very first Wrestlemania? Tito Santana
2-Who was the Women's champion going into Wrestlemania I? Leilani Kai
3-Who did Sheik & Volkoff beat for the Tag titles at Wrestlemania I? U.S. Express
4-Wrestlemania II took place in three locations; NY, LA & where? Chicago
5-Who eliminated Big John Studd from the 20-man Battle Royal at WM2? Refridgerator Perry
6-What recording artist was in the corner of the British Bulldogs at WM2? Ozzy Osbourne
7-What did Roddy Piper do to Howard Finkle after his match at WM3? Kissed his head!
8-Who did Bad News Brown last eliminate to win the Battle Royal at WM4? Bret Hart
9-Who played the Honky Tonk Man's girlfriend "Peggy Sue" at WM4? Sherri Martel
10-Who did Bobby Heenan team with to battle the Bulldogs & Tito Santana at WM4? The Islanders
11-Who was Mr. Perfect's opponent at Wrestlemania V? Blue Blazer
12-What wrestler finally got his revenge on Bobby Heenan in a match at WM5? Red Rooster
13-Who helped Dusty Rhodes & Sapphire beat Savage & Sherri at WM6? Elizabeth
14-What legendary wrestler came to the aid of the Big Bossman at WM7? Andre The Giant
15-What Tag Team returned with a manager at WM8 in an Interview segment? Legion of Doom
16-Who did Bret Hart defeat to capture the IC championship at WM8? Roddy Piper
17-What wrestler double-crossed Vince McMahon at Wrestlemania 8? Sid Justice
18-What wrestling announcer made his WWF debut at Wrestlemania 9? Jim Ross
19-How many Doinks did it take to defeat Crush at Wrestlemania 9? Two
20-Who is the only MALE wrestler to compete at both WM1 & WM10? Matt Bourne (Doink)
21-What stipulation was the Bret Hart vs Bob Backlund match fough under at WM11? "I Quit" Rules
22-Who jobbed to the returning Ultimate Warrior at Wrestlemania 12? Hunter Helmsley
23-What was the final score after 60 minutes of the Iron Man match at WM12? 0-0
24-Who was the special guest referee in the Austin vs Hart match at WM13? Ken Shamrock
25-Who won the 15-team Battle Royal at Wrestlemania 14? LOD 2000
26-Who interfered on Sable's behalf during the Womans match at WM15? Nicole Bass
27-Who knocked out Bart Gunn in a special Brawl 4 All match at WM15? Butterbean
28-Who won the Hardcore Battle Royal Invitational at Wrestlemania 16? Hardcore Holly
29-Who did Eddy Guerrero beat to win the European title at WM17? Test
30-Who was the guest referee for the Vince vs Shane Street Fight at WM17? Mick Foley
31-Who did RVD defeat to capture the IC title at Wrestlemania 18? William Regal
32-What band performed live at Wrestlemania 18? Saliva
33-Who did the Undertaker beat at Wrestlemania 18 in his 10th consecutive win! Ric Flair
34-What diva briefly held the Hardcore title during Wrestlemania 18? Mighty Molly
35-At what venue did Wrestlemania 18 take place? Toronto Skydome
36-Who was the Undertaker scheduled to team with at WM19? Nathan Jones
37-What wrestler beat Vince McMahon in a "Street Fight" at WM19? Hulk Hogan
38-What band performed live at Wrestlemania 19? Limp Bizkit
39-Who has wrestled the most matches at Wrestlemania events? Undertaker (14)
40-After the Undertaker, what wrestler has the longest Undefeated streak? Edge (5-0)

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